Malcolm in the Middle - The Prison Soap Opera

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Gideon : The don't make em like this anymore

Richard Hicks : Did anyone else notice one of the cops is the town sheriff from eureka

Yardnoc3103 : I really wanna know who it was.

Floral : Why do I feel like I'd be like Francis and be like *GIMME 5 MORE MINUTES*

fogettbouttit fohgerrrabarriii : this is the best show ever man lmfao

blason56 : I missread the title....

NoturAvg Dude : Lmao Francis became institutionalized and didn't want to leave.

Marguns21 : Wait..... thats thhe chef from Eureka xD

Armando Gomez : I don't remember this, but it's funny lol

guyinthecorner : I swear I thought the bass line was gonna be Moto Moto...

The Komičar : Malcom in the Middle—✋🏻🤚🏻

acrionx : I hardly know you anymore.