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Wild Bill : Volvo/Uber engineers have concluded the moment of impact was detected by the 3 primary sensors ahead of time required to avoid collision. Unfortunately, after being forced to host countless horrific sexual encounters by it's 450lb El Salvadorian tranny hooker "pilot" the vehicle's intelligent core unit had enough

Kuolonen : That cyclist deserves a Darwin award. Crossing the road in the middle of the night, without lights or reflectors and not even bothering to check the road. Like, wtf goes on in the brain?

David I : There is an object in the middle of the road, in this case a person. Its very clear. The system didn’t seem to register this at all. Sure, the drivers headlights were not illuminating the object, but the LiDAR sure as hell should have been. Perhaps the system was having an issue due to those oncoming lights, but that should yield/anchor the car, not let it carry on at speed, driving "blind". These test cars should be mandated to have secondary braking mechanisms. Something quick, and just at the limit of what the standby driver can tolerate physically. IF nothing is behind the vehicle during a system malfunction THAN -> (anchors-away). Stop the vehicle quickly, turn on the hazards, and get it the hell off the public road for proper diagnostics.

Phil : Rule of the road where I come from is "adjust your speed so you can stop within the distance you can see with you headlights". The driver\car is going too fast and\or the headlights are poor. There is not enough time to react when pedestrian appears .

샤론숨통 : 이건 사람이라도 못피하겠네

홍길동 : nice kill

qpmkro : Title should be Imbecile crossing the road gets what she deserves

Duce : wtf is that creature driving it?

임세준 : 사람이었어도 100% 사고난다. 다만 라이더 센서에 오류가 있었던것 같다. 이점은 확실하게 보완하고 대응방안을 마련해야 할듯

Joe Don : drivers with common sense uses high beam in conditions like that

joshcryer : The visibility of the camera is very misleading, since cameras don't have the dynamic range that human eyes do. The camera is focused on the bright headlights, a human would have easily seen this woman. Safety driver 100% at fault. They'll probably recreate the incident and see that most drivers would have seen her. This probably won't go down as the first self-driving fatality.


Jeremy : RIP

XelNigma : When I first heard about this I wondered just how much of it was the pedestrian's fault. I expected they stepped out from between two parked cars or something. After watching this, its clear the system wasnt working as it should. I already hear people on the radio saying how self driving cars are a bad idea and wont ever replace human drivers. It irritates me such stupid people have these platforms to spread stupidity and ignorance, but better that than the alternative. I just hope there's enough intelligent people to keep this incident from derailing the whole thing. Iv underestimated the power of stupid people in large groups before.

noober01 : First blood!

조규민 : The end of jaywalking

Yong Xie : A normal person would have stopped the car.

Peter T : Was that "pilot/operator" hired under some diversity or affirmative action project? I find it difficult to understand why would a company trust that thing with conducting a scientific experiment that has potentially multi billion dollar consequences. Now they can enjoy the results of their HR practices.

Роман Образцов : А всё потому что за рулем была баба.

OliverDid9/11 : welcome to 2018! where some obese hog that identifies as a lady gets to sit behind a car playing candy crush on a smartphone "driving" a car while a computer controls a vehicle at high speeds and kills someone. shit is so damn sad it's funny straight out of idiocracy.

polaris911 : Autonomous tech aside, that person crossing the street is an idiot. Wearing all black, no reflectors, no lights and not looking both ways before crossing the street, something we teach to 2 year olds...

Steel Rain : Human drivers would have been pissed and might have yelled or hunked the horn... rip

pinoca noscala : .....even... dont need skynet... to kill man...

Gergely Szabó : There is a fat pig at the wheel for such occasions. Isn't it responsible for the accident?

hot kinda : I probably couldn't avoid hitting that person if i drove myself in that situation but i could stop immediately.

Ринат Винсов : Darwin award

walkin dude : Self driving cars are the future, there is no denying this. There will be deaths associated with self-driving cars, there will be cases where it is the computers fault, but these (going to sound harsh here) are growing pains. maybe until the technology is better we shouldn't spend so much time, she? spent about four seconds, looking at our phones and should pay attention to what this fallible technology is doing, because it could save a life.

David Curry : Robot cars aren't ready to take jobs yet

Dmitriy Nikitenko : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldqRiGYD1QE

Yasmine Belhimer : Here’s an advice LOOK AT THE ROAD

KAAnndrey : Strike!

Leo Ames : Way to go, Uber.

Nyck M. : These things should have at least two complementary systems to be able to avoid this kind of accident, like a radar array helped by infrared cameras and a backup system of some sort and they probably do. They should see much better than human eyes. In fact, they should be able to drive safely in complete darkness. That's why I don't understand how something like this could happen as I trust the engineers who designed the system are very smart people. Maybe a bad sensor or a glitch in the software, although it seems unlikely. I am very curious to hear an explanation for this.

Commack08 : It has begun... At first, death by robots were dismissed as accidents, but in the coming years it took a sinister turn. Now humanity fights for its very survival. (Notes from 2035)

Thomas Neugebauer : There is no question about the responsibility for this crash! At least here in Europe it is one of the fundamental principles of driving a car that you ALWAYS have to “drive on sight”. That means you ALWAYS have to choose a velocity not faster than that you can stop before any object that even completely unexpected is found to be on the roadway. Exactly that’s the case here. The woman was not running out on the roadway unexpectedly from side. She was already there, in front of the car, when being seen the first time on the camera video. It makes no difference if a human driver would have seen her earlier (which might have been). The Uber car was driving definitively too fast and furthermore it seems not to have reacted within the two seconds of time between the first detection by camera and the crash (although that might be a wrong impression in the video). Are there no other detectors for objects or persons on the roadway than this camera? (e.g. microwave, infrared). This poor woman is the first victim of these kind of self-driving cars, but if using only this technology there will be a lot more in future! This approach is fly-by-night in real sense and completely illegitimate!

László Horváth : Ez elég furcsa hogy 20 méterre esm világított a reflektor.

and andre : 회사가 카메라로 사기치는것 같은데?? look at that accident is under the Street lamp. it's camera's fake.

Rainbow fly : 이게 어떻게 사고가 안날수가 있나... 사람은 이상황 100%사고지

Ross Trumble : I have avoided collisions like this before. This was not unavoidable and the car didn't even swerve. Bad tech.

hyk9730 : 레이더 오류인듯... 어두워서 사람은 못볼수 있다지만 센서는 감지해야지

정재윤 : not even an earth's best driver could not avoided that mother fucking bicycle. simply too dark and no light.

프시룸 : 브레이크는 발을수 있었을텐데... 걸어가는 사람인데 이것을 친다는것은 잘못된것임.

commenthu : typical obese American woman.

Lacifex the First : Darwin's law. The computer brain of the car deemed the retard with the bicycle unfit for further existence.

commenthu : a fat pig looked at the hamburger menu instead of watching it in the evening.

Chinedu Opara : What I wanna know is, is the operator a man, or just a big woman with multiple chins and a *mustache* ?

XenoRaptorXR : Maybe the fat ass should get her head out of her phone and pay attention to the road. Self driving cars are not reliable enough to detect everything