Impresionante prueba si no agreden al toro el ni los toca

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NeonsStyle : *_Like this, If you think BULL FIGHTING SHOULD BE BANNED_* It's not the killing of the Bull that is the problem, it's the torturing it with Pica spears to enrage it to fight. Over and over they stab it until it fights.

Corey讣告 : The bull is a paid actor smh

Keisha Cantik : He's confused😂

Rahul Kumar : Even they attack...they attack for his protection...but humans kill him for his entertainment...

79 Series V8 : Was i the only one who was hoping it was going to barrel them like ten pins?

cijoged post : When u see a bull run toward you, you gotta be stand still and dont move Then suddenly u see a group of lion are chasing it and ur fkin done.

Highlighted reply : The bull is more terrified than all of them. Poor animal

Hina mirpurri : Why do i feel like the white shirt guy is the most stupid person on this planet...😂😂😂

bobouistic : They need to release a mature bull with confidence. People gon learn today 😂😂😂😂

samson dakuwaqa : The bull is a paid actor

Be Jaysus : Not a bull, he's just a big calf not long off his mama. Put an actual bull in there then I'd be impressed.

Peaceful Hooligan : Let's see this with a full grown pissed off male bull that hates humans for abuse.

Manchester is Blue : It's fake i believe this bull is a trained one because if it would have been a random wild bull he would have obviously felt threatened by so many humans around him and would have definitely attacked them even if they didn't hurt him

Marty Miles : Why don't u try a bigger bull

Collector Guy : You just wouldn't want to be in the front row! This is just a young bull though so more frightened than anything - send in a seasoned bull that slayed it's poncey mattador and see what happens!

Saksham Sharma : If you are looking for an English comment. Here it is. :)

3 AM : Worst caption in the history of humankind.

Santhosh murthy K : *Match fixing* with BULL 😁😁😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

pedro vela : It's a young bull who's obviously been around lots of people before and is just playing around. Put a full grown bull that isn't exposed to people outside of its owners, it will attack everyone in is way because bulls are territorial. Not to mention the number of people in the video, it would feel threatened and attack in self defence. If you're gonna try and prove a point, use a actual full grown bull and not a young one who obviously having fun

ceb1970 : One bull acting this way is not proof of anything. This is merely a single piece of evidence, and frankly is contrary to other videos of bulls attacking people that are standing still.

Bat man : FAKE bull is paid actor

Ian Crawford : I was really hoping the bull would bulldoze all of them...👊

KHAN BHAI : Nothing happenes if you wear red in front of bull they will white only 😂😂😂

april umer : This is called 21st century stupidity in the name of bravery...

Irsan Septian : How much money are they paid?? 💰💲💴💵💶💷💱

ESCUELA DE AMOR Y SUPERACIÓN PERSONAL : Muy conmovida por la crueldad humana. El toro es drogado, torturado, pinchado por todos lados hasta matarlo cobardemente por toreros COBARDES...que se hacen los machos con un animal INDEFENSO. El ser humano es la única especie vil que pisa esta tierra

Little Uzi : Imagine trusting a random wild animal with your life like this 😂

80pgm : espero que algun dia se prohíba divertirse cometiendo semejante herejía con estos animales..

Box of Demons : Should be banned along with Halal. barbaric.

Jakethemase : How many people who watch this video will find this advice useful?

Crizen Gonzaga : Si yo estuviera ahí en mi mente sería algo así:me van a matar,me van a matar por que acepte estar aquí ayudaaaaaaaaaa :v

Aw Musse : They probably shitted on themselves before the bull came out and the bull avoided them because of the smell.

Little Wolf : I would NOT have worn red on this day 😂

_ iamjlc : *They gotta bigger balls*

ASAP eid666 : only in indonesia we love doing crazy brazzy🙌

almadgata : Para que luego digan que matan toros porque son peligrosos. Si los peligrosos son ellos con su forma de pensar mantando animales que nada les hizo. =/ Pero vamos ya sea con toros o con cualquiero otro animal. De normal los animales no atacan si no se sienten amenazados o agredidos. Así que porfavor los que teman de una animal no corran ni se pongan a agredirlos , solo no vayan por ese luegar y ya. ( ya es otra cosa si te vas a algún lugar d animales salvages y te metes en su territorio ese animal defenderá su territorio como tu defiendes tu casa. Asi que cuiden de ir por lugares sin peligro y ya. Hay que comprender al animal, porque hace lo que hace, para saber como actuar y no acabar mal. Un saludo a todos.

Sor mendez : Esos animales tienen sentimientos pero el ser humano disfruta con la crueldad de esos animales inofensivos.

Bunty Sonawane : Hence proved animals are more sensible than humans.

Sonicice 24 : Mean animal.

Karan Bharadva : How many of you were so still while watching?

von volts : ese no es un toro, es un becerrito de lidia, pongan un toro adulto y hasta el pinche torero la piensa dos veces en meterse al ruedo.

ikechukz : I see men and women with balls made of steel.

Ariel Wladimir Medina Orellana : Nosotros somos los únicos animales violentos...

Omji Gupta : Oh my God 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Steve Parker : Not always true though, like humans some bulls are just plain nasty, and will butt you.

Daly. D Silva : Con eso queda comprobado q los toros son unas víctimas de la bestia humana q los usa como trofeo.. AL Q ESTÁ QUIETO SE LE DEJA QUIETO...

Respect Humanity : This should happen in Prison.

KID VADER : i got a bull in my house his cooking dinner

Beysim Yakuboff : That bull had some Red Bull for drink 🍷

Mario Lumbanraja : See how they won’t bother us if we don’t bother them?