Testing The BEST VR GUNS Ever Made!

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Paul Karyakos : Holy. Shit.

Stephen Fairbanks : Buys VR system. New VR system comes out. GameStop: $40 trade in

Ayoub Thaifa : i was drooling while watching this <3 amazing work

NOBLE's Makings : I hope they make VR gloves instead of those joystick things

GWO Slint : Don't let the wrong person get there hands on this the police gonna arrest them for VR crime.

Victory : "VR should be better than the real world" - this is the type of shit that someone says who's going to take things to the next level.

Deez Nutz : Sell the demo to fund finishing the game! It looks leaps and bounds better than most VR games released.

眩暈夢 : Cool. Will wait about 1 more decade for VR to get its kinks worked out and then enjoy the library of 5 really good games at an affordable price.

Louie Coronica : Wow

Salmons : Those Niko sound effect tho

aussj4link : "It can't be a step backwards" FINALLY someone gets it!

CHEESYnachoMAN : PLEASE RELEASE THIS! I really wanna play it! I would pay to play it lol

CHEESYnachoMAN : Gary's Mod VR^?!

Not_Cyanide : i cant tell if its an april fools joke or the real deal

schwifty : So this will be the future which always being in a virtual world inside a virtual world

Sak : Half Life 3 confirmed??

Juuster : Just needs some work on the recoil


MRElidoesMC : If this an h3vr had a baby.... best gun game in vr

Wacho_Piolitax : this is going to be a step foward on the VR games... i feel it

Raevial : I'm really curious how vr will look in 10 years

iCrystalaxy Cat : Ain't that Division background music?

Rouben : Is there a way to buy this?

sandro silagadze : This is genius.

Dan Wopp : the most complex physics i have ever seen

Frederik H : What about Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand-grenades. 100 times more guns, with the same or better functionality

Deesilsnarf : please tel me i can get this now i need it please i dont want to wait

LeD`s Mast3r : What’s the name of this game

Djarko : Imagine this in arma 3 world...Or pubg...

FLYERBEK : Half Life 3

Silver : *wut*

Martin Nikolov : I smell rainbow six siege vr in the next 5 years

Grumpy ol' Asian : YES! Innovation! I love it!

josha.b doge 2 : This would be dope as a PVP Multiplayer game!~

Ze Games : I really hope Brandon sells this framework to other devs.

Reo shuレオ周 : in my opinion, the recoil of the gun is WAY to fast

LUCKY : Ready player one is a step closer to reality

Edospher : Reminds me of Deadshot frome Suicide Squad :D

Notnert Snommis : I know that I probably know nothing in this area, but would there be a way to make the damage physics-based? Like measuring the force of the bullets to damage the zombies, which could also allow you to whack them with... well, anything.

schwifty : Damn that is the best thing ever keep it up,i would not like the vr fail like 3d did,by such an awesome work I don't think it will fail

André Marion : Its coolest thing I`ve ever seen!

derek butler : I fill like d would be a good cop

Threaglon : A VR shooter where you actually have arms, thats pretty sweet

RoastMasterZ : Only if you were able to reload the guns on Ur own

Nimso Ny : Damn it Brandon once again you're beating me to perfect VR... Stop it, you're too good! I haven't gotten Cross arms working properly yet, but I have got shoulders, neck and chest twisting to a more natural standard, I guess it doesn't help that I have a humanised Mario model for my current VR tech demo. :P

Marctheripper 75 : im in heaven right now.....thats the biggest gaming wish i had in my entire life🤩🤩🤩

Sumit : We take the basic concepts when designing a simulation from the real world ( base simulation). Hypothetically every simulation inside a simulation then is a trimmed down version of the base simulation ? Taking the memory constraints into perspective.

windy : BR in this POGCHAMP

Preston Nguyen : so you guys making half life 3 in VR?

FrankDaTank1218 : You could use that "reward you for moving at slo mo pace" system to make better melee. Make melee weapons have a max speed, heavier the weapon, slower the speed. If you move faster than optimal, the damage is nerfed. This could make melee have weighier feel.