Ray William Johnson | Fallen Titans #1

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What we do here is go back... About five-or-so years, that is. Show some love to my ghost-writer for this video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMTk_R_Y49jvq-HQXDmKI0Q And also Cecil: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7jF7y7PqrEdPwotd3OFHyA My Patreon ➱ http://bit.ly/2oKC0SJ My Twitter ➱ https://goo.gl/E7M6YZ My Facebook ➱ http://bit.ly/2pEfZVh Our Reddit ➱ http://bit.ly/2pF3Y2Q

Comments from Youtube

hotelmario510 : Transphobic Techno has...NOT aged well...at all. It's like going back to an old Looney Tunes cartoon where they make fun of black people and you're like "Ohhh noooo...noooo...Grandad...you can't say things like that any more..."

mdr48371 : I remember when badgers were badgers and mushrooms were mushrooms. Except when they were a snake.

Furcas : Fun fact: I got banned from Your Favorite Martian because I had the audacity to critique the audio production of one of the songs. Whoever managed the comments on that account was very ban-heavy.

Maria M : I learned to speak English while watching Ray lmao I remember being around 12 or something and watching these videos even though I had no idea what the half of the words meant. Then "Your Favorite Martian" rolled in and I loved it! It was the funniest thing to me and to this day I know all the songs by heart (cringy story: I thought the Grandma Facebook song was so good that I even showed it to my dad). I grew up and stopped watching him and then I found out he was leaving =3 and while I watched the video, I couldn't help but cry. This man sparked my love and interest for Youtube, Internet and the English language. I'm 18 now, speak English fluently and even though Ray was unfunny, I am so grateful for him. :')

Built Down Logically : "adults have commitments, jobs, romantic relationships" i gotta say, i feel personally attacked

Sarah Z : I would love to see a Tobuscus video!

SwagHags69 : He was watchable because back then it was a lot harder to find viral videos you weren't already aware of, and it was a good way to find cool ones. If you could put up with his personality.

Shaunelle Watt : Shout out to babby Cr1tikal (Ashamed to admit this is how I found him all those years ago)

Moses Primm : Yeah his jokes werent gold, but =3 was how most of us actually found content to watch. Most of the clips, if you went to the original video all the comments said "RayWilliamJohnson sent me" or some shit lol. He was more of a Youtube TV Guide situation I think.

twil ftw : ray william johnson is my favorite gorrilaz member

Alex Johnson : When we were kids my friend showed me =3 and it was so shitty I thought the videos were made by someone he knew and was just showing me his friend's project

Zero Black : Do I hate mars bars

Kara:ken A:kwe'ks : Watching you rip up Watchmen physically hurt me :(

Hanfgurkenhasser : I honestly couldn't tell why I watched him, probably due to the videos he stol...showed. That and he introduced me to Cr1tikal aka Penguinz0 aka Moist Charlie. And for that I will be eternally grateful.

Losers Incorporated : "This project is retired" is my favorite band.

whatevernamelmfao : When Doin Your Mom started playing i got a legit flashback headache. You know when a flashback hits you so intensely and the memories that you hadn't thought of for a decade all come flooding in at once..

Jordan Little : When you started ripping up 'Watchmen', I caught myself screaming 'He's gone mad! Someone! Stop him!'

owo what's this : TIL ray william johnson looks like discount billie joe armstrong

mhm izme : "Ray's show actually worked as a substitute for scouting out and watching viral videos" That's pretty much the main reason why his channel got so popular in the first place. He spared people the work of finding the most viral videos of the week. I remember actually watching his videos for a while just to see the viral videos themselves, and always found his commentary pretty cringe worthy.

zell : "Adults have commitments, jobs, romantic relationships" Outch.

tankninja1 : Ah yes the youtube of my youth, when it usually couldn't load a video and when it did it was choppy and 144p

DNAsGhostzHouze : ERB made Ray seem like a much better rapper than he was...

Kathryn Matthews Dodd : Thank you for being the first person to explain fair use and have it click in my head! I LOVE these Fallen Titans videos, I was a dumb 10 year old when youtube came out so I experienced a lot of the cringy stuff aimed at that age group firsthand. And I've basically lived on youtube since about 2010, and youtube was even the only reason I made it through some nights without killing myself. I owe a lot to youtube and its content creators, so delving into its history is fascinating to me.

Shadow Wolf : Now all I can remember is the Jacksfilms segment parodying YourFavoriteMartian "Shock words, shock words" and based on the title of said videos you mentioned...yep that's about it.

Luca Coyle : There was a point in time where Tobuscus was the biggest competition to Pewdiepie. It's weird seeing him just be this unstoppable giant now.

Valerie : Oh my god I am the exact age for this video and it hit me so hard. I had such a crush on RWJ and thought his stuff was the best. You rule.

Lameashellcosplay : Some kid in middle school tried to convince me he was in YFM and it was kinda pathetic

MsTheCommentator : Wait...w-were we supposed to like YFM ironically?

ScottishNoob : "This guy is so unfunny and I hate everything that he does"... Perhaps that's because you're not a computer-addicted pre teen living in 2011?

Stelios Toulis : You've got the same Watchmen edition as I do. Sweet Edit: Oh no

Burrito : I've noticed that a lot of modern creators seem to like to throw shit at Ray for the content he uploaded and his past projects. The guy was doing what he enjoyed and made a lot of people happy with it (including me) without having a bad influence on his audience, he brought a lot of people into this platform, many that will later on become fans of a lot of different creators that are popular right now. He was a major part of an old YouTube, one where everything was simpler and much less critical. I respect your opinion Quinton, I can even say that I agree to some degree, thanks for the video.

Daniel Harbinger : It's like Tosh.0 but worse

Spencer W. : Remember how he would fill the entire screen with clear annotations so that if you clicked the video to pause it it would just redirect you to subscribe

Simon The Digger : Old Penquinz0 my god the old days

stef. edge : I've been watching you since your old Doctor who reviews and damn, you've improved greatly. I'm waiting until you too are one of the Fallen Titans.

Suzerainty : The Watchmen pages chosen are perfect for this topic. From left wall to right wall: Dr Manhattan starts as a celebrated figure but becomes more and more estranged from fans and the people who love him. He is no longer able to understand what they will like and cannot comprehend WHY they don't like it. After alienating those closest to him he finds himself alone because humanity doesn't find him #relatable. This fundamental separation cannot be fixed by proximity as even when occupying the same physical space and acting like other people the chasm remains. One can only reminisce (ABSENT FRIENDS). Back on the left wall has Rorschach's identity crisis. The character he created has become far more appealing than his actual self and all reality gets filtered through that persona instead. The human connection threatens his worldview by putting a whole lot of gray into his black and white moral compass. It feels far safer to alienate all others and stay in his personal world (FEARFUL SYMMETRY). Anyway, it's 3:00am and what I really came here to say was SHOW DR MANHATTAN'S DICK YOU COWARD

BaffleWurr : Stalkin' yo mom was a song by an artist called Wax, Doin' yo mom was a parody by Ray. The Stalkin' yo mom from YFM was a cover of the original song and also featured Wax for some reason.

Barry Allen : thanks for reminding me I unironically enjoyed "doing your mom" at a certain point in my life

RobosergTV : Its 2018, who even joins any networks lol? They are scam in a sense they are not worth the money.

Justin Y. : This is like the GamerfromMars but actually researched and entertaining

dunestar29 : I am so glad I found your channel. You touch on a lot of things that I personally relate with (I’m 21) and that I feel like many others personally relate with. You seem to have a lot of variety in your content which is great too. I also remember the “golden age” of YouTube and I believe you hit the nail on the head. It wasn’t necessarily better but it was totally different.

Pat O'Reily : I used to watch =3 when I was in middle school. I used to really like it

Kate Frost : I totally forgot about Ray William Johnson's music, I didn't realize how horrible it sounded back then.

oldannyboy37 : I'm more proud than I should be that I never found RWJ funny at all. I don't think I've ever laughed even once at anything he's ever done. If anything I've always found him to be annoying.

Oswald Memesely : The good old days when instead of saying “leave a like” YouTubers would say “rate this five stars”

Ezydenias : Man I just remember that Robi Motz, you know the guy who hosted =3 after ray william johnsen was so much more funnier. Wonder If I find him still funny if I would go back right now.^^

imperatorvult : I have never once in my life watched a Ray William Johnson video.

Queen Sectonia : Nice to see RWJ doing seemingly well despite his depression

Ignacio Roca : Q U I N T E S S E N T I A L L Y