My "Somebody To Love" audition

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john Smith : I HAVE ONE THING TO SAY FOR THIS: Its a kind of magic


Robin : Damn. This is good. Really, really good.

Erik S. Lundestad : Now he’s behind a lot of the music in the new Queen film Bohemian Rapsody. Youtube created a star! Congratz Marc

Waleed Abood : its freddie mercury reincarnation WTF

little Chris TV : this is crazy

mangashu911gt : You sound just like Rami Malek!

fedor3000 : you sound a bit like that guy from queen

ronald bird : Creppy!!! I love it!!!! Your voice is AMAZING!!! Vocal range is killer too!!!!

stelley08 : Martel wins over lambert every time!

Xabier : Same Freddie's jaw...

Soaphy : This is perfection! I can't believe this. Oh my... This is incredible!

white orchid : Wow! This is amazing..I'm speechless 😱

gewerh44 : Not to my favorite videos, this is going right to my hard drive!!! Just like in the old YT days back in 2006. This is that good.

Tony P : You should have played Freddie. You sound just like Freddie and look more like him than Rami Malek.

Shaun's Fish Tanks : man this is sick

Амадей Моцарт : why is that other guy playing with brian may and not you?

jojo z : you should have played Freddie~!

Romilde Andrade : In my opinion, he who need to be singer in Queen, not Adam...

Chew Bacca : This is the ONLY person I have seen do Freddy justice, except for the late, great George Michael.

HALE IRWIN : Freddie's atoms went to a pregnant woman.. This happen

Amy Bell : This is blowing my mind, You have the look and the voice, amazing. Pure talent.

Alex Yallop : Bloody hell! That’s amazing! Closed my eyes and it’s Freddie, wow, subscribed

Mr. Fahrenheit : Adam Lambert who?

Lord Champa : I wish I was this guy’s neighbor, I wouldn’t mind to hear him singing from next door

Sandra Wong : Wow

Sibode : I almost forgot to watch this today.

Marcus : You have a very good voice. Very good phrasing and pitch. Good command of your vocal registers, slipping into falsetto easily. However, I didn't enjoy the vocal masturbation at 1:42. Still, great performance.

Juan Lemus : “This is the guitar solo!”

covertyankee : My brain says can't be but my ears say hell yeah.

Fernando II de Taboada : Unbelievable how effortless he sings it. Amazing!

Meredith : Always love this video!!

Chew Bacca : Freddy was the original, of course, but this is friggin amazing!

Daniel Goldsmith : People say there will never ever be another Freddy Mercury. That is obviously false.

beinyourguard : Please don't die again

Geppetto xd : Replace Adam Lambert please

BroBeans 1979 : Adam Lambert is a joke compared to this.

Max Musick : Queen should have picked you

Sean McAleavy : I love Paul Rodgers but it is you that should have been on that tour with the guys. Sure, your voice sounds like Freddie but what really impresses me is the phrasing. I didn't think anyone could pull off Freddies phrasing but you certainly do. Nice work!

Jace L : This is really hard to believe. Wowwww

Henry Bowring-McDonough : <3


Scott Gorham : Dude, YOU should be fronting Queen.

Monte Cristo : Sir, you did an amazing job at singing Somebody to Love. If I hadn't been watching the video, I would have thought you were Freddie doing a live recording. Please, keep singing.

Win Win : wow! amazing

tswrench : Unless Freddie, himself were to come back it just doesn't get any more real than this. Marc Martel's coverage of Queen songs will give you goosebumps.

killswitch : Man, there's still hope for our generation. Thank you for resurrecting Freddie for us ✊

nanasshi 07 : i didn't realize i dropped my jaw for 2 minutes

Daril Dixon : Me hace viajar su voz

hannahsings19 : He does it so effortlessly! Fantastic!!!!!