Ancient battle-scarred feral cat meets tiny kittens

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that one person : I'm just wondering who the 850+ people who disliked this are.

CaseyDia22 : I have a 4yo feral cat that I rescued from the brink of certain death and nursed back to health myself. She still won't let us come near her, but I recently rescued a tiny orange kitten and they love each other so much and she has opened up to me so much more since her little sister came along.

Κυριάκος Μπρασνάρης : 1k dislikes for the people dont have heart and feelings cmone why so many dislikes ? its just a pet not a human the animal have heart the human dont have

blondeweirdo : 2:08 the little hug, I can't

Holypikemanz : Feral cat just wants to love his own kind. Is that so wrong, white America?

Tim Lawrence : Who the hell puts thumbs down are that video are you retarded ????

ForAHint Classic : Down there, there's comment inside comment that said cats killed birds. Those are nature, thus, you don't have to meddle in with the law of nature. But just in case, I will mention it that human have killed BIRDS for entertainment, sport, and accessory purposes. Also, they killed lots of animals and destroyed their habitats for ffs of making human life lazier by making things lot more easier, also for slight purpose of entertainment(mostly money). So shut up and just watch the cute thing without discriminate anything!

Patte Crampton : All three are in pure bliss thanks to your kind heart and compassion. Bless you!

Alex Smith : I hope you let that cat out because if you don't your crule

[D]arth : 2:21 *I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING*

promatt5 : I did shed a manly tear.

Charlie Schneider : anyone have to think about csgo while reading title?  haha its a battle scarred cat boreal forrest

Ballistic Pepe : 973 people are animal abusers.

Emma Barlow : Ok I had tears in my eyes the whole way through this!! Just wonderful! Nice to see he gets a second chance in life and then being loved by those babies.. and the hug... The tears rolled down the cheeks then... so damn cute

Nurse Kimberly : Oh thing ive seen in a very long time..tears

Edward Cruz : When I watch videos like this, I think animals have more compassion then we humans do

Toker 05 : I have something in my eye.......its some sweat and cuteness

Wicktoria : This made me cry. <3

yelloworangered : My father always says that mature tomcats are the sweetest and most affectionate cats. He thinks it is "because they are king of all they survey." I am so glad that you gave this tom, on the downside of his reign, a wam and comfortable home. This is truly the best part of his life and you gave it to him.

Floofie kun : 1:01 And then the feral cat went on a rampage and slaughtered the kittens while intense death metal music plays.

Michel Charette : Love is

Audrey Dizer Minkaryu : domn these allergies got my eyes watering

Adi Ahmad : Ayaaa, comelnya!

Jessie Radford : He's like an old battle scarred solider who forgot what it's like to be loved.

marcjtdc : my eyes usually water when im tired....yawn....

Sweets : Awe cuties!!! <3 My heart can't handle it!

ichschwoersosehr : It doesn't matter how life treats you... Everything's gonna be allright.

DreamDancer82 : I love the part where one of the kittens looks like it's hugging Mason. It's like he/she's saying, "I love you, Daddy!"

JellicleKitten : I love how he looks SO salty about the camera being on him for about a half second but then he's too wrapped up in the babies to care. <3

ruby villalobos : Mason is so happy when he sees the kittens

lucy elkins : I'm glad I live in a world with cat's!

William Dawson : looks factory new to me

Maria Dobrushina : I must admit I've just joined the crying club here. Can't remember the last time I've had such a reaction simply because of watching a video.

Milky Moo : They just met and they're already sleeping with each other lol

Ddarke11 : I only wish to have a penny per tear shed for this video. The world would be mine!!!!!

Wimpy Mike : What a beautiful kind cat.

karen walker : So beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!

Mr1SuperKitty : The humanity these people have is amazing. Thank you for saving these cats' lives. I can't say how much I love animals, but I can say that you saved Mason from a cold heart for forever.

Ingve Fredriksen : that cat is sooo fat and cute so are dose kittens.

Vinay S : if not for the shitty back ground music....this video would have been perfect

Captain Chaos : God that was heart warming...

Glitter Rainbow Cookie Pie : im crying...crying of cheerful and i want a puppy or a kitty to be my pet ;-;

cody james : Reznov:"Mason you did it Mason, you did what i could not" hahaha XD

iPetroSS : Mason looks like he is thinking: "I got one last battle to stand. A battle to protect you kids"

Job Level Wandy : I think Mason might be a pedophile

Christian Knickerbocker : Okay that is the sweetest dang thing I've ever seen, the last 30 seconds touch your heart no matter how many times you watch them.

Active Aura Engines : Why would anyone dislike this video?

pyroromancer : yes this is usually the result after cutting off a feral male's balls off

Piss 'n Vinegar : Paul talked too much in this episode.

bru numzy : i must say there are alot of cat story vids but i really liked this one