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In this episode of 'Price Points', Epicurious challenges hot sauce expert Noah Chaimberg of Heatonist to guess which one of two hot sauces is more expensive. From Mexican hot sauces to vinegar based ones, Noah taste tests and then breaks down some of the most flavorful and spicy hot sauces we could find. Still haven’t subscribed to Epicurious on YouTube? ►► ABOUT EPICURIOUS Browse thousands of recipes and videos from Bon Appétit, Gourmet, and more. Find inventive cooking ideas, ingredients, and restaurant menus from the world’s largest food archive. Hot Sauce Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Hot Sauce | Price Points | Epicurious


Dream Promkunya : This guy is next level. "Oh, I just ate a very spicy hot sauce. Let me cool my mouth down with Sriracha"

Allen Pacheco : Husband: hot sauce expert Wife: professional sunflower seed de-sheller Our budget: 2.9million

DRK0114 : he's eaten so much hot sauce in his life, it turned his hair red

KarmaEquilibrium's power : can we have tea expert please

yin shian Ng : What I want to know is WHO PAINTS THE BACKDROPS FOR THESE VIDEOS? They are always brilliant!

catbeara : The water made it worse. *I should have known.*

ThePopushi : "that's a nice nostril burn" ah yes. what a wonderful feeling, pain :')

Baki József : *He needs some milk*

Chris Moeller : "I'm just going to have a little bit of this hot sauce to cool down." LMFAO. Hot sauce expert logic.

Ankur Satpute : Give this man the ice cream from the previous episode

j0epark1 : Can we all take a moment to appreciate the art that’s on the chalkboard?

Ricardo Santos : can you review cheap water vs expensve waterz ploz=?


Gage Fraw : Close your eyes and he turns into John Mulaney.

Harmon Heat : This guy also helped to produce one of the coolest sauces ( only 1000 bottles made), it was called 10^32 Kelvin. It was designed by General Electric and made by Heatonist. You can get one on EBay for about $400!

FANtasy222 : 18:13 little did he know he was the subject of the prank 😂😂😂


Stuart Blair : Someone hook me up with a name for the peppercorn Asian sauce. Sounded amazing.

MrTheTomahawk : Hot sauce expert (Red head caucasian) Lemme click on this.....

robobroski : super hot sauce A has to be da bomb beyond insanity. seen too much hot ones to believe otherwise

Dean Fukawa : Is there a way to get a list of the products being tested? Inquiring minds want to know.

Pâwastêw Head : This series has definitely become one of my all time favourites. Even if you’re watching an episode about something you aren’t a huge fan of, you enjoy listening to what they have to say. It’s the true passion for their craft, that is truly memorizing !!

My Friend Aj : Cheese girl was blonde, chocolate girl was brunette, hot sauce guy is ginger. No way this is coincidence.

Audrey Vargas : It would be fun to watch a makeup expert guess cheap and expensive products based on the formula.

Novis : 22 minutes of a guy eating hot sauce

GamePhysics : 3:50 the prices are already showing but have been blurred out. Hmm...

Buzz Blackburn : So you don''t identify ANY of the sauces? Damn...

lawna kate : Why does he sound like John mulaney like if he was actually a mortal human being from this time period

docOld55 : I'd love to know the Scoville scores on those last 2.

Bill McPherson : Am I the only one who would like to know what hot sauces he's tasting? How about a link the the description.

The S1p3r : I'm eating my grandmas homemade jalapeno salsa while watching this

BOYancy Effect : The fact that he still managed to provide detailed explanation and critique after suffering from the heat really shows how much of an expert he is :)

Quentin Styger : This guy needs to do Hot Ones with Shaun Evans.

legnd300 : must've tasted "The Bomb" at the end lmao

Rafael C Teodoro : What a painfull choice of expertise

Mp57navy : Heh. The flavor described in the superhot sauces A matches DaBomb.

☽ аиаѕтаsіо ☾ : Which one of y'all at Epicurious is sadistic enough to give him superhot sauces at the end lmao

Carven Clabau : the way he said "I've should have known" was priceless xD

CerealPirate : Hot sauce expert. Drinks water instead of milk. Allrighty. Aside from that he actually wad very entertaining and informative

Yonekuni Madarame : No Jamaican jerk??? Its incredible. Actually, the Caribbean in general has amazing hot sauces

T B : Can we have this man on Hot Ones?

MyEnemy : You guys didn't have any milk ready?

Mike Avery : It would have been great to find out who the winners were.

Headshot HatTrick : *This man got lost in the sauce*

Nicole Lopez : wish they would show the brands of hot sauces

thedubiousbaker : Whoever does the chalkboard art should be credited. If not a whole episode on them, show their name and instagram or whatever. It's amazing work. Also I love this series. You should have another cheese episode with Liz!

sofi salas : Ahv que cualquier mexicano con gastritis lo adivina 🤷🏼‍♀️ just sayin'

Scarlett Felix : He sounds exactly like John mulany. If they had a podcast i would not follow properly

Britt G. : Wow the artwork in the back looks amazing!