Marble Race: MarbleLympics 2019 FINAL: Sand Rally + Closing Ceremony
MarbleLympics 2019 FINAL Sand Rally Closing Ceremony

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Welcome at the 16th and FINAL event of the 2019 MarbleLympics! Now it's time for the Sand Rally, which team will WIN this MarbleLympics? 16 individual marbles (including a lot of team captains) will battle their way in this long race. All good things must come to an end, so this video also includes the Closing Ceremony! POLL: What's your favorite ML event? === Credits: === Commentary: Greg Woods Music: Minos Fylaktos Logo design: More credits will be shown after the Closing Ceremony === Useful Links: === PATREON: MERCHANDISE: (Decals now ready for shipping! More items will be added soon) More marble news: Facebook: Twitter: Wiki: === Patrons: === Premium Patrons: Terry Hankamer, the Farcher Family, Dave Knox, Christian Wallace, Joe Hills, Quinton Franks VIP Patrons: Alex Mathew, Ashton Power, Briek Wittesaele, Ciaran, Danny Shaw, Eric Schmitz, Matthew Spadaccini, Jan Seifert, Ian Slatas, Lauren, Adan and Tinu. © Jelle's Marble Runs 2019: Please do NOT copy and reupload this video without my permission! === Credits: === Commentary: Greg Woods Music: Minos Fylaktos Logo design: === Useful Links: === PATREON: More marble news: Facebook: Twitter: Wiki: © Jelle's Marble Runs 2019: Please do NOT copy and reupload this video without my permission!


Cloudy1127 : Well done Hazers! Congratulations to the Rasberry Racers. #HazeAmaze

Tia James : So proud of my Hazers!! Finished in the top 3 and already qualified for the 2020 Marblelympics #HAZEAMAZE

Karl Lavender : What I learned. Never host the Olympics.

Andrew Visser : Absolute heartbreak for the Green Ducks. Stay strong until the next MarbleLympics! #DucksFlyTogether !

Layonix Whitemane : Thanks for making the awesome Marblelympics. Beautifully done closing ceremony. Hazers got bronze but they podiumed!

A Grosclaude-Evans : Oceanica right now: « Ok enough training, time to do the real marblympics » 2 seconds later «...what?”

Hypnodrive : #raspberryrobust YEAH! Awesome closing ceremony also! I just love MarbleLympics.

Someone Anonymous : We will come stronger next time #letchaosreign . Congratulations Raspberry Racers on the win #raspberryrobust 🤝

Latte Dcl : #RaspberryRobust I never thought my team would win but I'm pleasantly surprised!

Eli ! : This has to be one of the most beautiful ending ceremonies ever

Jake Thomas Cool : It's okay Oceanics, we'll get 'em next year. #TidePride

HUMAN RIGHTS : Ahh!! Finally My Team Got the Gold...!! #winnerwinnerPastadinner #RasberryRobust..

Simon Read : Really pleased for the Raspberry Racers. My team since the last MarbleLympics! #RaspberryRobust Looking forward to the next one! Great job, everybody.

TheEpicRandomGuy99 : So proud of Cosmo's SIlver Medal Finish!! What a great way to end the marblelympics!! So happy with our top 50% performance!! #ReachForTheStars Forever!!! GO TEAM GALACTIC!!

DanyDud 3 : Nobody: Oceanics: Finish last in their own MarbleLympics

Viola : Yes Raspberry Racers!! I was rooting for y'all since the very beginning! Congrats!!!

Chris Harris : Yay! I knew the Raspberry Racers could do it...will be back next year

Brandon Chan : Choosing host for Olympics: "pick me!" "Pick me!" "Pick me!" Choosing host for Marbleympics: "..."

Fuzzy Fishnutz : “Noceanics” LOL Also, the time and effort put into this is extraordinary. I think I enjoyed this more than I’ve enjoyed the real Olympics in the last many years. Great work Marble Folks!

Lucas Camargo : It's incredible how much effort and care is put in every single one of the episodes. Great work man, simply amazing, and thank you for another great year of excelent work!

Jacob .Russell : Well done for the rookie Green Ducks, hope to see you and your training partner Limers in there next year. #quackattack #limetime

Lexa : What an amazing MarbleLympics this year! I really feel for the Oceanics, but SO PROUD of my Raspberry Racers. #RASPBERRYROBUST Thanks for putting on this great event!

poju 03 : Only 2 medals to Orangers and still amazing position. Proud of that team :)

Anton Rusakov : I'm so proud of Raspberry Racers! They did a great job and they earn this victory! #RaspberryRobust

SherbertTehCat : Such a beautiful closing to the MarbleLympics 2019! I cant wait for next time!

Joe Conrad : Finally got a gold! Carry the momentum from the last two events into the next Marblelympics! #LetChaosReign

Domingo Music : Razzy for MVP! I mean just look at 0:42 that's probably one of the greatest moves of this years whole marblelympics!!!

Gianluca Giovanelli Eder : Even if Midnight Wisps finished only 10th, I’m sure they will be back! I loved the Closing Ceremony, and thank you all for your work! Team #FearTheNight

Satisfied Onion : #TeamGalactic showing up a bit late. Maybe next MarbleLympics!

Nakaya Hirumi : Simply amazing how much effort you guys put in there^^ thanks for this interesting event ;) #hazeamaze

Caleb Promislow : Do we all agree that Limers should host 2020 MarbleLympics? I'm a Green Ducks fan but I still love the Limers. #LimeTime

Malexus : How dissapointing... I want The Hazers to win so badly

cantinadoburro : #RaspberryRobust I'm so proud of my team!!! Great work with that astounding production. Cheers from Brazil \o/ 💙💙💙💙💙

Nod L : Absolutely marvelous, the Commentary, the presentation, the filming. You guys have done a really great job and it`s just so sad to have finished another Marble Olympics. Congratulations to the Raspberry Racers ! The next series I feel should be a Winter Olympics !!!

Razzy : I want to thank every single fan that cheered us on in the stands and in the comments. Our team gave 100% effort in every event and in this last event I gave it my all to make sure we could take home 1st place. This prize is for the RaspberryRacer fans that stayed every step of the way. Congratulations to the #GreenDucks and #Hazers for getting silver and bronze and being a tough competition. Here’s to next year! #Gold #First #RaspberryRacers

D Conroy : Yes! Balls of Chaos, out with gold! #LetChaosReign

Troy Snaith : It's awesome how much effort you have all put into these video's, thank you.

TANMAY BHAYANI : Very proud of *RASBERRY RACERS* . 👍. Will miss _you_ . 😭😢

Mitch Hurst : Amazing! I've been cheering on the Raspberry Racers since the qualifying rounds!

J.R.Milton : Time to go into hibernation until 2020. :) But in all seriousness, when I saw a thumbnail for a video called "The Marbleympics." I thought it was going to be a stupid video that I clicked on to laugh at. I was proven extremely wrong. These small marbles have captured my heart and had me on the edge of my seat, cheering louder than I do for human sports. I have been a subscriber now since 2016. Thanks for another great Marbleympics, and keep up the good work Jelle and team. :)

BladeFiend : im so proud of my boys in the balls of chaos making a comback right in the last event so proud #foreverchaos

Shnehansu Raj Baruah : Congratulations to all the teams. Also proud of you Mellow Yellow, great job and we'll get them next year!

BAldoTridentE : Thank you, nearly cried at the end, fantastic job, keep it up #Pinkies

louisallama : With consistent good performances throughout the marblelymbics I'm so proud of the Raspberry Racers for winning! #RaspberryRobust

OskarSjodin : Hazers. You did not win the MarbleLympics 2019. But as always. You won my heart.

unknown idk : So proud of green ducks, they did amazing in their first marblelympics!!

Naughty Lamb : THEY DID IT ! My Raspberry Racers actually won.. a dream comes true 😭❤

imjust2white : Even if I'm a Mellow Yellow fan, I can't fault the Raspberry Racers for their display of absolute DOMINANCE this year. Truly a sight to see.

EquestrianFever : I never thought I would actually feel emotions towards marbles but im genuinely sad it's over