What Effect Does Shaving and Plucking Have On Hair Regrowth? Myths Debunked

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Debunked : Hi Guys! Our latest episode has been released... What Happens When Something Goes Down The Wrong Hole? https://youtu.be/0YJ8Mc8jT68

Marks Tech : idk man. every since i started shaving my ass, theres a jungle down there.. like, literally an entire ecosystem of animals.

Kimsea Chea : I'm sorry. I'm Asian .. but what is body hair? I couldn't find it in our history book.

Dennis Slusser : Now I can shave my balls with no fear.

Ryan x : I used to rip hair out of my head when in school don't know why now I do it to my face

Julian Contreras : I'm 14 and my mustache is starting to show more and my mum gets mad at me for shaving it off and telling me it's going to grow back thick, I'm going to show her this vid to Change her mind

Dat Boi Fusion : When this channel hits 1 million subscribers, I can say I was here at 2k

Neo Logic : watttt you only have 5k? Quality and content are awesome omg, you deserve to grow faster!

A-Ryan : *I once got a random pair of scissors and spent a good 25 minutes to trim my pubes. I dont know why. I was just bored.*

Debunked : *Did we challenge your proconcieved ideas about hair growth?*

Brenic Beggs : Ahhh it's a coincidence. That makes so much more sense. Great video

Hannu Tuunanen : I’ve shaved in a place where I didn’t have any visible hairs and now it grows out dark hair just after shaving a few times. Same with chest, didn’t have chest hair, just tiny tiny blond ones. Shaved a few times and now it grows dark long hairs. So yeah

Georg Bandak : I wonder how 'bumfluff' came about.

Famous In China : Peachy Bumfluff!

Rogue : What about girls who have never shaved their legs having softer, lighter hair compared to girls that do? Also what about when someone shaves their eyebrows and they grow back, where they wouldn’t have grown twice the length had they been left alone?

Debunked : Hey guys! What would you like to see us cover next. All suggestions are welcome!

Andriy Yarmalenko : doesn't make any sense. hair on your face is different from your other body hair. So are your eyebrows... yes they do grow faster and thicker...

Last Gaurdian : I'm a guy and when I was 13 I shaved my legs and they grew back super thick and hairy. I was so self conscious of them that I wore pants during the summer and avoiding going to the pool. It was the worst part of my life

Quinn : Man you deserve more subs bro. I thought I was watching a channel with over 100k subs at first. Keep up the good work, you’ll get there eventually.

killa Skrilla : I been shaving my arms because of my tattoos for the last 10 years the hairs i can say is a huge difference and its not from puberty 😂😂😂 , disclaimer-also my facial hair isn't thicker from it , but from working a clean shaved job for the last 3 years where i had to shave everyday my beard can now grow twice as long ! I used to do time lapes for my beard growth , it also grows much faster now , everybody is different those 5 guys with shaved legss just didnt do it long enuff for a correct study

UNSC INFINITY : I've shaved my arms and legs plenty of times in the past, and each time, when the hair grows back, it becomes more intense than before. My arms and legs are twice as hairy now compared to when i first shaved. As for the Face, shaving that makes the hair become more thicker. ... Soooo all this talk about shaving not affecting the hair growth is not true for ALOT of men. It affects every part of my body when i decide to shave it.

Mateo Castillo : Why are sum of my beard hairs are red while sum are black ?

Nishant Sengar : Can you do a debunking video masturbation myths?

Chackobrack : So which is better? Shaving or pulling it out???

Norma : That's great to know, there are a lot of misconceptions about many things, I'm glad I found this channel that sets me straight :)

Ivan Joseph : Do not listen to this garbage. Shaving will ensure more and faster hair growth. I have experimented.

Michael lorenzo King : I shaved my eyebrows

ZuRriX : This shit is awesome.

Lt Lazy : That’s not a beard I would believe that if you had a bible beard

Pratik Pusdekar : Thank You Love from India

BigSaq : Soft Hair becomes ruff

Boblov : How has this channel not got at least 100k subs? The infographics are amazing!!

_ .7champ7. _ : You should do, do pimples really come from eating to much sugar?

Sniping Every Day : Okay, there was 26 k subs before I left for school and now there's 46k

Joe Al : So shaving is better than waxing/plucking?

jnmks : i just shaved my moustache because of school so now i'm waiting for it to grow back even though my classmates said that i look fine (i don't believe them) but one of my classmates said that i look like the cgi-d moustache of superman and i agree with him 😢

Cameron Grover : Yeah we call it peach fuzz to the west

OrangeCatTree Animations : my mom keeps think the myth is true and she will not buy me a razer!! thank you, i will show her this video!

HunterBoy gt : To hit 1 million will take a while but hopefully soon I wanna see the channel hit 1 million

فرحان باشا : Hehe I'm a Muslim, I don't shave beard. In adolescent... But moustache I do shave so I have a little insight

WillBe : Oh rip. As a transman, I really wish the myth was true, because then maybe I'd have a chance of being able to grow a beard without taking hormones ;;v;;

Gamer Guy : I remember I shaved my left leg just like a patch of it and it grew back looking like the rest of my leg lol

Kim Jong Un : Just use minoxidil you’ll grade a thick dark jihad beard

Tom Drinkwater : Love this. Great animation!!

NoverMaC : This channel is on my new top 10 channels list! Just wait when u hit a million!

James350 : Good vids

Jeremy Shamess : Woah thanks for the grade 5 puberty lesson!

EhDieSoon : How bout my hair in ma nipples😐 i have a shpet body not that visible unless u stick ur eye on my body but ma nipples long thick hair growing😑 feelsbadman

Marco Mark Productions : 2:18 "yet to be exposed to the sun". Hmm, I didn't know the sun had lightening effects

Beast MK : 14 and I can grow a beard brah