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Michael Wade : I would have liked a little more introduction regarding who he is and what makes him a hot sauce expert.

Hailee Steinfeld - Topic : What do you want to be when you grow up? *Shows video.*

Salmon Fish : Imagine how insulted you will be if you called yourself a hot sauce and someone straight up uses you to cool down instead. That's one hell of a burn

Aaron D : You guys are telling me you shot a hot sauce video and didn't have milk on tap?

Pepsi Puppy : This guy even looks like a hot sauce

Ankur Satpute : Give this man the ice cream from the previous episode

We The Animals : I wish they would've included the *names of the brands* here! :/

Willie Zhang : In regards to the blurring at 3:50, look at the sauce on the right. Skip 10 seconds to 4:04 and notice how there is more sauce inside. Clearly, the small segment around 3:50 was taken AFTER he already predicted the prices correctly but the editors thought it would be better to put that bit in before the reveal. He talks about the smell/aromas which is pretty important information. So to all the people wondering, and specifically the haters saying "it's all a conspiracy", pay attention to details before making a fuss or embarrassing yourself in the comment section. It's just how the edited the video.

Kaden L : I bet he’s also a Diarrhea expert

some cunning linguist : This guy sounds like an under cover John Mullaney

BOYancy Effect : The fact that he still managed to provide detailed explanation and critique after suffering from the heat really shows how much of an expert he is :)

StovePipe Battleaxe : Where's the list of which sauces were used?? I'm actually angered that you didn't provide the names of the sauces.

Can we get 69696 subscribers with no videos : NEXT VIDEO: *Wine expert guesses cheap vs expensive wines*

Orauk : I would bet money that A in the last round was Da Bomb. That stuff is disgusting and isn't meant for taste. It just burns your throat as soon as it touches it. There is no payoff with that sauce.

Patrick Jones : LoL! I think the one he says tasted like a tire burned out is Da Bomb

Moxie Beast ASMR : i wouldn't have thought you could do this with hot sauce!! :D i love this series soooo much.

Lycaon 1765p : was B in round 1 Valentina.

Leonard Lee : At first I was all like come on. Now you're milking this series. But this was genuinely interesting and super fun to watch. I'm so naive when it comes to this type of stuff. So many factors to take into consideration and lots of insight that he gave. Really amazing job.

Katastrophecy : Where's my Sean Evans from Hot Ones cameo?

phantom phatima : The fact that he is" Ginger " makes him even more precious

Tyler Makes Content : Mom: What do you wanna be when you grow up? Me: *HOT SAUCE EXPERT*

Cobuild : im just waiting for one of these experts to get something wrong

Nicholas Enochs : What was the white hot sauce name from the asian round? Where can I buy it?

Patrick McSwain : I used to manage a southwest-style restaurant. Over the years I bought and tasted a buttload of hot suaces. Some of them )most of them) tasted absolutely horrible, but some were really good. My favorite hot hot sauce was Dave's Insanity Sauce. Whilst it was very hot, it also had a nice flavor. I never bought any sauces hotter than that because I didn't want to kill my customers.

yin shian Ng : What I want to know is WHO PAINTS THE BACKDROPS FOR THESE VIDEOS? They are always brilliant!

Ryan Macleod : This just makes me want some fried chicken.

Subscribe Me For No Reason : Give this man the Ice cream from the previous episode

Agent Fluffy : Ok but who tf decides they want to be a hot sauce expert

wifebeater69 : wonder how this guy would do on Hot Ones

Tylly B : Can we have this man on Hot Ones?

Stefano Gomez : He must be having some demon diarrhea everyday lol

rideswithscissors : These experts _NEVER_ fail to get it right! And I like how they explain the way they come to a conclusion, it always makes sense. But may I point out that while he said that xanthan gum is not natural, that has no real meaning except that it is not a synthesized chemical. Xanthan gum is processed from fermented sugars. I think that guar gum is a better choice if you want a thicker consistancy. Cholula® has xanthan gum. I don't like hot sauce running down my chin when I bite into a taco! But most of the time I just shake this stuff onto beans and rice or cooked veggies, or add the simple ones like Tabasco® or Frank's® to soups and stews.

Mo V : What he should test is homemade vs store bought

kkawesome1234 : Who else knew the asian red hot sauce was instantly gonna be sriracha when they saw it?

Tosh T : The price reveal at the beginning of the vinegar based sauce comparison is perplexing to me. The expert wasn't too far into his assessment of bottle A so it seems they could have simply started over but why would the card covers be removed at that point in the first place? 🤔😬

Joshua Snyder : Good video, but about 10 minutes longer than needed.

Haley Marino : Does anyone else want to know what brands they are? Whenever i watch these videos I just want to know which ones I should buy.

AA15 : he will have a bad time going to the bathroom

Pepsi Puppy : What happened to the guy that was too curious? *Read more*

thedubiousbaker : Whoever does the chalkboard art should be credited. If not a whole episode on them, show their name and instagram or whatever. It's amazing work. Also I love this series. You should have another cheese episode with Liz!

The Gamer : What a boring life! Hot Sauce Expert.-_-

ItalianMafiaman22 : Get this guy on hot ones

Clockwork Girl : Get a wine expert next!

Katelyn Tu : where do they find these people

My Friend Aj : Cheese girl was blonde, chocolate girl was brunette, hot sauce guy is ginger. No way this is coincidence.

KYMNAM , : hot babes expert guess...

Supergaming101 : Is a Hot Sauce Expert still gets spicy.....

Mcaidanwolf 17 : ANY HOT ONES FANS?

Allan Dsouza : Next, dildo expert reviews cheap vs expensive dildos

Vvbb Vvbb : Plot twist, all of these "experts" are actually actors reading from a teleprompter right under the camera