Exploring an Old Hidden Mine Tunnel and a Beautiful Cove | Explore With Norm
I Explored an Old Mine Tunnel and a Beautiful Cove

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In this video, I give you guys a tour of one of Random Island's most interesting locations: a spooky mine tunnel from the 1800s. And then take you for a ride on ATV to a very nice nearby cove. Enjoy! Feel free to like, comment, and subscribe for more RIN! #scary #abandoned #mine email : lordnezazor@gmail.com Wanna send me stuff in the mail? PO: BOX 1 Hickman's Harbour, Random Island, Trinity Bay, Newfoundland A0C1P0 Social Medias: https://twitter.com/nezazor https://www.instagram.com/randomislan..


WishMeLuck MetalDetecting : Nice exploration! Thank you for sharing!

Tag-Team Recoveries : Very nice and well done there, Really cool vid buddy :) Thanks for sharing ATB

Harry K's Adventure : Really cool tunnel I found one of them in the states. It was an old mining town on one of my videos. Really enjoyed the ATV ride. All the best my friend

Wallace Vivian's Adventures : that was cool thanks for the tour

will love : Good job on all the vids,throw in a tune now and then, bonus

Diggin The Rock : You have to show me this place sometime! :-)

Discovery Planet : That tunnel looks sketchy as **** ! Thanks for the tour. Catch ya on the next one

oldtimerocker52 : man i hope you could see better than we could the only time i could see anything was when the camera was like inches away from the walls.

CutterSpaulding1 : deadly video

RandomIslandNorm : It was black as tar in there. 😦