Testing The BEST VR GUNS Ever Made!
Testing The BEST VR GUNS Ever Made

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Brandon's team over at Stresslevelzero have been hard at work building the ground work for their new game. After months of work this demo was created to showcase the future of VR guns! https://www.youtube.com/user/freddiew2 For business inquiries email info.nodestudios@gmail.com You can get your own professionally built custom gaming PC at, http://www.originpc.com/ http://facebook.com/node http://twitter.com/nodestudios http://twitter.com/corridordigital http://facebook.com/corridordigital http://twitter.com/brandonjla http://twitter.com/cerberusarms


XIX85 Holland : If VR games can get like this and stay consistent with it, VR will take over the mainstream. I believe that!

alan smithee : 1/10. Can't open soup cans. Literally unplayable

Danny Lang : Back then: "best VR guns, thats the goal" Now: "we are actually just gonna make the best everything"

chronological : Here after "BoneWorks"

spinakker : "VR should be better than the real world" Well said!

itscard0man : i come back about once a month to watch this :(

itscard0man : they should release this as a sand box demo, hsvr3 did it

Jaden Clarke : Anyone else look at this and realise that you are too poor to afford vr and a pc that can run vr

Micr0iX : Garry's Mod vr confirmed!

Bluemanzee : VR may not be the best market atm, but people like Brandon are very much helping it's progress. This looks fantastic

Leon : The next generation of consoles will have much more VR in mind. I can´t wait for VR to blow up real big

desolate282 : This is how imagined VR should be, now we are really getting into it! One step closer to GGO (Gun Gale Online) lol.

Allyre Guillon : Meet the half life vr : Judt like half life it's a revolution of the genre, Just like half life, it's super cool.. Just like half life, i wanna buy it!

GØDZÎLLÂ : *READY PLAYER ONE* if u know what i mean

EngiYoutube : That’s straight up amazing Brandon seems to really get what people want from VR, to just have an experience that truly feels and acts real first, then adds gameplay on top of that

DShepard : Weird, this doesn't look like H3VR.

Djporks69 : BTW, this game is called BONEWORKS for anyone still looking for it.

micky T : Thats the best ive seen up to now =D>

Platinum_Panzer : Crazy to see how much Boneworks has evolved from this. I cannot wait to get this as soon as it's available.

Scrappy : "VR should be better than the real world" -Brandon J Laatsch

Ryan Gallant : This is really good. And the head mask guesses where your body parts are... wow that is insane

Pero H : Make this a kind of VR Garry's mod, so people can start modding it, creating multiplayer servers and new gamemodes

max mohr : this should be a secret room in boneworks

5siccors5 : I will pay top dollar for this GIMME GIMME!!!

Ucci : "VR should be better than the real world" - this is the type of shit that someone says who's going to take things to the next level.

shadowmaster40k : thumbnail: alright this looks cool. Video: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

Chuck Norris : John wick the video game. I want it now.

Stapes : Who else came back after the new game play of boneworks?

Brian Elsen : One small step for reality, one giant leap for VR.

Ze Games : I really hope Brandon sells this framework to other devs.

Sephiroth : Hotdogs, horseshoes and handgrenades already owns the title for best guns in VR, it can't be defeated in realism

greendiamond : who else noticed "the division" soundtrack playing in the background?

BLUE MOXIE : And then there was ZERO CALIBER...

caioamaya : This game is gonna be epic! And please sell the engine for other co's or dev for them

Hayden Albro : I've seen this before........ It's a cambell soup can

Paradox Ian : is the music from Tom Clancy's The Division?

Stewart Coates : Node is Building VR Halflife 3 for Valve CONFIIRMED

Zachary Valois : The gravity gun is literally the only reason I want this. Valve games rule.... I want Half-life 3!

Håvard Haarberg Eriksen : Cant you just have like thin sensor-strips for your arms , spine, and legs, so it just would be much easier and reliable to track how your body moves? Of course it would take some time to adapt to it, but if you can make it comfy enough up until the point where you cant feel it, it would revolutionize the industry. It would be like the RTX-technology, but just for VR-gaming.

Wacho_Piolitax : this is going to be a step foward on the VR games... i feel it

Turbo HEART : Its cool to see how much pride the dev has in his work.

Zaqariah Lowell : Dude this is a game changer, made by a programming goat

Ultra Pubg : if showing h3vr gameplay was supposed to insult it, shame

Bryce Thibodeaux : GTA VI in VR with these Guns....

Eric ! : imagine Operation Simulator VR featuring multiple hospitals, operation departement, people's size and hospitalisation. Expension: Operation Simulator VR: Stargate featuring Aliens and new instruments.

Will Massam : If you are holding a two-handed gun could you release your hand which is holding the trigger and smack a VR junkie with it

JRwhite : Incredible work Brandon and Stress Level Zero.

Ip N : absolutely stunning. changes the game, congrats!

aussj4link : "It can't be a step backwards" FINALLY someone gets it!