The first time someone had twins
The first time someone had twins

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Kellie Bean : *"Bloop"*

Sipho AstralMan : This the most calm and nonchalantly delivered acting ever

Montana Gguod : “They call me a twin, that’s the name we came up when we were in the stomach because there’s two of us and we winning” 😂😂😂

• Your Ruler • : "I think... we should throw her in the lake" *_"bloop"_*

Ashley Hudgins : I love how the mom's voice got deeper the more serious the situation became 😂😂😂

Zay Flacko : “Lemme see the receipt where the receipt at... *I can’t read* ...” 😂😂😂

Wigos : “What ima do w two kids? Take care of em? No.” 😂😭💀

Mind Smack : My grandma who had twins in the 1920 said she got one out and said she told the doctor it still hurts like after 30 mins and that's how they figured out

Joseph Valle : “It’s a warlock.” “I like your vocabulary.”

jing wongers : “It’s twins. Cause there’s two of us and we winning”

TOORICHOFME : A warlock, crazier then the witch..crazy... I like your vocabulary *thank u* idk why that shit was so casual but funny af man simple comedy

Conphusing : "They call me a twin. That's the name we came up with in the stomach. Cuz it's two of us and we winnin'." 🤣🤣🤣🤣

KewlKidd : I swear there are soo many one liners in this video. 👏🏾👏🏾😭😭 Dead af.!!!

Berenice Martinez : "I think we should throw her in the lake." 😂💀

ThaLameBrownGuy : 2:40 “I can’t read” gets me every time lol

DAILY ! : they complimenting each other beards while touching the damn mustaches 😂

Jasmine Alexánder : *"lemme see the receipt"* *"......"* *"I can't read..."*

Simply : 4:10 is the moment i finally realized what time period they were in

Royster_Goose23 : I like your vocabulary 😂

Haziq Haq : Baby: let me see the receipt, where the receipt at? Also baby: I can't read...

Flvcko Veli ⚡️🥶 : So nobody heard when the doctor called them SIRS 😂😂 2:12

SnAtCheD : 2:39 I SCREAMED

Kia-theGemini : "That's just mad, one nut, one kid." That's great. Brightening my day.

Young Flo : The dialogue and facial expressions are golden

nina marie : “it’s a it’s a.. it’s a warlock , crazier than the witch” ... “i like your vocabulary”

privatevideosaccount deannmajor : "I say we kill the kid first, I say we get rid of the kid." Lmfaoooo this was so funny to me 3:57 - 4:03

Fitsum G : 1:35 they calls us “twins Cause there’s two of us and we winning “ bruh😂😂😂

WavveyGT : 3:27 ain’t that a moustache😭😂😂

Chris Breezy : " Aye yo shut up, shut up, shut up talking to me." "Relax Larry."

Swahzie : "Am I gon be famous? I'm the first doctor to do this. I'm famous." 😂😂

Pia Kohli : *I got the receipt... where did the order get messed up... Uber eats* Uber eats be wildin out here

SolarXclipse : “Let me see the receipt” ...... “I can’t read” 😂😂

MsRaydale : I'm cool, I'm cool. I'm chilling. 💀💀💀💀💀


Alicia Was Here : “a whole warlock” “I like yo vocabulary” 😂😂😂

Zay Flacko : “There’s two of us and we winnin” Meech teaching me more than my health class

Crispy Memes : *One Nut One Kid* This man deserves an Oscar

Miriam : The intro is lowkey lit

Panda Parade : Twin cause there two of us and we winning I'm never gonna forget that

It'sMariah Reynolds : "let me see the receipt where the recept at....i can't read"

Joseph Kennedy : Push like a push up U my lil push pop I’m ya lil push pop ok watch this BLOOP 🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂

can we get 100 subs with no videos please? : You ever wonder wether the first pair of twins were fraternal or identical?

PettyFunSize Mona : This a good pose for my famous picture😂😂😂😂😂

dynamite : Ho messed up the order 😂😂

Kyra Harvey : "What Imma do with two kids? Take care of em? Nope" 😂

Goji The Reploid : "Cuz they two of us and we winnin'"

Noah Peterson : “I wanted 2 kids anyway” “KiLL tHe KiD”

BabySmurf16 : 2:35 I AM DEAD

XSimplyCleanProX : "i got the receipt on me." 😂