Ancient battle-scarred feral cat meets tiny kittens

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notusum1else : I swear that orange kitten gave dude a hug😺

Angela Zywicki : I'm just wondering who the 850+ people who disliked this are.

Sam Swart : That just cured my depression.

FluffyTuber : shes battle-scarred? hmm i dont think so,she is factory new

Little Liza Lover : Who's peeling onions?

Holypikemanz : Feral cat just wants to love his own kind. Is that so wrong, white America?

Lee Marvin : Mason is a good kitty. That video reduced my heart rate and blood pressure just by watching it. They should have stuff like this playing on a loop in hospital ERs.

Kamila EDITS : I nearly lost it when he snuggled in with them at the ending 💕

Escalusfr : Damned ninjas cutting onions right under my eyes...

Baller 58 : The kitten hugging the cat at 2:01 had me dying

Mariana Gomez : This Video was adorable! 😻😻 I want to say a story about a feral stray cat if you don't want to hear it than don't read it Ok? So I had two kittens who Where about three months old so we started letting them go outside and letting them play on our porch, they would love being there when after a while a feral kitten that was about the same age as mine started getting along with my cats and it would play with them and started coming daily I started feeding it with the other kittens but it was so scared when we would open the door it would run under our car. As it saw that I Pet my kittens and played with them and the cat would slowly come closer, as closer as it got to me I would slowly pet it and it would run back everyday it got close as it can to me I would pet it, it then got used to It and I was able to grab it I would pet it and grab it everyday to see if it would get used to me. After a while he started letting me grab it and pet it, now it comes in our home with our other cats and sleeps on the couch or makes itself feel at home.😸 Sorry if it was boring or so I just wanted to share this story with y'all.

IndependantW : There's a special place in heaven reserved for those who rescue cats. In this case, you rescued two kittens and one older tomcat from a sorry, short life so that they can live in the cat's version of paradise. All of us cat lovers say "THANKS A MILLION!"

Anandapadmanabhan sreevilas : Pixar should make a movie based on this.. Absolutely heart melting.. 👍👍👍👍

Tim Lawrence : Who the hell puts thumbs down are that video are you retarded ????

Hex Isme : Long story short: There's nothing kittens can't solve.

Κυριάκος Μπρασνάρης : 890 dislikes for the people dont have heart and feelings cmone why so many dislikes ? its just a pet not a human the animal have heart the human dont have

Billy The Bass Assassin : It seems ive gotten something in my eye..

JustAnOldFashionedMonster : A grizzled old badass with a heart of gold :)

Karen Weber : love, the most powerful force.

Z Good German : what wonderful wonderful set of images... This demonstartes the fundamental truth in creation; ALL creatures have the inate capacity for love and to use that love, be it sientiently or not, to heal and care for others, such that their inequities might be lessened.


Cains love : i had a shitty day at work today and this cheered me up. Thanks :]

AngryRuski : Fake and gay

Truth Endures : I listened to Ozzy "Bark at the moon" while watching this, and it worked.

bone hurting juice : Im actually crying wtf???

Axel Drans : This was adorable, but it isn't strange or rare for a feral cat to do this. All animals love their own species more than any other species. That is just a scientific fact. So for a feral cat who hates humans to suddenly snuggle up with kittens isn't strange, because those kittens are feline like him.

Leilani Lilgreen : I cant stop crying :')

Set Wumbo : "Come on reznov freedom" "For you mason not for me"

Jase Boon : My heart has just broken, I have no words :)) :((

Robert Dale : damn onions

SandSnowMXGirl : Omg that orange one is to die for!

china man : the little orange on cuddling him was gorgeous

Rexagon VI : It's ok to cry right?

FoxLab : who ever or the 911 ppl who disliked this video wow just wow

Knolltop Farms : I'm sorry,but I need love too and this made me open to the hope that it could grow...aloha and big hugs, chuggy

Kpop Recyclable Material : God bless you guys. Thank you.

Jamie Mesibov : who's cutting onions again

Alena Y : Sansa, Arya and the Hound.

Combustrelle maximoff : This broke my heart. I recently lost my cat Marley, who had lived his life as a feral until we brought him home. He was always such a gentle soul and this cat looks just like him. He was always up for a cuddle and loved my nieces, he lived through over 6 children pulling him about but he always knew he was loved.

Dirty D's RC : Thats very sweet. :)

Sage : I'm not crying my eyes are just sweating


zambie hunter : why do they catch feral cats let them be

Fabian Leiva : I wouldn't use the word ancient. 'Elderly' would be more appropriate

Lawrence Brennan : Beautiful story!

Larimar Sky : Aww... it's good to be loved 😊

Ivan はっれ : 1:57 orange kitten starts hugging, sooo cute, and they all start to sleep :3

Richard Freeman : Awww.

Michelle Henegar : Why am I crying in the club rn

xxXpussyhunter69Xxx : Cat veteran meets young catets.