Did SNL Steal My Idea?

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Gus Johnson : thanks for all the tweets and love @Gusbuckets

Magalí IB : Not hating on SNL, but yours is funnier

Donut Operator : Can I come hit golfballs with an aluminum bat in a field with you Gus?

Nerd City : If you ever leave Youtube for the demotion of working on a TV show no one sees I’ll be so mad that I’ll never watch your TV clips on YouTube.

Wilburgur : snl has actually hired a few youtube sketch channels before, i hope they at least audition you. i've ALWAYS thought you and jontron in particular should audition ♥

TheJeffreyJJones : It's too bad Madtv isn't still around, your humor would've been perfect for that show.

CallMeCarson : I would actually watch SNL if Gus was a part of it, without a doubt

Hopeful Hyena : Wait survivor gives you FREE RICE?

TheNachoNinja FTW : SNL don’t deserve you Gus, you’re too good for them

Insert Opinion : *SNL* : "hey can I copy your homework?" *Gus* : "yeah just make it look different"

Libertarirynn Videos : I think the joke is common enough that they probably didn’t steal it, but yours was definitely funnier.

Jesus Christ : There is a special place in H, E, double hockey sticks for joke thieves.

PeanutButterZombie00 : You make me laugh a lot more than SNL does. Their writers would probably really benefit if they lifted ideas from you. Honestly, it's like they shit in their hands and throw it at the wall and whatever sticks, they use as inspiration.

Conebone The Great : Some people do Survivor or The Amazing Race to intentionally lose first, so they can stay at a nice hotel for the rest of the shoot.

Tony Bomboni ASMR : They’ve taken some of my ideas too.. but.. maybe they didn’t.. some things are way too coincidental and spooky in this weird world lol. I don’t doubt the writers run out of ideas and steal. Oh well what can we do.

cinnamonseahorse : You are naturally proficient with a baseball bat.

Robert Cooper : i feel like one of the most impressive things about this video is how he hits every golf ball he throws perfectly on the first try

Watson TV : Gus: "SNL stole my joke" Me: Weird flex but okay.

TheeWiseFool 1 : Gus I felt like you were threatening me with that bat the whole vid.

Twix the Fox : Remember the Scout from TF2? This is him now. Feel old yet?

Glorbr Morbr : neon-pink shirt, a baseball bat and overcast midwestern scenery make for a pretty intimidating combo im impressed im confused im a little aroused good job edit: just wanted to confess that three days ago I deadass did not know Gus existed and I have found his channel because someone in the comments to that very SNL clip said that there is a dude named Gus Johnson who did the same thing a month before with nothing more than a crappy mic and a halloween wig, also crappy and he did not disappoint in conclusion - I like it here very much, Gus, you're awesome, stay golden, never grow the stache back gbye

lucy stripes : i like snl, but your sketch was definitely funnier.

Renéssance : I don't think they stole it, I think the concept is just not that original

Lebby Great : They’re took your idea and made it not funny, now they’re copyright striking you for showing it. Irony.

TheBabyLucifer Cody : Y'all are still trying to push that it was a stolen joke even though Gus brought up parallel thinking. Good job Gus. Making a video to stop a witch hunt. A+ YouTube content

Randyy1 : I love Gus, but yeah, it's a pretty obvious joke. Basically Susan Boyle in a nutshell. It's not impossible that 2 people thought of a similar skit on the subject. :)

Showtime123 : Not sure if it’s true but they have been known to steal jokes in the past

Falcon : Man dont try and get on SNL. SNL kills every comedian who is every been on it. Maybe it's good on a portfolio and pay but I seriously havnt laughed at a SNL skit in years. They are the ultimate sellout destination for comedy writers. I miss Kyle Mooney's stuff from before they slapped a laugh track over it poisoned it with their writing.

blisseykrieg : yea i watch SNL Sgus Njohnson L

crediblesourse : Lookit them sandhill cranes in the background

JC Ryan : I mean Good Neighbor made it to SNL idk why Gus can't...

Justin Y's Stand : Gus Johnson's got some BALLS. But he likes to wack them all with a stick.

G.T.O. The Public Beta Test : You don’t want to work for SNL. Stay independent, and seek out likeminded creators. Trust me. This industry is hell. You’re your own boss now. Stay that way. God bless.

Jake Roosenbloom : Yours is funnier but SNL prolly hasn't watched your thing

Aaron Powell : Your ideas are funny SNL couldn't possibly steal them.

Helen Ashbrook : I mean Chris fleming also did that joke. Tbh all of you did a similar joke differently.

Dogrimp 3 : Gus with a bat is surprisingly intimidating

Elisabetta Ferrari : I found out about you thanks to the comment section under the snl video

Charlie ๑•́ 3 •̀๑ : Gus has such a good head on his shoulders lol

TheProjectMJ : forget SNL gus needs his own show on adult swim or comedy central

Daddy Stewart : Hi yes not snl but may I use these ideas, I will pay in memes.

Elizabeth DesRuisseau : Gus come on let’s be real yours was way funnier

Luna Moonstar : Sue them and lose and make a million vlogs about it.

MrFredstt : Yours was better tbh

Frod : gus holding a bat and talking about SNL is kinda scary don't hurt me gus

moemoney131 vee : Hitting golf balls with a metal tee ball bat is pretty fun. I did it when I was 12.... but id do it again if i had a large cornfield. Makes you feel like Jim Thome.

Maxatal : CollegeHumor, and now SNL? Gosh best of luck Gus.

GeniusGT : SNL has always been trash since the 2000's so I wouldn't be surprised.

Stubborn : Saturday Night Live more like Monday Night Live

Gabe Rishworth : I dunno I feel like it’s a pretty common idea.