Testing The BEST VR GUNS Ever Made!

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Ze Games : I really hope Brandon sells this framework to other devs.

JOSHUA Montoya : Now imagine a controller that can get heavier using liquid so when you pick up an object the controller gets heavier to justify the weight of it. I know that's far fetched but imagine


C.B.E.R.G.E.S. : ''I spent months coding this'' good job!

boyoboy10001 : They need Melee physics hit them with the gun and then add bats and stuff also Portal3R amiright

Wacho_Piolitax : this is going to be a step foward on the VR games... i feel it

DuNamis : If VR games can get like this and stay consistent with it, VR will take over the mainstream. I believe that!

Håvard Haarberg Eriksen : Cant you just have like thin sensor-strips for your arms , spine, and legs, so it just would be much easier and reliable to track how your body moves? Of course it would take some time to adapt to it, but if you can make it comfy enough up until the point where you cant feel it, it would revolutionize the industry. It would be like the RTX-technology, but just for VR-gaming.

itscard0man : i come back about once a month to watch this :(

The MasterYocheese : 2:28 *NICE AND STABLE*

Dan Wopp : the most complex physics i have ever seen

Keziah Reiss : This is *NUTS* I want to trial this

RyanHardt : VR is so crazy.

joachim machim : The game coder comes straight from heaven

Shehan Abid : That dialog at 1:54 kinda worries me a little.

Salmons : Those Niko sound effect tho

Micr0iX : Garry's Mod vr confirmed!

1 MIL SUBS, NO VIDEOS : Get like some platform where if u move forward, the floor moves back, so u can infinitely walk or run in any direction. It would be nice exercise

Leon : The next generation of consoles will have much more VR in mind. I can´t wait for VR to blow up real big

a literal mango : 1:51 he's begging to believe...

PKTEK : Holy. Shit.

Viktor Gavorn : More Zombies Please.

Bluxtyd : Future of gaming

Kevin Cooper : Half life 3 confirmed.

pred ator : This reminds me of that exoskeleton vr thing

Stephen Fairbanks : Buys VR system. New VR system comes out. GameStop: $40 trade in

Zeraex : Pls do it for psvr too

CadzII : omg so cool when is the game comming?

RomanceThief : my man needs a new sound designer but other than that my mind is blown

Y Khoa : made a MMORPG with this engine please! Here is my $29.99

bypetertran : man brandon ! so cool

Skele Boner : The virtual body rig is cool but for a video titled "Testing the BEST VR GUNS Ever Made!" there's very little going on with the guns themselves. Too little recoil on the Glock, far too little muzzle flip. Looks like too much recoil on the M16, 5.56 doesn't recoil that much in a full-sized rifle, but in full auto that muzzle does have a tendency to climb pretty quick if you're not used to it. MP5 looks alright, 9x19 out of a giant steel subgun doesn't really move that much so the recoil present works. No actual gun handling is shown aside from shooting, though. What about reloads, how are those being handled? Are the handling quirks of individual guns going to be modeled in any detail, things like the bolt hold open and subsequent HK slap on the MP5, or the bolt release on the side of the M16? Are there going to be any failures to contend with? I know this is a tech demo, but you make the claim that these are the "best VR guns" in the title, so you invite that kind of criticism.

Riaz The Nerd : this is some next level shit hook me up and i will die happy!!!

Ee Jj : what's the game's name??

jenst : zero caliber took the first place for best weapons

Bluemanzee : VR may not be the best market atm, but people like Brandon are very much helping it's progress. This looks fantastic

Jacen Spampinato : The future

Jahwemars : This Is Amazing

Prodigy Deadwyler : Best vr game

OneZeroOne : Gun Gale Online Game seems to be on the way ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ I Hope they do the Sword Art Online game next (◕(エ)◕)

spinakker : "VR should be better than the real world" Well said!

Kyle Phillip : GGO in 2018

Beau RJF : Whats this game called it looks so good

thealexguy1 : So garrys mod vr is going to be a thing?! Can't wait!

zigZagz TwitchTV : *AMEN*

EngiYoutube : That’s straight up amazing Brandon seems to really get what people want from VR, to just have an experience that truly feels and acts real first, then adds gameplay on top of that

N1xe. : When You realize its an april fools prank.

Morgow : My biggest concern here is multiplayer networking. How many players could you possibly play with using this framework?

Sentry : Looks like Onward VR

Verruckt Soul : This is fucking amazing but I just want to know one thing: Is there bullet travel time?