First Time Killing A Queen

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Paul Otis : You sacrificed a queen to save thousands of bees. Sounds like a good plan to me. Nice job! Jim, did you have any luck at all with your swarm trap at all?

Ricky Rhoads : Good to see Littlefinger find a hobby that suits him.

Harper Wall : You did the right thing! I hope they take to the new queen well. The queen is dead, long live the queen!

Kiz zie : "I'm going to take her out... and then I'm going to take her out." lol

Wandering Bee : I'm a new beekeeper as well, and I just re-queened one of my hives due to a lack of eggs. I found it quite funny how I recently found your channel, and that we've been experiencing some of the same problems. I'm from Ontario, Canada, but it's extremely entertaining to me to watch your videos! Keep up the great editing and discussion. Love it

Enclave Officer : "Look at the flowers Queen, look at the flowers."

Alex Crocker : Talk about a buzz kill

Haseeb : Why not graphic? I came here for bloooooooood! Lol

SAW9 : Can't you just reintroduce the "Infertile" Queen into the wild? On a trip or something??

Pablo Moreno : "I'm gonna take her out, and them i'm gonna take her out." holy shit i laughed

numbertwelve : I've been told by some people to keep the old (dead) queen and put her to the cage with the new queen, so the bees think the new queen has defeated the old one, which will make them more accepting. Bee justice.

radmine : CALL PETA!!!!

John P M : Good stuff ,Killer Queen . Amazing song and from now on this shall be you. He he . Bee joke

Nadesican : Pulling the queen by hand seems like something of a clunky process. It might be easier to do in the future with a set of tweezers.

Brent : Good job, no need to be sorry..that bitch needed to die, lol. You're a rung above the normal noob, you're smart and a good student, you'll do well with bees. Thank the supplier for doing the right thing, a simple enough task but not one that all step up to so kudos to them and they gave you good advice. Lets hope this queen takes off and makes the other one look lack luster, haha. Any update on the rockstar center queen/hive?

canisfamiliaris4 : "I'm gonna take her out... and then I'm gonna take her out." lol, I see what you did there.

Ronald Huffington : Ah see now I must be the sadistic son of a b*tch cause I really wanted to watch you end her reign... But no, did it off camera, barely even seen a body. If this was a t.v. show I wouldn't even be convinced she was dead.

winged_ cat_45 : Sometimes you need to help the colony

Jack Lennox The Toucher Of Geese : As an Irishman I'm all for the killing of queens

Hungry for Apples : I'm allergic to bee stings, never been into bee hives in any way but this video is pretty fucking cool. It's very packed with knowledge and love seeing the whole process go down. Trial and error and then seeing results is what I love seeing. Keep up the uploads if you can.

khaglun : I think some dislike was from showing the kill. This is natural to do, maybe they wasn't ready for it hahaha

Jeff Cotton : Were you charged for the replacement queen? I hope your supplier did the right thing and gave the new queen to you gratis. Was the new queen a Russian also?

Evan Brisson : I'm suddenly really interested in beekeeping!

KC Nham : What if it's not the Queen's fault, and there is a varroa mite infestation?

sdhdgasd : god save the queen

Mrstefanstube1 : *CNN Breaking News* The *Russians* have *sabotaged* the *hive* , nothing is safe from them !!!!11eleven

Jyrik Morgul : She is a false quen! I spit!

Jurgen VDBerghe : you had to do what needs to be done, so you did a good thing!

Eduardo Castaneda : Bro it's okay I'm with you #NewQueenFTW

larry tornetta : I would stop feeding the strong hive and put a box of drawn comb on top then a queen excluder then your flow hive. This will give the bees time to make a super or 2 of honey for them and with luck fill your flow frames. I like the bees to have 3 brood boxes so there is no worry about having enough stores for the winter. I'm in PA and I've seen all types of winters and how they affect bees.

Gregory Serrano : Should not grab a queen with your bare hands. Unlike worker bees, she could sting you multiple times since she has a smoother stinger and trust me I know... that shit hurts. You got lucky bud. lol Either way, nice work!

Erick Fonseca : Off with her head!

Kappa Chin0 : The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.

Mi Stein : That man made coup d'etat

ibkrp_gaming : How can you till what bee is the queen

calvin broek : i wished they would do the same with lunatic heads of states....

Stephen Nicolson : The Queen is dead! Long live the Queen!!

Steven Scott : 12:23 How does the cage stick to the comb?

Malignant Osis : Mr. Bee man my recommendation to you SIR! is that next time, grabbed the queen bee, placed her in a container of your choosing, then (I am sure you do some type of driving) and release her into the wild.. I really don't see the need to kill the bee. Disclaimer, I am no bee expert.

Niki Canotas : I would have done 2 brood frames and added some nurse bees Check in 3-4 days to see if she has been released.... if not yet, release her. IMHO We had to requeen 2 hives this year Also, we in California are starting to torch our tools between hives to sterilize them

M : I find like, you could have sedated her first...that was a little bit harsh to me, but I have no idea about bee keeping. I just would not want to smash the queen.

Buddy Luck : At least she got a proper burial


Danushka Yuohan : 6:05 "I'm gonna take her out, and then I'm gonna take her out" - Vino Farm 2018

Secret King : I wish every queen ant, bee (you like jazz) wore a little crown how awesome would that be

Kevin Kaycee : is it just me who wanted to see the queen bee brutally murdered?

Mutepu Games : Hey! In future when killing queens, it is often quite useful to save them and keep them in rubbing alcohol or similar. This will eventually pick up her pheromones and you can then use it as a swarm lure, obviously adding more queens as they die! Another great video! Thanks!

Johnny The Critic : "...cut."

Luka Luka : im gonna take her out, and then im gonna take her out :D

Asterion : Game of Bees....