Ancient battle-scarred feral cat meets tiny kittens

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Tiddybeth : Who the hell is chopping onions?

Geralt of Rivia : 1:54 Straight out of a kid’s movie. The hug, the slow fade back into sleep. Perfect.

tavern2468 : Omg omg omg 😭😭😭 it actually hurts your heart and the little orange one was so ready to love him. Why can't everything be this pure? I wish no cats had to be put down or go hungry

JAKE WITT : 1:26b the cat is like “Just let me sleep,i know your cute but just let me sleep,AWW who cares lets cuttle”

B. Saulius : omg..pooor kity, and so wonderfull looking one.. so green eyes.. omg with crying

Brad Lamb : Am I really cryin in the club right now?

steve the trooper : i just lost about 2 pounds of testosterone

Yukki Katsuki : at our shelter we did something similar with a feral Tom cat he refused to let anyone touch him and was afraid of the other cats so we let him stay in the kitten room by himself when a litter of kittens came in next we placed them with him and they took a shine to him and he'd let them crawl all over him, we later added another semiferal Tom to room with him and the two of them got along great today both Tim and Appolo have homes as do all of the kittens they fostered for us

Dave D : The warrior who wanted to be a dad all along

Starboy 123! : Squidward: *Crying* ..."Hey who left this bowl of onions here?"

Nethergaming NL : I dont LIKE cats...i love them

joeynuma : I may not be your dad but I will love you and take care of you I shall give you the life and care I never have.

Lazy Lauren : Well duh. Kittens make everyone feel better :3

Johnjames Bloom : Little Kitten : "Grandpa, tell us about some of your adventures!" Mason: "Well little one, its a great big world out there, full of wonder, danger, and heartbreak. But it was worth it all so that I could live here with you."

Vutoons •-• : 1:55 HE JUST GAVE HIM A HUG MY SOUL IS FILLED WITH HAPPINESS ☺️☺️☺️☺️ Edit AND 2:21 just made me cried 😭he hugged him back

Alpha : I Hate cats but this was adorable.

leirgauk : 2:20 *melt*


jond1965 : I am a 50 something year old big guy. This put a lump in my throat. Absolutely beautiful. God I so love these animals and those of us who give them happy lives.

Dudbo Super : 2:09 cutest moment possible

Nutella The Eevee : I don't cry when a character of a film die. I don't cry if someone I know is really sick. I don't cry for those things. But I cry in an happy video with kittens.

FÊNRÎR 1 : i cant believe there are ppl who dislike this, I don't understand it.

HyperionLord : I believe that's called happiness, we ought to try it sometimes huh?

Dubblestuffed Cakeslice : Oww it put its hole face in her ear i cryed

Moon Sister : Omg I have been so depressed today because it’s my birthday and I am 51. Your film has made me feel 100 percent better. Thanks.❤️

Emma Rogers : Shelly, thank you. Thank you for giving this beautiful feline a chance. All he needed was a little bit of love (and a couple of Corsica's adorable kittens) to reveal the gentle giant he truly is beneath his feral persona. I'm glad he will be able to live out his days warm, fed, and loved. You do wonderful things over at TinyKittens; thank you for sharing these stories with us. Keep up the great work. :)

WV591 : Cats are one of the gods most beautiful creation.

Sam Giannelli : This! This right here is why I'm studying in animal care :') plus I need something to fill the cat sized hole in my heart my 14 year old wee kitten has left 3: rest in peace Fang. Miss ya my wee bobo

Cicura001 : Definitely one of the cutest things I've ever seen ;w; ♡

nightmare in action : Cats are jerks drove 13 spicies to extinction

4DARKEST : The cat clearly saw enough battle that he realised how precious life is such as young kittens, near the end he even looks at the camera aggressively as if to say 'try me, just try to touch my kittens,'

Veredhiel : The wife came in and asked, "dear, why are you crying?"

EA Reviews : Thumbs up 👍🏻 majority rules . This is a pawsome video

YourAverageFelidae AJ : The dark grey stripped kitten looks just like mason!

k d : The old guy just needed a cuddle.

James F : My eyes are sweating.

meriem mimi : Stop cutting onions people ...

The Superior Superion247 : Awwww the feral cat probably may have changed when he or she met the kittens. He or she is really happy. 😭

Jeremy Ray : #GrampaMason is so good with kits. He probably never had a mate nor had kits of his own. And probably lived as a loner but look at him with those kits.

Michelle Saari : that last moment when he finally relaxes...ahhh just captured my heart

WolfOfTheStars : My heart hurts... I had a cat who passed away that looks EXACTLY like Mason including the nick on his left ear. I named him Bob and I still miss that old fur ball 😭

Christy Dunlap : Omg at the end when the kitten hugged him in his sleep then he just fell out! It made me want to just scream out with emotion cause it was that sweet. And I'm just not that kinda person.

Shaw Kras : wow.. just wow😢😢😭

Ricksrollin : 1:35 AWWWWWW *Cries from the cuteness overload* AAAAAAAWW

WarriorsProductions : I'M NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING

Another unimportant user : I-I'm not crying, you're crying!...

Lock Heed : Who left this bowl of onions here?

WOLF GAMING : ok meybe i criyed but its ok im fine i just need some companion il just adopt a stray cat that i will cuddle like a doll becouse i criyed 😢🐈

I am Satan : 1k dislikes? How? Why? Dafuq?

Nicola J : OMG that just made my day, I was in happy tears watching that. Thanks Shelly