There Is No One Else Like Chance the Rapper

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Viper Surf : Do you edit these video, because there amazing!

Logan _ Denny17 : Most underrated video on Chance. Great visuals, accurate and powerful explanations, and very engaging narration, all tied together with perfect editing. God bless.

Hafidh Zuhdi : Are you KaptainKristian2 ?

I Farted : Great video man. I love chance

Brady Blackwell : I don’t normally comment on YouTube vids but this vid was amazing

Smurf ID : Really great video! It surprised me as i thought this channel was just going to be videos about movies since i think you're a film student if im not mistaken. Cant wait to see what u upload next! I hope more people will realize your work

Wizzrobe : Anyone happen to know the graffiti style font used?

xj0469_clank : I normally can't stand your videos on your gaming Channel but this was pretty good.

kemikulz The wrapper : These videos are incredible and I can’t wait for the next

Jack Hamson : Nice video!

Nic Lopez : love it!!!

Joel senju : Holy cow dude. This is brilliant.

gamerfreq : Im really enjoying these videos and Im a big fan of the fact that you seem to be discussing things you enjoy instead of sticking to one specific theme or topic.

John : Mate, did you have a cold while recording this video?

Chubby Guinea Pig Dude : First

Breyonna Morgan : You still sound sick.

TheCourier : Rap has gotten progressively worse over the years. Every single mainstream rap song now is lyrically deficient, and every background beat consists of the same instruments mashed together with a computer.

enjoisk8a911 : Chance is the man and has done so much for the city of Chicago. Im not religious, and at first that threw me off of Coloring Book, but like you said, he has a way of making you still wanna bump songs about God.

dominick smith : 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 well done and well said.

Matt Dulberg : I've always for a way to describe chance, and you do it perfectly. Thank you!

IntenseDesignz : Great video, well put together, and the way you talk is even more captivating👌👌

Benus Lizon : I'm actually happy that there's some music content. You should do a video on Brockhampton, they're unique as hell

Jesse Lawrence : Very well done man

punkin pie : more people should be taking about chance like this

Jake Couper : You need to do one on Russ and about how he locked himself away and released all his music for free.

bob wells : killer work, do one about ye please please please

Nachiket Bidkar : Make a video on Kendrick Lamar too . I’ve been listening to his songs for years and I’m still amazed by his lyrical prowess.

Eye SCream : Dam, your videos always make me think hard. I like that keep it up

Lebroom James : Love chance, love this, great job buddy

Ryan Zeitz : Great video!

TheOtisUpham : This is great. Ive heard some chance and loved it. Im gonna dive deeper now.

4Souls Gaming : wOw

AFRiiCA : Nice vid my man, new sub here.

Jurgen : How are you sure that Chance's artwork was what inspired Drake's album art? 10 day came out only 2 year before Nothing was the same, and from my understanding 10 day wasn't huge, Chance didn't really blow up until Acid Rap and that was the year after Nothing Was the Same. Usually when you make claims like that you should show something to back it up, an interview clip or screenshot of Drake saying it. Otherwise it just sounds like you're talking out of your ass basing things on correlation=causation.

Ugly Segura : I love chance ..but dosent anybody think that he gotten overrated?.....acid rap chance was his prime and now he just kinda or trash or corny or sumtn like that ..I want old chance back