The first time someone had twins

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Aerion Gooden : Where the order get messed up at....I’M SCREAMING😂😂😂😂

Kellie Bean : *"Bloop"*

Zah-myia’s Art Studio : “Bloop”😂😂👏👏

iTooHardToGuard : “cuz it’s two of us and we winning”😭😭

Sipho AstralMan : This the most calm and nonchalantly delivered acting ever

Animelytical : "That don't even make no sense. I only nutted in her once and that's just math. One nut, one kid". "What imma do with two kids? Take care of em? No". Went into the witches stuff! LMAO!!! "I say we kill the kid first"

clara louis : this shit got me googling "who was the first doctor to deliver twins"

• Your Ruler • : "I think... we should throw her in the lake" *_"bloop"_*

Montana Gguod : “They call me a twin, that’s the name we came up when we were in the stomach because there’s two of us and we winning” 😂😂😂

SportsnGlam : *”Now, what she got going on, ain’t got nothing to do with me”* 😂😭 poor baby

Scarlette Vazquez : Dad:i got the recipe 2 baby:wheres the receipt wheres the receipt,... *Lets baby see the Receipt* I cant read😭😭😭im done

NachoGirl : I love how the mom's voice got deeper the more serious the situation became 😂😂😂

TOORICHOFME : A warlock, crazier then the witch..crazy... I like your vocabulary *thank u* idk why that shit was so casual but funny af man simple comedy

ponies : "I only nutted in her once, one nut one kid" Meech

Meech And Lo : Yes... we're back...after eons... We're back. Did you miss us?

Mind Smack : My grandma who had twins in the 1920 said she got one out and said she told the doctor it still hurts like after 30 mins and that's how they figured out

jing wongers : “It’s twins. Cause there’s two of us and we winning”

Zay Flacko : “Lemme see the receipt where the receipt at... *I can’t read* ...” 😂😂😂

Simply : 4:10 is the moment i finally realized what time period they were in

Precious Gaming : He sound like Nutty Professor when he kept saying "I ain't no witch"

Homemade psas : *"What imma do with two kids? Take care of em? No."*

Berenice Martinez : "I think we should throw her in the lake." 😂💀

VLONE Dre : 1 nut = 1 kid

Wigos : “What ima do w two kids? Take care of em? No.” 😂😭💀

SnAtCheD : 2:39 I SCREAMED

ThaLameBrownGuy : 2:40 “I can’t read” gets me every time lol

KewlKidd : I swear there are soo many one liners in this video. 👏🏾👏🏾😭😭 Dead af.!!!

Princess Jazmin : What ima do with 2 kids? Take care of em? No 💀💀💀

Ashley The Shark Slayer : *This shit so quotable lmao*

Royster_Goose23 : I like your vocabulary 😂

4-5 9lives : Let me see the receipt *shows receipt* I can’t read 😂😂😂😂

WavveyGT : 3:27 ain’t that a moustache😭😂😂

Young Flo : The dialogue and facial expressions are golden

Wavy GDK : “one nut one kid” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Harli Christiansen : This is the shit I SCOUR the internet for. Thanks fam. Keep doing what you do.

Pia Kohli : *I got the receipt... where did the order get messed up... Uber eats* Uber eats be wildin out here

FitzSpace G : 1:35 they calls us “twins Cause there’s two of us and we winning “ bruh😂😂😂

Swahzie : "Am I gon be famous? I'm the first doctor to do this. I'm famous." 😂😂

Kuniko Builds : You had to have smoked to think of this shit 🤣

Goji The Reploid : "Cuz they two of us and we winnin'"

MsRaydale : I'm cool, I'm cool. I'm chilling. 💀💀💀💀💀

Miriam : The intro is lowkey lit

XSimplyCleanProX : "i got the receipt on me." 😂

dynamite : Ho messed up the order 😂😂


Panda Parade : Twin cause there two of us and we winning I'm never gonna forget that

Conphusing : "They call me a twin. That's the name we came up with in the stomach. Cuz it's two of us and we winnin'." 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Firewolves16 : Let me see the receipt, let me see it.....i can't read

berleezy funk booty ass mic : *Who messed up the order* 😂

Abigail Davidson : 1 like = 1 nut = 1 kid