Testing The BEST VR GUNS Ever Made!

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Ayoub Thaifa : i was drooling while watching this <3 amazing work

Chief nut : 3:53

aussj4link : "It can't be a step backwards" FINALLY someone gets it!

boyoboy10001 : They need Melee physics hit them with the gun and then add bats and stuff also Portal3R amiright


schwifty : So this will be the future which always being in a virtual world inside a virtual world

James Bowling : is there anywhere i can download this demo?


Raevial : I'm really curious how vr will look in 10 years

LUCKY : Ready player one is a step closer to reality

PKTEK : Holy. Shit.

Sophisticated Dinosaur : Asian dude is so stylish he understands the point, he gets it, right at the end of his first go on it he throws his gun up and catches it, he's loving the matrix/coolguy powers. I love seeing people who just intrinsically understand coolness on that kind of level.

JOSHUA Montoya : Now imagine a controller that can get heavier using liquid so when you pick up an object the controller gets heavier to justify the weight of it. I know that's far fetched but imagine

Frederik H : What about Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand-grenades. 100 times more guns, with the same or better functionality

Reo shuレオ周 : in my opinion, the recoil of the gun is WAY to fast

Salmons : Those Niko sound effect tho

C.B.E.R.G.E.S. : ''I spent months coding this'' good job!

josha.b doge 2 : This would be dope as a PVP Multiplayer game!~

Djarko : Imagine this in arma 3 world...Or pubg...

DAMK : "Vr should be better than the real world" 💯

FLYERBEK : Half Life 3

Mochi Mochi : WOOOOAH WOOOOOAH Fuckin’ cringelord

Marctheripper 75 : im in heaven right now.....thats the biggest gaming wish i had in my entire life🤩🤩🤩

Ee Jj : what's the game's name??

RoastMasterZ : Only if you were able to reload the guns on Ur own

Dan Wopp : the most complex physics i have ever seen

Dreadp1r4te : Let's just hope it doesn't force us to use pansy automatic reloading. I want to manually slide a mag in and pull the charging handle!

Rouben : Is there a way to buy this?

RyanHardt : VR is so crazy.

Ancorus : is there any way to download this?

Wacho_Piolitax : this is going to be a step foward on the VR games... i feel it

Deesilsnarf : please tell me i can get this now i need it please i dont want to wait

RoZa : i hate it when people make noises while are playing a game so annoying and no point, the game makes the gunshot sounds for you

Edospher : Reminds me of Deadshot frome Suicide Squad :D

EFax ReviewAndGames : What will this be called?

Stephen Fairbanks : Buys VR system. New VR system comes out. GameStop: $40 trade in

Djargen : A VR shooter where you actually have arms, thats pretty sweet

Dylan's Echo : Wcshh intensifies

Preston Nguyen : so you guys making half life 3 in VR?

Cheesecake : Amazing job Brandon this will be the best VR guns just by the looks of it but I have two questions will it have snap turn and in the gift of duck season wood said 261 days when that's opened will this come out?

schwifty : Damn that is the best thing ever keep it up,i would not like the vr fail like 3d did,by such an awesome work I don't think it will fail

i forgot to take my meds : the sad thing is that we can't ever play this demo because if it was released people would reverse engineer it and sell it without stresslevelzero making any money.

André Marion : Its coolest thing I`ve ever seen!

1 MIL SUBS, NO VIDEOS : Get like some platform where if u move forward, the floor moves back, so u can infinitely walk or run in any direction. It would be nice exercise

Skele Boner : The virtual body rig is cool but for a video titled "Testing the BEST VR GUNS Ever Made!" there's very little going on with the guns themselves. Too little recoil on the Glock, far too little muzzle flip. Looks like too much recoil on the M16, 5.56 doesn't recoil that much in a full-sized rifle, but in full auto that muzzle does have a tendency to climb pretty quick if you're not used to it. MP5 looks alright, 9x19 out of a giant steel subgun doesn't really move that much so the recoil present works. No actual gun handling is shown aside from shooting, though. What about reloads, how are those being handled? Are the handling quirks of individual guns going to be modeled in any detail, things like the bolt hold open and subsequent HK slap on the MP5, or the bolt release on the side of the M16? Are there going to be any failures to contend with? I know this is a tech demo, but you make the claim that these are the "best VR guns" in the title, so you invite that kind of criticism.

Y Khoa : made a MMORPG with this engine please! Here is my $29.99

Kyle Phillip : GGO in 2018

James Nattrass : I know rocket jump and node are separate but.. You should re-create the LAW/Brian-D scene with the grenade in VR (First episode)

Jahwemars : This Is Amazing

Nimso Ny : Damn it Brandon once again you're beating me to perfect VR... Stop it, you're too good! I haven't gotten Cross arms working properly yet, but I have got shoulders, neck and chest twisting to a more natural standard, I guess it doesn't help that I have a humanised Mario model for my current VR tech demo. :P