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Michael Wade : I would have liked a little more introduction regarding who he is and what makes him a hot sauce expert.

Mr P : Husband: hot sauce expert Wife: professional sunflower seed de-sheller Our budget: 2.9million

Amy : I love all these experts. They're humble, clearly passionate about what they do, and so informative.

Kaden L : I bet he’s also a Diarrhea expert

Dream Promkunya : This guy is next level. "Oh, I just ate a very spicy hot sauce. Let me cool my mouth down with Sriracha"

Ankur Satpute : Give this man the ice cream from the previous episode

We The Animals : I wish they would've included the *names of the brands* here! :/

Can we get 69696 subscribers with no videos : NEXT VIDEO: *Wine expert guesses cheap vs expensive wines*

Ricardo Santos : can you review cheap water vs expensve waterz ploz=?

Mr.Anonymous : Do a video on cheap vs expensive cologne

BOYancy Effect : The fact that he still managed to provide detailed explanation and critique after suffering from the heat really shows how much of an expert he is :)

ThePopushi : "that's a nice nostril burn" ah yes. what a wonderful feeling, pain :')

Leonard Lee : At first I was all like come on. Now you're milking this series. But this was genuinely interesting and super fun to watch. I'm so naive when it comes to this type of stuff. So many factors to take into consideration and lots of insight that he gave. Really amazing job.

Audrey Vargas : It would be fun to watch a makeup expert guess cheap and expensive products based on the formula.

k a y l e e : Oh my god. he sounds _EXACTLY_ like John Mulaney.

Moxie Beast ASMR : i wouldn't have thought you could do this with hot sauce!! :D i love this series soooo much.

Baki József : *He needs some milk*

Orauk : I would bet money that A in the last round was Da Bomb. That stuff is disgusting and isn't meant for taste. It just burns your throat as soon as it touches it. There is no payoff with that sauce.

SonofJorEl : @epicurious you should do one of these with a beer expert!

Katastrophecy : Where's my Sean Evans from Hot Ones cameo?

Hailee Steinfeld - Topic : What do you want to be when you grow up? *Shows video.*

Boris Lestsov : Next please: Audio Expert Guesses Low Bitrate Audio vs Hi-Res Audio. That would be hilarious.

Haley Marino : Does anyone else want to know what brands they are? Whenever i watch these videos I just want to know which ones I should buy.

Mario Salinas : I think I can listen to this guy talk about hot sauce all day

GamePhysics : 3:50 the prices are already showing but have been blurred out. Hmm...

HitThatFatDab : My mouth was watering the entire video... anyone else?

James Lee : Imagine if these experts are just random people that reads off a script

justen sr : This guy also helped to produce one of the coolest sauces ( only 1000 bottles made), it was called 10^32 Kelvin. It was designed by General Electric and made by Heatonist. You can get one on EBay for about $400!

Mcaidanwolf 17 : ANY HOT ONES FANS?

Chris Moeller : "I'm just going to have a little bit of this hot sauce to cool down." LMFAO. Hot sauce expert logic.

Mo V : What he should test is homemade vs store bought

Novis : 22 minutes of a guy eating hot sauce

catbeara : The water made it worse. *I should have known.*

FANtasy222 : 18:13 little did he know he was the subject of the prank 😂😂😂

KarmaEquilibrium's power : can we have tea expert please

Gothai : This man is hot sauce 😏

jomsart : gargle with oil if you want to get rid of the heat on your mouth. capsaicin is oil soluble.

yin shian Ng : What I want to know is WHO PAINTS THE BACKDROPS FOR THESE VIDEOS? They are always brilliant!

Candi Soda : Soo I'm guessing Hot Sauce experts probably don't take too keenly towards Tobasco sauce?

Prosperity Gruesome : Honestly I would take a weak hot sauce with a lot of flavor over a balance I just love the flavor the spices bring to it not the heat sometimes it’s nice in certain dishes though

The S1p3r : I'm eating my grandmas homemade jalapeno salsa while watching this

Sammy Ingle : He's a way cute ginger boy ;-)

Fake JerJer King : I wish they have put same price but different brand and different variety. I bet he wouldnt guess it

mms0011 : I love watching him struggle at the end.

j0epark1 : Can we all take a moment to appreciate the art that’s on the chalkboard?

SolidWaifu : can we get this guy on Hot Ones QnA?

Tylly B : Can we have this man on Hot Ones?

Agent Fluffy : Ok but who tf decides they want to be a hot sauce expert

Loddentidster : Missed opportunity to get Sean Evans.

coolenaam : hot daddy