Ancient battle-scarred feral cat meets tiny kittens

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blondeweirdo : 2:08 the little hug, I can't

Tiia Mannix : 1:58 "This... ... ... 2:21 ... This is fine."

Gaynor : Mason learned to be loved by those two tiny kittens. Animals can sense pain and suffering, such as mental torment as poor Mason probably endured. They have such short lives, compared to us humans, so it's our responsibility to ensure they have happy lives. Much love to Mason. 💞

Jennifer Bennet : "This is what it feels like to be loved." ♡♡♡

Bull&Skones : "AAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!" Step-Grandaddy for lil'ol kittens:).....

DaedalusProps : Old B O Y E just needed a new purpose. This is awesome

Music Power : It defies convention. That such a tough and rugged street cat like Mason can be so patient and gentle with these kittens just takes my breath away. I think he recognizes that they need a mentor, and the kittens know that he has lived a harsh life and that they both have something to offer one another.

Dierdre Cole : (kittens) "I wove you gwandpa Mason!"

Richard D : I`m a grown man weeping at this . I don't even have a cat,

Tiddybeth : Who the hell is chopping onions?

Simon Collett : It's like Logan, but with cats! :)

Tommy : 1:54 realises he is being loved by the hug and then loves them back :D

dirdib69 : It's touch, and it makes sense. If feral cats are creatures of instinct, caring for and protecting the young of the species is a strong instinct. Maybe, too, Mason was lonely. Being feral, there are limits to the amount of direct human contact he can tolerate, but still he is a mammal, and mammal's crave contact with their own.

lifemetall : REALLY????? you had to hug her didn't you??????? I'M NOT CRYING YOU ARE CRYING

Roy : Mason. A warrior, with a warm heart.

KaziteGames : Just beautiful I'm crying and I'm not afraid to say it 😢😭

Lexx Natalia Tan : Hell, joined C.C.C. Cat Crying Club. My eyes were like water faucet

Amsiekins : At 2:08 the Hug. I already had tears in my eyes that hug made me cry hysterically (like full on ugly cry)! I’m so happy that he had his own species to love him and I honestly don’t think I could separate these three as Foster parents to Furryfaced kids I would have to adopt them and keep them.

Emma Wiley : The tough old guy. With tiny, innocent kittens... I can’t even. I just can’t. Too cute and beautiful for this world.

tavern2468 : Omg omg omg 😭😭😭 it actually hurts your heart and the little orange one was so ready to love him. Why can't everything be this pure? I wish no cats had to be put down or go hungry

FILNAT2011 : I have lost count of how many times i have watched this

Eleos Soele : When I cry, I can't really open my eyes. When I'm overwhelmed with emotion I simply cry silently through tightly shut eyes. Near the end of the video I wonder if the cat was crying with his eyes tightly shut, as if he realized that his horrendously painful journey, marred with suffering, had led him to this. All the starved nights, brushes with death, an agonizing life constantly lived in the shadow of predators, malnutrition, disease, and abuse, it was all over. And beholding the beauty of new life so close to him for what might have very well been the first time, the truth that he dared not believe hits him all at once. No more fighting to the death, no more broken bones and excruciating infections and parasites and gnawing hunger so intense that he couldn't sleep. He can finally rest for the remainder of his life, and for him, that's more than enough. And so, surrounded by beings that couldn't possibly imagine the hell he overcame to witness this moment, he silently sheds tears of happiness, and lays down his tired head.

DeX_-Clan - : My heart melted ....

joaquin garcia : 2:21-2:25 the last of mason's feral life and anger is finally gone he finally found happiness, kindness and a home were the owner and kittens love him. :')

Geralt of Rivia : 1:54 Straight out of a kid’s movie. The hug, the slow fade back into sleep. Perfect.

D'artagnan : Wow... ♞

Briana Peterson : Oh sweet Bast I am melting right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Callie Masters : Sadly, Mason taught those little kittens all his feral street smarts, including how to curse, disrespect females and run con games, and now they're both in juvie hall doing a 3 year stretch for being little badasses! It happens sometimes. :-)

Nous Resterons La : How is Mason doing? Has he passed on peacefully since he was in his final months?

The Grim Critic : “When I saw you... I believed it was a sign. That something new... can come into this world...”

reno jofiano : thats a father figure right there

Jennifer Ryan : I swear, that mason was crying when the Orange tabby hugged him. That was heart warming. <3

Sister Lilia : guess he wanted to be a parent cat

huntakilla1234 : I'm not crying.. I just have something in my eyes, ok?

Raj K : 😢 thanks for sharing.

Jay Carr : Something actually gave a thumbs down? No nothing wrong with some people right?

Do Me Solo : Omg😭😭😭 Tear jerker of the day💓😥💓

eric s : kittens turn anyone into a big softy. Sad for mason, I had a cat that looked a lot like him so nostalgia for that cat. good he got some love in his final days though.

Little Liza Lover : Who's peeling onions?

Šapte : it lowered my testosteron level to 100 nanogram :)

Zalzion : Ive known this - all any damaged being needs is love to get back to normal

01ChaosWarrior : Every creature, no matter how vicious they may seem, has love in their hearts. It may not be for you, and it may not be for me, but its there for someone, and they are just waiting to share it. At the very least Mason found the special ones he had been waiting for. We all should be so lucky.

Halfey Halphstein : Battle-scarred? More like battle-hardened. That grandpa kitty is a war veteran. He will be forever a hero to those tiny ones.

Amy Sanders : That is the sweetest thing. He just wanted loved. Thank you for saving him and those babies.

Marguns21 : These are mine now, he thinks

scar445 : and thus mason finally found the peace he had been searching for for so long. even an old battlehardened warrior can have a soft heart. happy to know that mason is preparing you next generation of kitties to face the world :)

Moonlight Msp : Omg this made me Cry 😭😢😊

Suzie E Antrobus : That's what Mason was missing a loving family and he found it in those kittens. That kitten hug made me cry. If he has passed on he'll be even happier in heaven free from all pain and suffering. God bless little Mason ❤️

Just-Some-Menace : Where have you been mason, what kind of hardships have you had to endure to be able to treasure something so much?