"In The Street" with Brian Aylward

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audonger007 : I think he's in a pothole, not too sure though.

sylviajh14 : A child could fall into that and be seriously hurt.  I guess that's what they're waiting for before they fix it.

Caliko kat : did he say fix the pot hole...not sure

Chris Tharp : Hahaha. Tell 'em brother.

Getawhale : What are you in

Dagley Media : I can't wait to get my photo taken with the Easter Bunny.

hippyable : too funny but not funny.

Seafury2004 : Looks more like a sink hole...

Matthew Gill : Awesome vid.

hippyable : God love you!

Patrick Dwyer : Looks like they are in the process of fixing it because, well... It's closed off. But yeah... Gotta agree that St. John's roads are beating the shit out of cars all over the place.

Mitchell Hussey : this is gold haha

TheFearRaiser : Screw buying an apartment, I'm just gonna move into that pothole! 

KB Silverhawk : LOVE IT!!

spikeman4pres : and then he gets out and you realize hes a wee little migit

knuckles710 : st johns streets are not fit to drive on this video might put some pressure on the city. thanks .might have to call in the army to fix the potholes

Rick Smith : What an idiot!

Charliemmag : More like Brian "Awkward"! Right...right?

Josh Brooks : that's not a pot hole

mc4bbs : Eeeks!  We're twins!!!

Alfred Christanto : you haven't seen my country pothole... is like cheese road all the way

Erika Kirkpatrick : Good concept, but poor execution. I was embarrassed for you watching this - there were some clever bits woven in, such as the commentary on socio-economic change in the city, but repeatedly exclaiming "I'm in a pothole" with faux incredulity is pretty weak humour. Try again.  

lsnow94 : How tall are you?

Jennifer McCreath : vote for McCreath in next election and i will fix pot hole budget!!!

Terry Williams : He's in a Pot Hole but his mouth is a POTTY HOLE.. . ... He would have given himself more credibility by toning down the over the top Dirty language !.