Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild MULTIPLAYER SKIT with Na'Vi

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FreakyPuff : Guys this was so cute! I died! I'm probably a zombie now cuz of this. More skits!

Wontonias :D : cringe

Paul Barger : Hey! Listen! I love Navi. My drone is named Navi!

Talent Hounds : Do more skits

TGC - The Geek Channel : My best video yet if I do say so myself ;P Which I do hehehe😁😋

axel527 no : Why is this an ad?

Henco Du Preez : frest

Candice Martin : great video, very funny and a unique idea!

Tru Dat : Made me smile thanks for sharing

Terence Schofield - Martial Arts : Wasn’t sure at first, but it made me laugh. Good job :)

Daisy Hix : My husband would be so happy if I would do this with him. 😂

Monita Harmse : Definitely my favourite so far

Henco Du Preez : hai hai lisin

Nadine Botha : THAT BEAR XDXDXD!!

Dimperachi : Keep up the great work