7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About the Justice League

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Skrekgivesmelife : George Miller was going to direct?...dam that writers strike

centpushups : 3:53 Freaking Aquaman has a shower over his head. Got to keep him moist

Black Ice : Dc is a better comic series but marvel is better at movies, except for dark knight

Before The Credits : I really hope the movie doesn't disappoint, I just want my Flash movie. That is it WB, keep making them until my Flash movie.

Rodney Roque : No Starro!? Blasphemy!

Zer0dog : Why is Martian Manhunter not in the DCEU?

BladeWinters : That "I'm rich" comment is almost as good as in Justice League War when GL asked Batman "You're not just some guy in a bat costume are you?" and Batman just smiled back

Lorcan Dorier : You should do a 7 things about Austin Powers!

Batman Jr. : I just can't believe people (including me) are hoping Justice League will be good and doesn't disappoint, less than a week away. I mean I'm seeing it, and I really hope it's good, but I've been fooled by DC twice before.

? ? : I wish the flash would Be better than the flash they have I love the suit and also I liked Martian Man Hunter than cyborg. Cyborg is fit for the teen titans

Speedy Gunz : You know when you said, "7 Things You Didn't Know About Crossroads..." I swear, for a split second, I perked up because I thought you were talking about the excellent movie with Ralph Macchio. You then followed up with "15th anniversary" and I thought, "wait a minute. Crossroads is older than..." and then cut to a clip with Britney, Zoe and Taryn. I quietly uttered, "ooohh..." and slowly sank back into my chair.

MrJohnny583 : Stan Lee is the biggest thief in comic history.

Ryan Spees : I want to see 7 things wrong with Crossroads...

Mr IY : I am going to do an Indian Friends version of Justice League. Scripting in process🙌 Preparing to create my "team"

canturgan : I don't know anything about any of this.

Daniel Appleton : Someone should do some research & bring *Doom Patrol* to the big screen. They're more like a Marvel superhero team than a DC one, but they're strangely likable.

Sorzin : 1947 Human Torch is completely different from 1961 human torch and the former has entered the Public Domain.

Six pieds sur terre : I mean, you know, an episode on Ocean's Eleven would be nice

CoolTrainer: VaultBoy-39 : Crossroads? Ain't that the movie with Ralph Maachio going cross country to learn blues guitar?

Mitch Megaw : The JLA / Avengers book is worth it for all the extras but you can still find the original 4 issues for a LOT less than the hardcover edition. Also, Gardner Fox was a creator of BOTH the Society and the League. Boom! Bonus thing!

kirby march Barcena : Let's hope this won't disappoint..

Six Beer Math : Crossroads with Steve Vai and the karate kid??! .....oh. Boo. Boo to the Britney crossroads.

Matthew Craig : I've wanted a Justice League movie for my entire life... and now that one is just 3 days away, I find that I couldn't care less. Maybe they'll be able to take another crack at it down the road.

HandeToon : Lame? Oh c'mon! Those Stan Lee cameos are hilarious.

Boco Corwin : Not much hype for this movie. Or promotion. Makes me sketch.

YCCCm7 : I hate to say... This movie looks like crap. I hate to say that, because honestly, if DC started getting further on par, we'd have more entertainment, which is always good. But god damn, those cyborg effects make me die inside. Those would be great... for a 2005 movie, maybe. And I think cyborg is a fucking cool as hell superhero.

Douglas Matott : It wasn’t Justice League Or the society of justice it was the doom patrol from DC Comics that came out first

Gigi Villalobos : I’d still prefer Superfriends.

NukeMarine : Surprised you talked about Marvel as much as you did but not mention that Marvel basically copied the Justice League under the group name "Squadron Supreme" back in 1971 to allow Avengers to legally battle the Justice League. Squadron Supreme had a 12 issue mini-series run in 1985 that basically tells the story DC now is telling in it's Injustice series. Also, there was a Marvel MAX variant titled "Supreme Power" penned by J. Michael Straczynski of Babylon 5 fame (and also has writer credit on the first Thor movie). Supreme Power has stronger parallels to the modern take on the Justice League.

Dwight Schrute 2.0 : 3 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!! My life will be complete #JLHYPE

Cosplay 101 : Martian manhunter is goat

Gabriel Campos : Justice League it's out tomorrow here in Brazil. Oooyah

haaseerabo : Am I the only one who liked justice league? It might just be that I’m not a hardcore dc fan but I didn’t think it was bad?

Vegetarian Soylent-Green : Harkening back to the George Miller thing: I think one problem DC's had with their films (with all due respect) is that they keep using Zack Snyder to make almost all of them: One of the reasons I liked many of the lead-up films to the Avengers was that they were all kind of unique in style (not so much in plot though): because they all had different directors. They would've gotten kind of tiresome if Joss Whedon did every single film, nothing would feel fresh and characters would end up feeling less unique. Even then, on the rare occasions when DC's had directors other than Zack Snyder; they're not always well-known or very experienced (at least not After Man of Steel was made). Which wouldn't be that much of a problem (as problematic as it sounds): Except they all seem like they're being forced to copy Zack Snyder on some level, which won't work because: A) Why have someone try to Copy Snyder when you already have Snyder, who can do it better? And B) Any raw talent that director had is wasted as they are unable to apply their own individual artistic style. Meanwhile, Marvel is still getting different directors for each film, looking towards those who are already big names like Jon Favreau, Kenneth Brannagh, Edgar Wright (even though he didn't end up working with them), Taika Waititi and many more. They just need to step outside of their comfort zone a little, but with a whole foot, not a toe. It may be a little late for them to have Miller's Justice League: but definitely try to get him back for a different film and give him creative freedom. Also they need to think about their casting choices a bit better; I think Ben Affleck did pretty good as Batman, Gal Gadot did really good as Wonder Woman, Henry Cavil was a great Superman and Margot Robbie was a great Harley Quinn (and other people have had vastly different opinions about these four) but... ...Jared Leto isn't the Joker, as much as I love the stud, because I know he can act but something was off there. More to the point: giving him tatts and grilles just deviated from his essence: the Joker is a homicidal clown, not an Instagram gangster. I'm all for different adaptations and I appreciate them trying new things; but don't kowtow to big trends, if you don't completely understand the characters yet: don't make feature-length films about them. I mean: I don't remember Leto's Joker even making a single Joke. Sorry, I know people work hard on these films, that's just my two cents.

131kidflash : can't wait for justice league🙉🙊

Slappy Guy : It’s funny that marvel and DC seem to not have any problems with each other, but the fans want to murder each other if someone disagrees

Best Kinda Mess : marvel fanboy much???

nunya business muthafucka : Chris Webby is lit

Aidan McAlevy : Honestly I was 10 times as excited for a CB movie like Logan that Justice League.

Harlan Siegel : I want to see 7 Things You Didn't Know About Crossroads (the Ralph Macchio and Steve Vai 1986 blues film)!

Serpentaria : How come no Lovecraft movies?

Zarina A113 : With the current horror trend, I'd actually love to see a JL movie where they fight Starro. They'd definitely make him a creepy mind controlling \ slime monster thing like *insert any of the freaky film creatures you can think of here*. It would be like superhero horror film and that sounds downright fantastic. I think they might do that since DC is dark like that.

dub2459 : Watching a DC movie is like sleeping with a prostitute,you know you can do better but hey it was cheap and available.

Two-Face : Will be waaaaaaay better then the Borevengers

Jason V : man of steel made money lol

durban durban : 1:42 Saitama

GLeeM : If we don't get a Martian Manhunter in the dceu I swear to god...

Mark Lennon Ladroma : DCEU for the win. JL makes superhero movies turn7 to the next level

DeadEdd : Wow, so what you're saying is... Fanboys can simmer down about OH MY LAWD DC IS PLAYING CATCH UPPPPP... Since DC was already in the works to make a JL film back in 2007? Cool...

Patrick Froysland : I️ learned at least two things in this video, and I️ consider myself knowledgeable about comics. Well done, guys.