First Time Killing A Queen

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Vino Farm : 🐝WHY KILL THE QUEEN? WHY NOT JUST LET HER GO? This is why... The queen has only one job in the hive: She is there to lay eggs. That's it. This queen had a suitable hive and colony for 5 weeks and did not lay a single egg as far as I could see. If the queen does not lay eggs, the colony will not have new brood to replenish the dying workers and eventually (within months) the whole colony will be dead. So... the queen needs to be replaced with a NEW mated queen. BUT, you can't just put a new queen in the box because 1 of 3 things will happen... 1. The workers will see the new queen as an intruder and murder her. 2. The old queen and new queen will fight each other to the death. 3. The new queen will see a colony that already has a queen and nope right out of there and fly off. The way to have the best chance of successfully introducing a NEW queen is to first make sure the hive is queenless, let the colony realize they are queenless (after at least 4-6 hours) and then slowly introduce the NEW queen. The queenless colony should then accept her with open arms. So, why kill the old queen? You can't just let her go. Bees are very attached to their hives. You could take her across the field and let her go and she'll fly right back into the hive. (Then she'll try to kill the new queen.) So why not just drive her 5 miles away and let her go into the woods? Because a queen without a hive is a dead queen. She won't know what to do with herself. When a queen is in the hive, she's literally cleaned and fed by attendants. If she was lost in the woods, she'd be eaten by a bird or have slow lonely death. But what if she flew and found another hive?!? Well, then that hive would be right back where this hive was... It would be a hive with a non-laying queen and it would be dead in months. So she was a useless bee and the only option was to squash her. It's for the good of the hive and it's a quick painless death. RIP queen.

GeneticAlgorithm11111001000 : So, you french revolution the hive and call up for a more productive parliamentary monarchy.

mommymode1985 : That's crazy the queen is still dipping her infertile ass into the cups like she's laying eggs when she's not. Talk about trying to look busy when the boss walks by LOL

kizzy : "I'm going to take her out... and then I'm going to take her out." lol

桑田怜恩 : me, watching this video at 6:45AM: i don't even know a damn thing about bees but this fella can teach me

Ricky Rhoads : Good to see Littlefinger find a hobby that suits him.

Pine City Apiary : You sacrificed a queen to save thousands of bees. Sounds like a good plan to me. Nice job! Jim, did you have any luck at all with your swarm trap at all?

Pablo Moreno : "I'm gonna take her out, and them i'm gonna take her out." holy shit i laughed

numbertwelve : I've been told by some people to keep the old (dead) queen and put her to the cage with the new queen, so the bees think the new queen has defeated the old one, which will make them more accepting. Bee justice.

Alex Crocker : Talk about a buzz kill

Enclave Officer : "Look at the flowers Queen, look at the flowers."

Mf Tripz : Take the queen hostage and hold a ransom demanding that all honey goes to you. ocasionally give them photos of the queen bee to make sure she is ok and that the ransom is still in effect

Harper Wall : You did the right thing! I hope they take to the new queen well. The queen is dead, long live the queen!

Evan Brisson : I'm suddenly really interested in beekeeping!

Gapeys Grub : Good job! I haven't had to pinch/kill a queen yet but I'm sure it is a matter of time. Both of my hives are doing really well. I have already done one harvest from the flow hive and will probably do another one this weekend. We are in the middle of our biggest honey flow of the year so they are bringing it in fast.

No One : People who can't pay attention. Read this: "The queen had some problems cause she couldnt lay eggs. A queen bee who can't lay eggs cant survive even in the wild. Even if she manages to enter a queenless beehive, she still wouldnt be able to lay eggs cause she cant lay eggs. So either way she is still dead."

anna lee : idk why im watching im scared of bees but it s just interesting for me

Jake O'Donnell : As an Irishman I'm all for the killing of queens

canisfamiliaris4 : "I'm gonna take her out... and then I'm gonna take her out." lol, I see what you did there.

Jyrik Morgul : She is a false quen! I spit!

K McCoy : I saw the killer in his eyes when he said i'm going to take her out.

Xenia Georgallas : Imagine being killed for being infertile 😩poor gal!

Wandering Bee : I'm a new beekeeper as well, and I just re-queened one of my hives due to a lack of eggs. I found it quite funny how I recently found your channel, and that we've been experiencing some of the same problems. I'm from Ontario, Canada, but it's extremely entertaining to me to watch your videos! Keep up the great editing and discussion. Love it

Haseeb : Why not graphic? I came here for bloooooooood! Lol

Al F : 10:09 “the queen is dead” sound like a good movie or novel.

Jim Dawg : The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.

FEZ Gaming : Why kill the queen

Mutepu Games : Hey! In future when killing queens, it is often quite useful to save them and keep them in rubbing alcohol or similar. This will eventually pick up her pheromones and you can then use it as a swarm lure, obviously adding more queens as they die! Another great video! Thanks!

Kevin Kaycee : is it just me who wanted to see the queen bee brutally murdered?

Nadesican : Pulling the queen by hand seems like something of a clunky process. It might be easier to do in the future with a set of tweezers.

Eric Hui : I can’t believe I watched 20 minutes of this and subscribed

Jerry : I smoked about an hour ago and now I'm here... pls help

Hungry for Apples : I'm allergic to bee stings, never been into bee hives in any way but this video is pretty fucking cool. It's very packed with knowledge and love seeing the whole process go down. Trial and error and then seeing results is what I love seeing. Keep up the uploads if you can.

Mi Stein : That man made coup d'etat

Oliver Lu : Man didn't know a bee can be autistic too

winged_ cat_45 : Sometimes you need to help the colony

Nephilim Research : I think some dislike was from showing the kill. This is natural to do, maybe they wasn't ready for it hahaha

Luka : im gonna take her out, and then im gonna take her out :D

John P M : Good stuff ,Killer Queen . Amazing song and from now on this shall be you. He he . Bee joke

Buddy Luck : At least she got a proper burial

calvin broek : i wished they would do the same with lunatic heads of states....

sdhdgasd : god save the queen

Philip Struthers : The Queen is Dead...Long Live the Queen!

sailingsolar : I was expecting you to start crying when you killed the queen. I'm shocked you didn't.

B-dette Asitmay : Beekeeping is a sexy job. You are very manly.

Secret King : I wish every queen ant, bee (you like jazz) wore a little crown how awesome would that be

SAW9 : Can't you just reintroduce the "Infertile" Queen into the wild? On a trip or something??

radmine : CALL PETA!!!!

Yeruham the Deep-Fried Goldfish : Appropriate for Jan 5th 2019

Erick Fonseca : Off with her head!