Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau - Oh hi Mark

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HelixMaster12 : This is why I love the expanded universe.

MirroredSmoke : 1:20 Oh my god at first i thought he said "lets go eat Han"

Wolfgang Music : The production quality of this is 1000% better than the original 🤣🤣🤣

Ex Hero : This is canon

Movie Remixer : This is pure Gold. Genius! :)

Helium Road : For some reason the part where C3PO nods his head at Tommy had me rolling.

I am someone you don't know : Chewbacca: raahhh Tommy: Hi doggy.. I lost it right there. Genius!

Kaustav Majumdar : Coincidentally, I watched The Disaster Artist yesterday. Needlessly to say but good stuff on both counts 😂

Piper • : This was better than it should have been


Psyhodelik : This is The most epic thing that i see this last year

Ratardle7 : "I love you" "You know, people don't have to say it. They feel it." *Vader and Fett looking at each other*

tzane123 : things like this is why the internet was created for

THEBAMBU64 : That moment when a meme is better than the actual movie

Janograd : I am not a Sith lord! It's not true, it's bullshit! I am not a Sith lord, I AM NAAAAAAT! Oh, hi Jedi Council.

bruce wayne : Tommy Wiseau as jar jar binks. That movie writes itself. Well call it Meesa Room.

Ikanite : *H i D o g g y*

Michael Borek : This was better than Last Jedi

Jay McD : Better than the Last Jedi

09EvoX : Totally works. Disney would be stupid not to use Tommy.

DocHazard : Disney should give Tommy his own trilogy!

Gary Freeman : Would have been better than the shit Rian Johnson gave us.

Ellyjah Goodson : Oh hi mark. "Mark" hamill FUCKING GOLD

Heroin Maker : You know it is sad, when this mix is literally so much better than the actual movie... :/

Matt Burns : This is better than the the film 😂

Adam Andrews : This required almost too much of an in-depth knowledge of Star Wars and the Room.

Ivan Prol Cacabelos : Better Than the last jedi

desert gainz : This is better than the last jedi!

Uncle deathwish Game stuff and ASMR : You’re just a lil chicken her chip chip chip chip chiiiip

Max Isola : Is it sad that this was funnier than what was in The Last Jedi?

Natalia P : "Hi doggy!" Dead 🤣☠️

Catzilla : This is what "The Last Jedi" should have been.


Someone on the Internet : This is too well made

Adino1 : Better movie than the Last Jedi.

jake armitage : I honestly think that Tommy Wiseau could make a better star wars film than any of these stupid yes men hired by Kathleen Kennedy.

Fricken Chinger : this made both movies better

Josh Wrixon : still better then the last Jedi.

Xenor Arca : 10/10 better than the original!

THEremiXFACTOR : Luke getting hit by a football actually feels less disrespectful than Johnson having him throw the lightsaber away. Lol

Cyp Zac : After seeing the Last Jedi, I would definitely prefer this version. Better acting, better story more fun in 2,5 Min vs. 2h and 30 min.


Arran Boon : More compelling than The Last Jedi..

NotTheWheel : tfw a Tommy Wiseau directed and written Star Wars film probably be better than The Last Jedi. Feelsbadman

BlackWing39 : "What a story mark"

The Exalted One : Anyway how's your sex life?

Foodisgood : Someone make a petition to give Tommy a cameo in Episode 9.

Ed Findlay : Only a matter of time lol

Nightwing 22 : Tommy Wiseau seems like a nice guy! I hope he at least cameos as a stormtrooper!

Shrek SUCC : better than the last jedi