Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau - Oh hi Mark

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HelixMaster12 : This is why I love the expanded universe.

Helium Road : For some reason the part where C3PO nods his head at Tommy had me rolling.

Kaustav Majumdar : Coincidentally, I watched The Disaster Artist yesterday. Needlessly to say but good stuff on both counts 😂

Callum Black : I love how "Oh hi Mark" makes sense in this.

Movie Remixer : This is pure Gold. Genius! :)

Janograd : I am not a Sith lord! It's not true, it's bullshit! I am not a Sith lord, I AM NAAAAAAT! Oh, hi Jedi Council.

Someone on the Internet : This is too well made

DocHazard : Disney should give Tommy his own trilogy!

Inconceivable : That football hitting Mark each time killed me. And Marks laugh turning into his Joker laugh! OMG!

Intergalactic Human Empire : 0:13 "Oh hi Mark" Christ man you broke character!

Catzilla : This is what "The Last Jedi" should have been.

Ellyjah Goodson : Oh hi mark. "Mark" hamill FUCKING GOLD

THEremiXFACTOR : Luke getting hit by a football actually feels less disrespectful than Johnson having him throw the lightsaber away. Lol

micro581 : Still better than Star Wars VIII

Grohlvana : God this is so perfect.

Adam Andrews : This required almost too much of an in-depth knowledge of Star Wars and the Room.


NotTheWheel : tfw a Tommy Wiseau directed and written Star Wars film probably be better than The Last Jedi. Feelsbadman

El Gusanillo Del Juego : 0:16 "Anyway, how is your sex life?" 1:29 "Maybe you should have a girl, Mark" Even Tommy Wiseau trolls Luke because Mara Jade doesn't exist in the new canon 😂

Piper • : This was better than it should have been

Fricken Chinger : this made both movies better

Nig Apleez : I died when Vader held Boba back from shooting him.

Jay McD : Better than the Last Jedi

Andrew Lazin : The Last Jedi would have been a lot more entertaining with Tommy in it.

Wolfgang Music : The production quality of this is 1000% better than the original 🤣🤣🤣

Superschokokeks : better than SW8

buford pusser : Better than the ACTUAL Star Wars, 'The Last Jedi!'

sandro ilpelato : I don't care, for me this is 100% cannon

Ash : I lost it at “anything for mah princessss”

Zyll Goliat : Holly this is waay better than Last Jedi!!!

cyanyde420 : Still better editing than Episode 8.

george bobbio : This is way better than The Last Jedi..........

shyam kumar : This is better then The Last Jedi

cadstic cadsticc : This is so well cut in comparison to the room it almost looks like he can act;) bookmarked

Troy Hernandez : Better than the Last Jedi

Dinoslay : Even more hilarious in hindsight.

Chicken Nuggetmaster360 : This is so much better than the last jedi.

RogueEagle : Lost it at Boba Fett

PistolShrimps : People wanted us to upload the "Oh hi Mark" video from our Facebook page to YouTube. Sooooooo we added some new scenes, and here you go! Hope you like it :D

mthakore : Still better than The Last Jedi....

Soma Szebellédi : Better than the actual Last Jedi.

Tom Tom : The fact that his name is "Mark" just makes this video even MORE perfect. 10/10

abortnite : Can I have tommy wiseau direct the next starwars movie asap

Demetria Thomas : instant internet classic

Archangel Michael : 3 Minutes better then last 2 parts of star wars

Frank Drive : Better than last jedi


Ghost : Waiting for The Last Jedi haters to role in calling this “better than the movie” lmao

ProtoMario : That football tho...