My "Somebody To Love" audition

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beinyourguard : Please don't die again

Alex Yallop : Bloody hell! That’s amazing! Closed my eyes and it’s Freddie, wow, subscribed

le katz : *Freddie Mercury has rejoined the server*

Austin Corrigan : I’ve watched a couple videos with this guy singing Queen and I still can’t figure out what kind of magic this is.

Parzival : *_FreddieMercury#0001_** has left the server.* *_FreddieMercury#0002_** has joined the server.*

john Smith : I HAVE ONE THING TO SAY FOR THIS: Its a kind of magic

Brooke Hudson : He should be the lead singer of the actual band instead of Adam Lambert. Nothing against Adam, but this guy sounds exactly like Freddie and LOOKS a lot like him too. I'd go to a queen concert if this guy was singing.

Scott Barrie : Freddie had an almost superhuman vocal range, near perfect pitch and more power than you can shake a stick at. If you were going to impersonate a singer, he’s pretty much one of the toughest you could ever choose. And you pulled it off effortlessly. What an incredibly talented singer you are.

K Ross 1979 : Adam Lambert is a joke compared to this.

Lisa Lemon : Listen up ya'll..Marc has recorded alot of the songs for the new movie coming in you can hear him there too, so happy they used his vocals cause they are perfection!

HALE IRWIN : Freddie's atoms went to a pregnant woman.. This happen

Keir Ferguson : THIS GUY SHOULD BE IN QUEEN!! No offence but Adam Lambert isn’t a patch on this guy IMHO

Mike Oxlong : I was getting ready to trash you because nobody can do Freddy...... but ok maybe one other guy can do Freddy.

Amber Elliott : i tried shazaming this video to see if shazam would think it's Freddie Mercury and it thinks he is Freddie

Mr Dave : "This is the guitar solo! " Had me laughing & finding his personality a shxtload funnier. Very impressed. When he gets emotionally invested as the song goes on, his voice becomes more and more commanding & owns the lyrics. I'd pay to hear him sing queen sings.

Xabier : Same Freddie's jaw...

Billy Loves Beans : The closest sounding to Fred I've ever heard.

MustacheCashStash : He sounds almost exactly like Freddie Mercury but just enough not like him that you can tell that he didn’t just put the song over him lip-synching to it

Sibode : I almost forgot to watch this today.

Mr. Fahrenheit : Adam Lambert who?

tswrench : Unless Freddie, himself were to come back it just doesn't get any more real than this. Marc Martel's coverage of Queen songs will give you goosebumps.

Marco Moraes : WHO... ARE... YOU?! First time here. I fell in love!

Brandon Wandrie : Lmao I originally thought that he was lip syncing. He is that good.

Mike De Tigre : He was 15 when freddie died, so not really reincarnated. MY MONEY'S ON CLONING!


Athena S : I’m so glad you got to do the vocals in the movie bohemian rhapsody, you definitely deserve it

Alicia Vintage : Wooow you're amazing 😱😱


Andrew Young : Congratulations Marc on your success. I can hear your voice.

Autumn Heinz : My mum started to play this on her phone. When I actually looked over, I saw this video & said, "Oh look, Freddie's back". True story. 😎 (PS: RIP Mr. Freddie Mercury, you are missed in the hearts of millions) *hats off to you good sir for a brilliant rendition of this song.

gewerh44 : Not to my favorite videos, this is going right to my hard drive!!! Just like in the old YT days back in 2006. This is THAT good!

SCARLETT KINGS : I need you on stage !!! You gotta bring my favorite singer back to life !

JonMxwll : I literally got an ad for the Bohemian Rhapsody movie that had Somebody to Love in it.

little Chris TV : this is crazy

nanasshi 07 : i didn't realize i dropped my jaw for 2 minutes

Brandon Aguero : I’ve listened to this a million times and never gets old. Just close my eyes and I hear Freddy. Marc Martel should be in Queen.

Leon Chen : Shit, this is Freddie

Andrew Butler : How am I only seeing this now? Dang, Freddie! Where been at?

sum moner : Use condoms this time around.

ROTERPLIS SKYHORTYN : The second you started singing you got another subscriber

DHAMZ : 2018 anybody???

mp011mp : One of the best covers I have ever seen 🙌

Daisy Buchanan : I am in disbelief, I was thinking it might just a lipsync but it's not and he made sure to show it by changing the tones and saying this is the guitar solo, I am in awwww, it's a reincarnation.

El Noubie : i actually forgot it wasn't the original until he screamed : THIS IS THE GUITAR SOLO

IAMPEDRO 101 : What.....???!!!!!

Alexei Kurakin : wait wait, WHAT? whats on WHAT, DAMn , what a voice, listened 3 times and couldnt stop, like ,, i mean ha. HE IS ALIVE

MooreCreative : Adam Lambert was more like seeing Lisa Minnelli fronting Queen. This man’s pipes were barely working and he was cruising though the best of Freddie’s vocals. #myFreddie

ChadWithaJ : This video was played randomly on an "up next" and was SHOCKED when I saw that it wasn't actually Freddy

MushTroqua : If you listen to Freddie for a long time and you listened to Marc Martel, there’s a difference of voices that seperates him from Freddie, but tone and sound you sound almost like him! Great Job!

caplogable : this guy just made me listen to queen's songs all day damn it