What Effect Does Shaving and Plucking Have On Hair Regrowth? Myths Debunked

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Mateo Castillo : Why are sum of my beard hairs are red while sum are black ?

Neo Logic : watttt you only have 5k? Quality and content are awesome omg, you deserve to grow faster!

Debunked : *Did we challenge your proconcieved ideas about hair growth?*

Debunked : Hey guys! What would you like to see us cover next. All suggestions are welcome!

Ryan x : I used to rip hair out of my head when in school don't know why now I do it to my face

Julian Contreras : I'm 14 and my mustache is starting to show more and my mum gets mad at me for shaving it off and telling me it's going to grow back thick, I'm going to show her this vid to Change her mind

Dat Boi Fusion : When this channel hits 1 million subscribers, I can say I was here at 2k

Famous In China : Peachy Bumfluff!

33166 : I’m here looking for interesting comments but 90% of the comments are talking about subscribers like dafuq

John White : So plucking hair out of my asshole won't make it grow back? Thanks.

Brenic Beggs : Ahhh it's a coincidence. That makes so much more sense. Great video

Georg Bandak : I wonder how 'bumfluff' came about.

- Silented - : Man you deserve more subs bro. I thought I was watching a channel with over 100k subs at first. Keep up the good work, you’ll get there eventually.

Dennis Slusser : Now I can shave my balls with no fear.

Saad Zaman : Wait so if I pluck the hair in between my eye brows' it'll eventually be like "yeah fuck this I give up" and never sprout out another hair again? THATS WHAT I WANT IT TO DO THATS WHY IM PLUCKING IT!😂

Pratik Pusdekar : Thank You Love from India

Boblov : How has this channel not got at least 100k subs? The infographics are amazing!!

Hannu Tuunanen : I’ve shaved in a place where I didn’t have any visible hairs and now it grows out dark hair just after shaving a few times. Same with chest, didn’t have chest hair, just tiny tiny blond ones. Shaved a few times and now it grows dark long hairs. So yeah

James350 : Good vids

Healthy Hedley : How the hell are you only at 5000 subs!

Hunter Rosier : To hit 1 million will take a while but hopefully soon I wanna see the channel hit 1 million

Senaid Mustedanagic : Shaving face is not for man what is man without beard...pusye

Chackobrack : So which is better? Shaving or pulling it out???

Humam Slayer : Thanks , that was helpful.

Jeremy Shamess : Woah thanks for the grade 5 puberty lesson!

Joe Al : So shaving is better than waxing/plucking?

Michael lorenzo King : I shaved my eyebrows

Tom Drinkwater : Love this. Great animation!!

TRUTH-XPOSED : Why does hair stop growing on a shaved eyewbrows which only re-grows to its natural shape. Its all what our Creator (Allah swt) planned because thy is the best of all planners.

maruvacat : Oh rip. As a transman, I really wish the myth was true, because then maybe I'd have a chance of being able to grow a beard without taking hormones ;;v;;

Peace & 1ness : So pulling out the unwanted hair is better than shaving.

luke knudsvig : Keep going guys

NoverMaC : This channel is on my new top 10 channels list! Just wait when u hit a million!

Insane Awesome Tony : I'm 23 years old and still can't grow a big fluffy beautiful beard, when will I be able to grow a big beautiful black 🎅 beard?

Sniping Every Day : Okay, there was 26 k subs before I left for school and now there's 46k

Nishant Sengar : Can you do a debunking video masturbation myths?

Stewart Harding : I'll never forget the day I had to invest in my first nasal trimmer. I'm just glad that the store had self-service checkouts so that have to take it to a cashier. 😂

_.7champ7_ 7 : You should do, do pimples really come from eating to much sugar?

DavidsInferno : I wish you talked about laser hair removal too

xander j. : Theres no blood in the hairs so the body won't even notice it's cut. People, use your brains

Jedi Mystery : #fakenews

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ρε μαλακα : Just use minoxidil you’ll grade a thick dark jihad beard

Beast MK : 14 and I can grow a beard brah

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sreenath sree : Conclusion: I lost my last fuckin hope which was shaving

Prince Pradhan : Nice one but plz give solution

Link Makenshi : This https://youtu.be/LPwr88WriyQ

EhDieSoon : How bout my hair in ma nipples😐 i have a shpet body not that visible unless u stick ur eye on my body but ma nipples long thick hair growing😑 feelsbadman

Thunder Lotus : wish what happened on the head happens on other areas instead