Ray William Johnson | Fallen Titans #1

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Devon Palmer : I remember when 100,000 subs meant you were a god among men.

Salokin : Ah, Ray once bragged about being the most popular channel, how times have changed

pablo lantigua : The your favorite Martian videos are super nostalgic for me but I really don’t wanna rewatch it

Complaints of an English man : I un-ironically fucking loved =3

thatweirdtree : When you realized that YouTube will be in history books one day

The Boob Tube : Love the comparisons between the transformative lawsuits you added in here. Also, screw Matt Hoss

Recovery JCRO : Nice shirt lol

Joseph Cocks : I used to watch RWJ all the time. I remember it being so hilarious. Yeah, I don’t know what was wrong with me.

janjanjnaet : got dam dude you're cute as hell. Please do continue the excellent quality videos & your fashionable looks <:^)

Cicero : I like his shit but you are entitled to your opinion.

DammitSinged : Fred is proof that humans ruin each other's lives.

Icy Mama : Edit: Also seeing Ray's music for the first time in years... That is a shock. I BOUGHT THOSE ON ITUNES. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME? They're just... jumbled noises. Every time someone shows Fred I get a little PTSD flashback... I don't know how that could've been funny to me at any point in life.

SPLORGAN : Remember Capitol Hill Gangsta? And the podcasts with Anna Akana?

Built Down Logically : "adults have commitments, jobs, romantic relationships" i gotta say, i feel personally attacked

Losers Incorporated : "This project is retired" is my favorite band.

RisingJericho : So... can we get one of these for Nostalgia Critic?

sarah : 11:50 is that charlie?

jamesaellis : The songs were a guilty pleasure. It went down hill after Douchebag...

PREMISE On The BEAT : Great video idea , I just hate your personality 😂 somthing about you is just off ...

Cadger Christmas Light Show : Yeeeaaahhh boooiiii new quinton video

bert n. ernie : Was that a young cr1tikal?

Anna Saxton : I'll stan Quinton Reviews until the YouTube overlords ban and demonetize everyone who isn't Jimmy Kimmel. #depressedthiccboisclub

Anna Saxton : Oh wow. When I was a kid I really hated "shock" internet humor and I always thought that it was because it was because I was a really sensitive and pretty much overly empathetic kid. Now that I'm 21 and like dark humor, I just realize that it wasn't really that it was offensive humor, it was just that it was... aggressively unfunny. BALLS! BOOBS! YOUR MOM! BAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh : Ayy Cr1tikal

Justin Y. : This is like the GamerfromMars but actually researched and entertaining

Depression Session Podcast : funny how you are reading watchmen in the start and the background of =3 is watchmen panels

Alara : It feels weird Rays channel is dead, it doesn't feel that long ago when he was the most popular.

Omar Massoud : This series looks like it's going to be amazing. You should do Tobuscus next!

zack snack : I used to immeasurably love YFM. I still know the chorus to the stereotype song and I used to really like the singer that wasn't Ray. Thank you for making me relive these embarrassing memories Quinton.

IEMK : yesterday i asked you Yesterday I Asked You *Yesterday I Asked You* *YESTERDAY I ASKED YOU* *YIAY*

Jesujej : Hey did you know that mrchicity and hotforwords have also come back on youtube?...

Dabsubab Drallama : Some people say he is still doing your mom to this day.

Elias Gomez : Robby was better than Ray. Robby was the only good host

24 Frames Of Nick : Aw that intro giggle was so cute

Geraint Davies : Hard to believe that critikal was like 15 in that qwop video.

kasumikat : Will you do a video on Ryan Higa? Me and my friend were talking about how we used to watch him back when we were in highschool

Umbrella Sound : Oh, that's is a great idea for new series. I love it! Never liked RWJ much though and EVERYONE tried to steal his format here in Russia. It was a boom of pretty successful russian copycats back in the day.(two of them are pretty popular even nowadays) P.S I had no idea RWJ used even cr1tikal's video in =3. wtf.

John Wick : Stand by for *Titan Fall*

JK HGGNS : I fucking shrieked when I watched you tear Watchmen apart.

Erik Mnatsakanov : *gasp* I’m not the only one who skips that bit of the defranco show? This man knows too much......

Tom Groebe : Rwj should be fair use, it's commentary/review.

Blim The Toolman : Yes, he's cancer, but 12-13 year old me now realizing all my friends were quoting ray with almost 99% of their memes, dark times

ILLFIGURE : I remember the google+ jokes😭. Good old times

Victoria Lambert : One of my friends got chosen as a ending credit question on =3 and I was so jealous back in the day when I was like 11-12

Patrician : I loved Watchmen, when you ripped it up, I died a little. But I guess I didn't get the joke, until I went back and watched an =3 video. So, someone help me out. Why did Ray use Watchmen in his wall?

Mid hog : Youtube was still somewhat new when =3 fully developed. Ray was one of the first "reactionists" and it worked, people enjoyed it for a long time, like a modern-day AMV. It also was the sort of a catalyst for such shows as Tosh.0, ridiculousness and web soup. Although his format was sort of the same through-out and he wasn't the best comedian, I believe we all enjoyed it somewhat because it was new and it kept us in the loop on viral videos.

GenophefeElisabeth : I just finished Hotline Miami and I am halfway through with Hotline Miami 2. I am having massive anger issues and aggression right now, is this normal?

Stix N' Stones : The quality of this channel is staggering!

ZOOPMAN : I didn't really like Ray but somehow he was the one who introduced me to Cr1tikal which I'm sorta glad albeit it was from him.

MC Comb : Admittedly 2 minutes in, but I'm always impressed whenever I come back. You're always improving your editing, camera and audio qualities, and not even just the superficial stuff! The growth of your method is interesting and impressive in and of itself.