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Michael Wade : I would have liked a little more introduction regarding who he is and what makes him a hot sauce expert.

ThePopushi : "that's a nice nostril burn" ah yes. what a wonderful feeling, pain :')

DRK0114 : he's eaten so much hot sauce in his life, it turned his hair red

Mr P : Husband: hot sauce expert Wife: professional sunflower seed de-sheller Our budget: 2.9million

Amy : I love all these experts. They're humble, clearly passionate about what they do, and so informative.

Ankur Satpute : Give this man the ice cream from the previous episode

Dream Promkunya : This guy is next level. "Oh, I just ate a very spicy hot sauce. Let me cool my mouth down with Sriracha"

KarmaEquilibrium's power : can we have tea expert please

Gerald Graven : Its satisfying that his hair color suits his profession so well

FANtasy222 : 18:13 little did he know he was the subject of the prank 😂😂😂

BOYancy Effect : The fact that he still managed to provide detailed explanation and critique after suffering from the heat really shows how much of an expert he is :)

catbeara : The water made it worse. *I should have known.*

Baki József : *He needs some milk*

Ricardo Santos : can you review cheap water vs expensve waterz ploz=?

j0epark1 : Can we all take a moment to appreciate the art that’s on the chalkboard?

Mr.Anonymous : Do a video on cheap vs expensive cologne

Audrey Vargas : It would be fun to watch a makeup expert guess cheap and expensive products based on the formula.

Mcaidanwolf 17 : ANY HOT ONES FANS?

Chris Moeller : "I'm just going to have a little bit of this hot sauce to cool down." LMFAO. Hot sauce expert logic.

Moxie Beast ASMR : i wouldn't have thought you could do this with hot sauce!! :D i love this series soooo much.

Boris Lestsov : Next please: Audio Expert Guesses Low Bitrate Audio vs Hi-Res Audio. That would be hilarious.

justen sr/ Harmon Heat : This guy also helped to produce one of the coolest sauces ( only 1000 bottles made), it was called 10^32 Kelvin. It was designed by General Electric and made by Heatonist. You can get one on EBay for about $400!

GamePhysics : 3:50 the prices are already showing but have been blurred out. Hmm...

SonofJorEl : @epicurious you should do one of these with a beer expert!

Hailee Steinfeld - Topic : What do you want to be when you grow up? *Shows video.*

Sammy Ingle : He's a way cute ginger boy ;-)

Rafael C Teodoro : What a painfull choice of expertise

Prosperity Gruesome : Honestly I would take a weak hot sauce with a lot of flavor over a balance I just love the flavor the spices bring to it not the heat sometimes it’s nice in certain dishes though

Scarlett Felix : He sounds exactly like John mulany. If they had a podcast i would not follow properly

ItalianMafiaman22 : Get this guy on hot ones

Max Poole : Join us tomorrow morning where we will, once again, check out the burn.

ChihiroOh : Love this series and all these experts! Can we make suggestions for a next video? I would love to see: -tea -wine -pastry -liquor

Novis : 22 minutes of a guy eating hot sauce

yin shian Ng : What I want to know is WHO PAINTS THE BACKDROPS FOR THESE VIDEOS? They are always brilliant!

jomsart : gargle with oil if you want to get rid of the heat on your mouth. capsaicin is oil soluble.

Gothai : This man is hot sauce 😏

The S1p3r : I'm eating my grandmas homemade jalapeno salsa while watching this

Gage Fraw : Close your eyes and he turns into John Mulaney.

rianmilit : Oh, yeah he is a hot, saucy expert, all right.

No Name : i bet his beard was darker before he became Hot Sauce Expert.

Britt G. : Wow the artwork in the back looks amazing!

DeathWish808 : Hot Ones Yeah, this is the guy behind the scenes with Sean.

Headshot HatTrick : *This man got lost in the sauce*

Agent Fluffy : Ok but who tf decides they want to be a hot sauce expert

Loddentidster : Missed opportunity to get Sean Evans.

Max Poole : If you enjoyed this search 'Adam Pacitti chilli sauce.'

T B : Can we have this man on Hot Ones?

Clockwork Girl : Get a wine expert next!

mms0011 : I love watching him struggle at the end.

Josh : _I should've known_