Experiment! How Does An Owl Fly So Silently? | Super Powered Owls | BBC

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Oswald Rayleigh : less flap more glide...

Az Tech Tips : God is Great

Ronald Burgandie : Barn Owl is the worst name... should be “Ninja Assassin Killer, Death From Above” Owl.

F2P ÖG : I learned more than what school teaches in a month

Komentator : In indonesia it is called “burung hantu” or “ghost bird”. I know why.

Trap Music Now. : Oh, Hedwig.

Mehrab Ul Haque : Dude seriously, don't end the clip so abruptly with this mood breaking funky sound

shad 0119 : Conclusion : they all are PAID ACTORS

Wyatt Cusick : For some reason the owl always looks like it's smiling

nayeem hossain : Owl is a bird who prey for eat in the night and with no sound it is easy to catch a clever animal like rat, bat etc . All the praise for god .

شيلات مصارعه : سبحان الله

Food Engineer : How glorious is Allah I am a Muslim and proud, I don't hate, I don't prejudice, love and peace, if you're reading this comment, I wish you happiness and a prosperous life.

DJ: D’ŸÚŁÏØ JÏMĖŃËŻ : I was watching this and then I realized the irony that I’m watching this with my profile picture and name.

Sachin Prakash raj : Harry potter

Tariq Khan : Night vision, No noise, Long glide, Sharp talons = Ultimate Stealth fighter.

Shaba Laba Ding Dong : The owl knows de wae

Alexander Otxoa : Kinda weird they made them fly over feathers?

Andreas Lindgren : Well, this video doesn't at all explain why there isn't any noise haha?? In the clip with the microphones it flaps 4 times and there´s no sound from the flaps. The answer is not that it flaps one time and glides on that flap to it's target.. There is a ton of real research about it, if you want to know, google it! Short answer “Owls have a suite of unique wing and feather features that enable them to reduce locomotion-induced sound".

TheGreatGamer SVS : It has dead silence perk on

Green : So that's why no one noticed birds carrying letters in London...

Ibrahim Ajami : سبحان الله العظيم

Stunnaman Nick : *Pesky rodents won’t stand a chance with an 🦉😏*

Xendrius : Intelligent design, zero evolution.

Guess Who Am I : *Amazing!*

CatNoodles : This proves that owls are just winged cats.

sebastian sanchez : I think this would be useful for *Batman*

My Digital Teacher : *Imagine if we didnt have slow mo cam and microphones we would never learn these minute mind blowing scientific hacks of these animals*

haena 7 : Plz make hindi and urdu language👍👍

srab : سبحان الله

Neo polly : (Pigeon flies) Lol so clumsy and noisy. (Hawk flies) Better, still not discreet though. (Owl flies) ...There's nothing and it scares me.

kingo k : سبحانالله

Larvitar Dratini : Owl ASMR

Sharif Al Humaid : The sound of the owl is like the one used in movies to depict aliens and dinosaurs.

Sohaib Arshad : *That voice gave me eargasm*

Sperm Dealer : Now imagine the narrator reading you some bedtime story

— ThatOneLoneWolf — : SOREN? Is that you?

Thalha ansar : Alhamdullah

Pranab Kumar : Nice

Walter White : Ultimate stealth Killing machine

ValleyoftheKings64 : Ten points to Gryffindor!

Arljeram Limbaco : Owl is a great actor/actress

Ali Boli : Good is Greet

Fat Daddy : God made owls to hunt at night when there is pin drop silence that's why god gave them that type of wings so that they can catch their prey. Without his/her knowledge.

I'm Ghostly : Owls are cool but creepy lol

c6786 : I love how they made the birds' flight paths into sound waves. That's really creative

Anna Woods : This video is so calming. Someone get the narrator an asmr account.

Dandrash : I saw this on tv

Alatáriël Felagund : The beauty of our world 🌎 ♥

Jason Cofield : *_Dead silent perk_*

villevn : That's pretty damn suspicious, I say. Just think about it: 1) They do all their bidding at night, so we can't see what they're up to. 2) Apparently, they're also super silent, so we can't even hear what they're scheming either! Conclusion: Owls = Illuminati. #goddamnit #fooledusall