Horrifying animation depicting the Bombing of Hiroshima.

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Horrifying animation depicting the Bombing of Hiroshima. via: http://bit.ly/1PkwNH9 https://www.facebook.com/AllTimeConspiracies/videos/947284305348795/

Comments from Youtube

иєкσ fяєαк : the comments on this video make me wish i was killed in the blast

Brockenman : "9/11 is the worst attack to humanity in history" yeah right

Katie Kat : Reading the comments on this video make me hate people even more

Weekly bird shit : And to think we have bombs, far more powerful

Emerio Manzano : Nuclear weapons are man's worst creation now that Kim jon un wants to nuke the USA im even more terrified

Vade Gamer : Kento bentos grandpa survived the bomb because that one ditzy move

Titanium Waters : top 10 saddest anime deaths

Amie C : It's always innocent people who suffer the horrors of war.

gunther Vladimer : This vid is from the movie the barefoot gen. It's follows that little boys experience of surviving the immediate affects of surviving the horror of the atomic bomb and a short while after. It's truly a sad movie that helps visually explain how terrible the atomic bomb is

Gerald Harpe : This anime is so sad. Alexa, play despacito.

YonaHak : The moment I see this the moment I wanna cry so bad...why did I watch this...:(

TheScoutPlay : I find it amazing how the atom bomb manages to be the worst, but still one of the most interesting inventions of mankind.

Ryan Roth : Looks like the Director of Akira who agrees?

Tk-5748 : I now know what that Imperial Gunner felt when firing the Deathstar...So many innocent lives wasted.

Chase Rustin : I just threw up watching this

Spankitshankit : Surrender doesn’t seem so bad now does it?

The Interesting Nobody : There are no bad guys in war. Only one bad guy on each side.

Ken Coasts : B 29 is a nice plane

Razmakai : Was an alright animation, though I'll stick to the source material :/

Christopher Suddeath : I was shown this in school

OOFday__ toyou : 2 20 201 2018 201 20 2 ANYONE?!

Adlin Ling : That's scary.

Crimson G : *how to survive a nuke* Dont look at the flash. Duck Down. Dont go to big buildings Once you see the bomb, evacuate as fast as you can. [ not in process ] [ Just thought about this and didnt even experience a nuke bombing.] [ idk if im right or wrong ]

bigboiyes _45 : NO NOT DOGGGGGO I WILL NOT HAVE IT *goes super sayian and destroys america

Pearl Catalo : The eye balls

Chase Rustin : rip people

AeonG : Fun fact: Obama was going to officially apologize for this, but the Japanese government feared it would fuel the anti-nuclear movement emerged from the 2011 Tsunami.

Tails : Omae wa mo shindeiru

김인영 : Next season please

rhea jose : The Japanese bombed pearl harbor killing 3000... The Americans dropped an atom bomb killing 80,000. Wtf

arkidss99 1 : Perfect

Charles Burrows : Ripperoni Japeroni F

TheScoutPlay : What's the name of this gem??

The Nam : I only cared about the dog What's wrong with me


Kito Giang : Wait the atomic bomb was deployed with a parachute

DaniusYT : I liked USA before watching this. But not now. Poor children and....and....DOOOOOOG...America must die. Or it's politician rats. Also, sorry for bad English.


noob noob : Top 10 saddest anime deaths I'm not joking

Pedro Etchevers Larraburu : Does anyone know the name of the movie/show??? It’s actually superb

Pluggo the sluggo : Americans be like:this stupid anime is over exagerated Japanese survivors be like: this under exagerated

Philik : Oh man this shit makes me wanna vomit... I feel so horrible

baby 纯纯纯 chen : 666

Comrade Mikhail : Good job america

navajo2911 : What's the name of this anime?

Nathan Thompson : This is overly dramatic they got vaporized in MILLISECONDS not SECONDS.

Abdullah Elannoor : Mankind will never forget this great tragedy of human and war history , I pray and hope a thing like that should never happen anywhere else in the world again .. .

Dappity Doo : Top ten saddest anime deaths

Ender_Creeper453 : Let’s face it. We all thought the dog part was the saddest.