Roger Moore as James Bond in 1964

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patnstephen2 : WOW! With all the technical GAFFS that happened there, Millicent M actually falling on her butt, the waiter knocking over the props etc. it's a tribute to 2 young pros that they were able to get through the scetch.

Adam Roth : Roger Moore is my favorite Bond . He played the gentleman spy character perfectly. James Bond is not supposed to be über macho, which makes it all the more fantastic when he defeats giants like Oddjob or Jaws.

Adam Stiles : Roger Moore was I think was the best Bond. I am surprised he did a Bond spoof. Funny!

Shawn Elestren : Wow, she went on to play Daphne's mother in Frasier.

Phayzyre105 : Of all the men who've played James Bond all of them have been good but Roger Moore will always be my personal favorite! RIP Mr. Moore.

add150n : Very good. Thanks for posing. It looks like Millicent's stumble at 7:14 was real but fit in perfectly with the script, or did Moore improvise that "nice trip."

michael berry : I am not a James bond fan, but have always thought that Roger Moore was a decent actor, who does not take himself too seriously. He was very good in the Saint T. V series that I remember from my childhood.. Thank you for the upload.

Boyka Rulz : I never had a smile on my face watching a Bond movie as when Moore and Brosnan played Bond.Both are very handsome smooth with great presence and a touch of human comic element.

Ed Poe : 5:25 Don't think that was meant to happen!

J J Townley Sometime-composer of Piano Concertos : This is fascinating just for the historical and novelty value--Moore playing Bond 10 years before he "played Bond".

Ian Turner : R.i.p.  my favourite ever James Bond.

James Kennedy : Reminds me of the commercials that Pierce Brosnan made for Coke after he lost the role of Bond b/c of his television contract. Those ads established him, for many, as the James Bond in-waiting.

BroadswordMedia : That was really funny! I like how they just couldn't trust anyone.

G Nice : my favorite James Bond great man rest in peace honorable 007 !!!!! 😢🇬🇧

Jesse Hale : Very cute! Millicent was pretty!

Sheila B : Wonderful clip, complete with goofs and like good troopers they kept on going and even an adlib from MM. I'm guessing this went out live? Thanks for the upload.

Thomas Rivera : It's kinda to early for Roger Moore to play James Bond back in the 60's

Tiercel5 : You know, this skit could be the epilogue of "The Spy Who Loved Me". Skit level: Saturday Night Live

Mike 649Foxx : He was only 36 years old here bless him. Strange to see him so young but damn, what a lady killer he was!

Sam Hong : Lol 1:38 the guy gets up and proceeds to throw himself over the railing😂

Michael Proctor : If Roger Moore is playing James Bond then who is playing The Saint....Sean Connery?

Gérard Hébert : In 1964,I am surprised to see Moore as James Bond. He did TV series at that time like The Saint.perhaps,it is a trial movie extract

Andrew Llewellyn : I like Moore, and Live and Let Die was a good strong start for him, with a good mix of action and humour, but it went sharply downhill from there with the humour taking forefront. Seriously, they could have labelled Moonraker as "National Lampoon's".

no hassle : Roger Moore, for me, is the worst James Bond. He was too feminine, and too jokey to be the hard as nails killer. This is a parody of Bond, but unfortunately so were all his official Bond movies. I think he is a wonderful human being, but a poor James Bond.

margus kiis : Hilarious

Haydn Po : That was a real slip. Incidentally she had a hot body. I'd seven her double holes.

Shadowman820 : You can tell he was younger here in the way he moves when he punches someone , much quicker and more fluid than in some of his later Bond films .


Nur Hanizah Hasri : Is this really Sir Roger Moore? He looks a bit different from the real James Bond movie.

Ricardo Fernández : 1964...??? ....yet did not "The Saint"......!!!!!!!

James Cole : roger moore should of been bond in the 60s

Topazman12 : A comedy! This is great! Roger Moore is fantastic!

Mynce Sackcloth : Before Remington Steele, there was Bond. Roger was more like a Remington Steele type character than any James Bond 007 in this short.

The01t : WOW never knew about this! well done Arwen Elfa and thank you.

Arwen Elfa : Sad to hear about today Roger Moore death. RIP

Alan Bobet : Sir Roger Moore Rest In Peace!

Captain Robert Brooks : I Loved it ! Am a serious James Bond aficionado . To Sir Roger Moore 007 , You shall be missed. Live and let Die , first Bond for you. To all of the J. Bonds . Praise all of you.

Addison Martin : Very good, thanks for posting. It looks like Millicent's stumble at 7:14 is real but it fit in perfectly with the script or did Roger improvise that "nice trip" line.

Martin Platt : The BEST Bond ever without any question.

Bitcoin Motorist : Didn't Pierce Brosnan also play Bond before he was officially cast as Bond?

NeonPhyzics : what's funny is that Steve Martin, playing "James Bond" did this bit on SNL in the 90s

Marc Alexander : Milly had a show called MAINLY MILLICENT she asked Roger to guest on it and they would do a skit on his showTHE SAINT. His producers would not allow them to use the name THE SAINT .....sO they used 007 Bond!!!Prophetic or what.

yadayada 95 : Roger's voice sounds different here, maybe it because he's so young. This was great to see.

Simomonkey : Damm he is HOT

Limerence : This is the best Jame Bond I've ever watched!

Johnny Skinwalker : This is cool. They should have made a tv series out of this, a comedic Bond. This must not have been easy memorizing all this dialogue without any cuts. Moore was a pretty good actor.

StarwindAmada1 : Was she supposed to fall or did they just keep shooting

tecknos africa : it was not a surprise that Roger Moore got the role for James bond , he was predestined

Rafael Pierri : A little part of me just died.

DJ Nurse Annabella : RIP Roger! He was the best James Bond imo.