Drain You (Live On "Nulle Part Ailleurs", Paris, France/1...

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Dustin Deweerd : Dave Grohl ripped that tie off at the very beginning. He was ready to rock.

Abhishek Basnyat : Favourite Nirvana track. Their best one along with Dive. Oh, and Krist looks like a giant in this video.

Bear Grylls : Who else came for the scream?

Dean Smusko : damn son, this is clearer than my future. looks like it was filmed yesterday and not in the 90's

Timi T. : Probably my favourite Nirvana live performance. Loved them as a quartet.

Gustavo Lazaro : 2:26 the best

Gansta thug : Haha pat just enjoys being in nirvana so much

warguy403 : So strange to see kurt singing without a guitar in hand

Nugie : Kurt stepped on a Lego at 2:27

Gabriele Mastrapasqua : The best live version of ''Drain You'', forever in my heart...

Sorensen : 2:27 when your pizza rolls are done 😏👌🔥

farts fudcjk : I love this venue, and especially when Kurts guitar breaks. I don't know why but its so cool to see him sing like that. Plus we all know the scream is probably the best in Nirvana's history.

Jacob Van Der Schaaf : 2:27 when my moms screams are you home and i say yes 2 times and she doesnt react

ernest_hemingway666 : 2:20

U'r Fella : dat scream ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

PilotStudios : Pat Smear can't believe it's not a dream lol

Jesse Nealon : No guitar?!!! Im shocked. One for the playlist

Nicole Pæ : People: do you like Nirvana? Me: 2:27

HairyHog : pat has a strange strumming style

Carter Hayes : this is timeless. probably my 100th time watching this and i still get shivers. never gets old

Ewan Harrison : The Fender Mustang is a beautiful guitar. I wish I could afford one :(

Jan von Studnitz : all of Kurt's agony, mental illness, wrath, depression and helplessness put into one painful, powerful scream...wow...

AudioAndroid : At 2:26 Kurt Cobain ascends to Super Saiyan God....

Bianca : They look so cool in these suits.

Louis Young : 2:25. You can here the anger in his voice. The guitar cutting out really pissed him off.

Dylan : Wow, some of these comments are just people showing off how they've listened to them since bleach. Honestly, when I was younger I found them through never mind like most people and grew a deep appreciation for their music and if I tell the truth, in Utero has become my favourite.

Major Tom : I thought that I was an atheist but I have to reconsider my point of view : I'm definitely Cobainian

Owen The Boy : Man this shit looks like it was recorded recently, if someone who didn't know its from the 90's saw this they'd probably think it was made like 10 years ago

Alice Levendeziel : I love Dave's hair😂😂😂

Never Reached : Kurt Cobain 🎸🎸🎸🎸


puff mango from '08 : kurt looks so naked on stage without a guitar

Caudal Chile : Back then when playing an instrument live was a thing 😪😪😪 . Lets bring it back , start a band , write songs , live it with no expectations and enjoy it . Love & respect 🤗

General Skunk : Nirvana The coolest wedding band in the world

Alex white : anyone notice at the start dave has his hair in a pony tail but at the end his hair is down

dane christensen : One of many underrated Nirvana songs (some others being Lounge act, Territorial pissings, Serve the servants, etc...)

punkypaige : oh pat started playing kurts part

ethan richmond : That was Kurt's FUS RO DAH, Kurt's going Super Saiyan, Wow, Much Kurt Very Scream.

Monel Funkawitz : I've been listening to Nirvana since I bought Bleach, day four after the release to public.  I LOVE this performance.  This shows the true nirvana in Nirvana.  Dave ripping his tie off.  Kurt struggling with sound issues. (Yet again)  He tries to continue when it cuts out, twisting his volume knob on the guitar and strumming to no avail, with Pat's flat sounding rhythm in the background.  Dave, Pat and Krist all have that "Oh shit" look, and Kurt is ready to go in beast mode.  At about 2:03 Pat turns up his guitar to help fill in the sound while looking at Kurt, hoping something happens soon.  Kurt throws the guitar and the other three are in a state of ".........", then Kurt goes back to the mic, belts out the best YEAAAAAAAA they ever did live, and it is like new energy sweeps over them and play with enough passion to make you forget Kurt is sans guitar, and is just doing vocals, which puts him in the vulnerable position he hates.  "It is now my duty to completely SLAY you"  Slay it you did, my friend.

Sam Jurgens : who's listening in 2017

Mobile gamer Noob : 3:41 Ruined the song.

Diamond Royal : They look really nice😃

joey clams : Dave's hands are registered lethal weapons

Nick Terzakis : Pat Smear is the weirdest guitar player I've ever seen. The way he moves looks like he belongs in the Charlie Brown Christmas special when all of the kids are dancing.

Santa Claus : OMFG The drummer looks so much like the lead singer of foo fighters! amazing...

Justin Harvey : The time my scream was heard around the world

Ricki Cowin : Pat always annoyed me when he was on stage. He always looked like he was trying too hard

Kraine : id be pissed too if my guitar stopped working all of a sudde

Hải Lam : He's cooler without the guitar xD

punkypaige : daves hairband fell out befor the scream lol