Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau - Oh hi Mark

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Grohlvana : God this is so perfect.

Callum Black : I love how "Oh hi Mark" makes sense in this.

Inconceivable : That football hitting Mark each time killed me. And Marks laugh turning into his Joker laugh! OMG!

Hurtado XII : This is actually better than The last jedi, I'm not kidding

Krzysztof Kaczor : "Hi Doggy" just made my day :D

ProtoMario : That football tho...

Segasensei/Foxideo : Still better than Star Wars VIII

Timothé Cadotte : Star Wiseau: The last Wiseau Director: Tommy Wiseau Writer: Tommy Wiseau Editor: Tommy Wiseau Producer: Tommy Wiseau Luke: Tommy Wiseau Darth Vader: Tommy Wiseau and Leia: Tommy Wiseau *THE WISEAU FRANCHISE*

Tom Tom : The fact that his name is "Mark" just makes this video even MORE perfect. 10/10

PsychoticFoxProductions : Top tier editing

Movie Remixer : This is pure Gold. Genius! :)

Sun Ryder : infinity war is the most ambitious crossover in history me:

SilverAMVS : Easily better than The Last Jedi

J Logan : After last jedi i feel this is the only thing that can save the franchise

Fluffypro : They need to recast Kylo with Tommy!

Wolfgang Music : The production quality of this is 1000% better than the original 🤣🤣🤣

Ruby : I lost it when I finally noticed the football he throws at 1:13. Brilliant!

Roy Naranjo : Actually Hayden Christensen performance is so terrible in 0:28 that you can't tell who's the fake character in the scene.

Archangel Michael : 3 Minutes better then last 2 parts of star wars

Troy Hernandez : Better than the Last Jedi

The Unusual Suspect : Bloody brilliant! Wiseau going 'Hi Doggy' to Chewie had me on the floor :'D

Dds214 : The best, and worst thing I've ever seen. Still better than The Last Jedi...

SirVicconius : No less ridiculous than The Last Jedi. Actually much better.

Yan Liechocki : Still better then The Last Jedi

Ruby Studio : This is better than the real last jedi film.


R. V. : Chewie: "ROOOOOOAR!" Johnny: "Oh hai, doggie."

False Gods : This 2 minuets clip are better than the Last Jedi.

Aleksandar Delic : I enjoyed this more than the last jedi. Like 1000x more.

Obserwator : Remake The Last Jedi with Tommy Wiseau!

Piper • : This was better than it should have been

Adam Blister : The Room is a better movie than The Last Jedi.

Roberto Luna : Let's go eat ahhhnnnn.

Adrian Mercado : Don’t worry about it i still Love you

handsomebrick : thank you johnny PEACE IN THE GALAXY A LOT OF PEOPLE LOVE EACH OTHER you're our favorite person

Intergalactic Human Empire : 0:13 "Oh hi Mark" Christ man you broke character!

greg wx : Better than the last jedi.

The Sam : I like that C3PO nods in agreement with Tommy..

Charlie Hax : If only The Last Jedi was this good.

Sky Man : Tommy Wiseau would have made the new star wars better.

Black Rainbow : Darth Vader : I am your father Tommy : Ha ha ha. What a story, Mark

milessim4 : Better than the last jedi

Taylor Schon : This script is better than the last Jedi

Ekim Ool : It makes even more sense when you know that Anakin and Vader are the same character (kind of), so Vader asking Tommy to join him was a reiteration of Anakin’s scene lol

Albert Scott : This was better than The Last Jedi.

James McCormick : The football LOL

jrny20 : 100% better than the actual TLJ.

Daniel Mogylevsky : Is this canon?

FArts : better than anything rian johnson could have made

Teo Danko : Much better than the actual movie.