Roger Moore as James Bond in 1964
Roger Moore played James Bond nearly 10 years before his Bond film debut in Live and Let Die in 1964 Moore played Bond in a sketch comedy show called Mainly Millicent on the BBC Heres the sketch

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A Spy can be On Holiday ?


Phayzyre105 : Of all the men who've played James Bond all of them have been good but Roger Moore will always be my personal favorite! RIP Mr. Moore.

Adam Roth : Roger Moore is my favorite Bond . He played the gentleman spy character perfectly. James Bond is not supposed to be über macho, which makes it all the more fantastic when he defeats giants like Oddjob or Jaws.

Adam Stiles : Roger Moore was I think was the best Bond. I am surprised he did a Bond spoof. Funny!

michael berry : I am not a James bond fan, but have always thought that Roger Moore was a decent actor, who does not take himself too seriously. He was very good in the Saint T. V series that I remember from my childhood.. Thank you for the upload.

Ed Poe : 5:25 Don't think that was meant to happen!

add150n : Very good. Thanks for posing. It looks like Millicent's stumble at 7:14 was real but fit in perfectly with the script, or did Moore improvise that "nice trip."

Shawn Elestren : Wow, she went on to play Daphne's mother in Frasier.

Boyka Rulz : I never had a smile on my face watching a Bond movie as when Moore and Brosnan played Bond.Both are very handsome smooth with great presence and a touch of human comic element.

Ian Turner : R.i.p.  my favourite ever James Bond.

BroadswordMedia : That was really funny! I like how they just couldn't trust anyone.

Thomas Rivera : It's kinda to early for Roger Moore to play James Bond back in the 60's

G Nice : my favorite James Bond great man rest in peace honorable 007 !!!!! 😢🇬🇧

James Kennedy : Reminds me of the commercials that Pierce Brosnan made for Coke after he lost the role of Bond b/c of his television contract. Those ads established him, for many, as the James Bond in-waiting.

Sheila B : Wonderful clip, complete with goofs and like good troopers they kept on going and even an adlib from MM. I'm guessing this went out live? Thanks for the upload.

Jesse Hale : Very cute! Millicent was pretty!

SecretTimeWarp : He looks a bit like Barry Nelson's Bond here, doesn't he?

worldforex2005 : Roger Moore was the James Bond of my generation and to me he was the best, RIP 007.

Sam Hong : Lol 1:38 the guy gets up and proceeds to throw himself over the railing😂

Mike 649Foxx : He was only 36 years old here bless him. Strange to see him so young but damn, what a lady killer he was!

Captain Robert Brooks : I Loved it ! Am a serious James Bond aficionado . To Sir Roger Moore 007 , You shall be missed. Live and let Die , first Bond for you. To all of the J. Bonds . Praise all of you.

Michael Proctor : If Roger Moore is playing James Bond then who is playing The Saint....Sean Connery?

Paul Barlow : This is fantastic. Thanks for uploading.

Random Monkey : A clip from "Mainly Millicent" starring Millicent Martin.

VULT CULT : Agreed.

Nata_Moscow : Terrific!! Thanks so much for posting this!

Michael Westen : "Waiter? Bring me another waiter!" LOL!! Fantastic sketch!! Best 007 parody I've ever seen!! Anyway, Roger Moore is my third favourite Bond.

rvfariasf1 : Fantastic!!!

Alex George : Soda mousier? Just a splash -sprays soda on the floor- "WTH?"

RavingRabbidsball : The two couples directly behind Bond and Sonia were covered in vodka and whisky by the end of this short

Joe George : great performance!! There were at least two bloopers (the knocked over glass and the trip)in which they recovered like pro's. She's a great actress,,usually seen on the satirical programs with David Frost. Always though of Rodger Moore as an overlooked comic actor.

Paul Zink : The producers originally wanted to cast Moore as Bond, but his contractual commitment to the series "The Saint" made it impossible for him. Sean Connery was the second choice — how rich is that?

Virussella : this looks like a parody, taking the piss of the real thing...

Virussella : troppo velocemente? nn c''e accento piu' chiaro e limpido che quello inglese!

Alex George : can anybody spot out ALL the clichies in the skit

Marco Martínez Macias : Even when Sean Connery is absolutely fantastic, I grew up watching this Bond, Moore's style, a Bond full of black humor and zero problems.

ThePianoMan : I just love how the guy whos got the chair stolen from right underhim is thrown so far back with a single kick and falls yet wehn he gets back up the momentum picks back up on him and he throws himself from a railing because he lost his chair.........................Best acting EVER

FoleyAxel222 : i don't see this as unfortunately because the saint is, in my opinion, one of the best series ever made!

Morgan le Fay : Thank you for salvaging this clip, Lady Sinclair; however, can Sir Roger ever NOT make “James Bond” the ‘butt of a joke?’ He allowed the writers to tear up ‘007’ in all his ‘Bond’ films. A VIEW TO A KILL was the only, in which he brought Ian Fleming’s character to life. For me, he was always THE SAINTS “Simon Templar.” Sir Roger finally proved he could in FOLLKES, a well-done film, with no women! He’s a good man but really, I had to stop this when he began the quips. ¬ Janet

michael anthony hilario : No wonder Roger was acting very well on this video before he lands to became bound... James bound. But for his acting is great. Even he had a contract signing for more bound films until A VIEW TO A KILL. And that's the time he give to play bound. I think his acting is very good on this video. I wonder what happen to Roger right now. He did some tv appearances. But how about movies

Vincent Macek : I like the guy at 1:32 who, after taking a punch and falling over a table, takes it on himself to get back up and fall over the railing! Neat find, thanks for posting.

nick ladeeda : 1.38......falls over the a true stuntman :P

The Enlightened Centrist : Very rare indeed, had no idea he played bond in anything before LALD! Even though it`s a comedy clip, we can see here that he clearly allways had the intention of playing the charming, humorous playboy we saw in his following years as 007!

Scarlett La Fleur : OMG!! Roger Moore is so handsome in this clip and he's one of my favorite Bonds.

Diablo Delbronx : the best "ths Saint"Mr.James Bond

Xonx68 : It seems that they just improvised the ending, everything after her little "slip-up". Still very funny performances though! :D

Readioheed : This was great fun. :)

LotusLambo : So this is how Saturday Night Live learned to do their skits! This is a perfect example of 30sec of perfectly good humor stretched out to almost 8 tedious minutes.

Colleen Cerbas : It's like I'm watching Get Smart in 1965 again! I liked this short film and this is hilarious!

MsCarlettina : non mi piace la voce di roger moore, molto più profonda e sexy la voce del doppiatore italiano, parla troppo velocemente