Drain You (Live On "Nulle Part Ailleurs", Paris, France/1...
HD Live performance of Nirvana in 1994 Best quality video Ive ever seen of them blew my mind

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Best of Nirvana https://goo.gl/VfNZhY Subscribe for more https://goo.gl/3t6BF2 Music video by Nirvana performing Drain You. (C) 2013 Geffen Records


Stacy Almira : This performance doesn't look old,,just like it was yesterday ♥★;-)

CarPlanet com : Kurt's guitar crapped out just in time! Pissed him off just in time to help him belt out that killer scream.

Austin Barcala : How the heck can Pat Smear dance while playing?

Anemone : *Kurt throws guitar after it stops working* Me: How very Grunge of you

Dean Smusko : damn son, this is clearer than my future. looks like it was filmed yesterday and not in the 90's

Fishing Western Australia : didn't know axl rose had 636 youtube accounts.

Amorphous : wtf are we doing in 2018? bring this back!!!!

Fouad Dchiri : DAMN!!! His scream had me goosebumped to another dimension. EPIC STUFF BABY!

Kieron Hamilton : That scream could wake the dead 2:25

Bear Grylls : Who else came for the scream?

David Klys : Pat Smear must be one of the coolest ever 🤘🏼

Maximus Charles : They got even greater with an even tighter sound once they got Pat Smear. To have such a legendary punk rock guitarist in the band made it even cooler. Damn it really sucks he ended himself so early, so young.

Jacob Nelson : probably one of the best Nirvana songs ever

Otis Ranz : 2:27 Kurt Falls to Grand canyon :D

Sarah Loranger : best part: 0:00-3:41 I love that part <3

Mauro Olguín : - Amor qué hay para comer ? - Milanesa napolitana con fritas - 2:26

Infantryman, Airborne : Wow, you’ve made my day. I’ve never seen this before! They sound phenomenal as usual! I’ve never seen Kurt sing without his guitar. It’s so weird. This truly put a smile on my face.

Sappy : Oh Kurt, Courtney didn't deserve you.

Kevin K. : The best part of this video, besides all of it, is when Kurt's guitar takes a shit, Pat turns up the volume and just seamlessly takes the role of lead guitar. True professionalism right there.

Mateus Nascimento Silva : For the people who disliked...This is not the download button!

Gregg O'Neill : I'm a better person after watching this


SideVolt : *guitar stops working* kurt: thats not very cash money of you

Nick Terzakis : Pat Smear is the weirdest guitar player I've ever seen. The way he moves looks like he belongs in the Charlie Brown Christmas special when all of the kids are dancing.

Luca La Paglia : So strange to see him sing without a guitar

Kizark Cowboy : Q:Rock star definition. A:Kurt Cobain.

trapterboss : 0:33 Kurt plays the wrong chord and goes up a fret to play the right one lol

Jefferson Henrique : Pat Smear looks like '94 Maradona hahaha

warguy403 : So strange to see kurt singing without a guitar in hand

ONLY A STRANGER : 2:27 the best scream

Ed Argo : El mismo "emputamiento" de Kurt por el sonido es (creo yo) lo que hace que haya gritado de tal manera, tan perfecta y tan chingona, nótese que tiene pedos con el sonido entre el minuto 1:56 y el 2:00 y termina por arrojar la guitarra contra el suelo y concentrarse en el grito, una situación inesperada trajo esta versión tan poquísima madre de Drain You (si no saben español me vale verga, jódanse ja ja ja)

Bruno Lima Lobo : I felt he got very unsettled after his guitar stopped working. His voice got more agressive, his scream was a portrait of his frustration.

Julien Gomez : Ce live, je l'ai vu en direct (à la tv). Ce jour là (4 février 1994) j'étais collé au lycée Institut Lemonnier à Caen (on était souvent collé là-bas) pile à l'heure de ce live que j'attendais depuis des jours. J'ai prétexté un rendez-vous chez le dentiste pour pouvoir voir ce moment mémorable de Nulle part ailleurs. Et je ne le regrette pas ; évidemment...

puff mango from '08 : kurt looks so naked on stage without a guitar

toxic turtle rug : Its so werid seeing kurt without his gutair and singing

Birdienumnum : He did a lot to make himself look unattractive, but under the stringy hair was a gorgeous face and eyes.

Elie • : How tf does this have such good quality

Maddison Williams : I have a celebrity crush on a dead person 😭

SoundMuzak : Compare Kurt's guitar tone vs Pat's guitar tone: 1:02 vs 2:42. Kurt's is so unique.

ernesto a : Somehow this looks like it was recorded and uploaded in 2013. Amazing performance as always

Hello Hello : 2019?

Ananias Araujo : Bem legal! O ''vozeirão'' desse vocalista realmente é o máximo!

Sayz Edits : The legend has it that if you walk around the mountains of france you can still hear kurts screams in the distance...

Carlos Andrés : Qué emoción tan catredoblehp cuando Kurt estampó ese grito de rabia, de ver que su guitarra le falló. Uff de kilos ese momento👏🏻👏🏻

Gorf_1 Dank Memer : Learned this song on guitar and I can now sing and play it flawlessly it’s very fun to play. Played non stop for like 30mins to an hour lol 😂

Fernando Braghiroli : Nirvana changed my life. Kurt will always have a special place in my heart!

Timerick The Frog : The best Drain You scream. RIP Kurt We miss you.

Fany Rose : You said this was your favorite song to play live, I hope you're still smashing guitars and screaming like crazy, love you so much Kurt, for real.

Christopher G. : 2:00 Kurt's guitar dies on him. You can hear some fuzzy sound right around that 2 minute mark which was that guitar's last breath.