My "Somebody To Love" audition

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little Chris TV : this is crazy

Shaun's Fish Tanks : man this is sick

john Smith : I HAVE ONE THING TO SAY FOR THIS: Its a kind of magic

covertyankee : My brain says can't be but my ears say hell yeah.

Max Power : Same Freddie's jaw...

HALE IRWIN : Freddie's atoms went to a pregnant woman.. This happen

Daril Dixon : Me hace viajar su voz

Vic Pay :D : So beautifull!!!

Snorlax • : Close your eyes and listen.... Hear that? It's freddie

Miley Cyrus Lyrics : shook

ܣܝܒܝܠCibele ܡܗܡܘܕ Mehmood : My heart blasted in happiness with your voice ! You are an angel that God sent to us because we were missing Freddie lot !!!! 🙏🏻😢

Monte Cristo : Sir, you did an amazing job at singing Somebody to Love. If I hadn't been watching the video, I would have thought you were Freddie doing a live recording. Please, keep singing.

Lucas Cruz : 1:15 THAT'S INSANE OMG

Mags Davis : This guy should be touring with Queen....imagine him dressed up like Freddie. His voice is fantastic darling

Ardee Blancas : My sharp-ears never lie... you do sound very Freddie Mercury the way you sing! Unbelievably awesome and a well-matched voice!

moa imsong : Queen please replace Adam L....... Nothing can replace Legend Freddie but this guy......can do some justice! Amazing

Sarmed Mirza : It's so good I'm going slightly mad.

CrackedUpTv : I am happy again.

Paulo Vítor : when I think I can sing well.... Then I see a video like this =(

SSArt98 : WOW! _I've never had so many cold chills all at once!_ Amazing voice and looks! _He should be with Queen as the frontman!_

Erik S. Lundestad : Now he’s behind a lot of the music in the new Queen film Bohemian Rapsody. Youtube created a star! Congratz Marc

FR Bmp : I am just glad, there are still lot of lads singing Queen song. That's all.

Вячеслав Маринушкин : This is a phonogram. If he sang this song alone without music, I would have believed

stelley08 : Martel wins over lambert every time!

Daniel Perico : Is this real life?

Lancerlady : My only complaint is I want to hear the ending! lol. sound more like him that Adam!

beinyourguard : Please don't die again

Dr. Jones : And he does it so effortlessly. Amazing Marc Martel

Christopher Bride : Incredible...I find it hard to not accuse him of lip syncing. This man is Mercury Incarnate

Andy McNay : Охуеть))) Только энергии и драйва Фредди не хватает.

Alex Lehti : This is just out of this world

Dhita Amanda : I love this one.. it's better than Adam Lambert . Agree??

Gary Twitchett : Marc, do you write your own songs? I know most Queen fans would love to see you fronting the band. Also, recording an album of new material. I would watch you live, and buy an album. I would not do either with Adam Lambert. You are light years ahead of him, your voice is perfect for Queen as well as you as a solo performer.

Man in The Wilderness : Marc needs big music for himself. Queens music is huge but it's Queens and as great of success as he is having, he is still in the other band. Budget and ticket prices seem to be having an effect on stage production. I think it would serve him well to have a huge producer and creator of music like Jeff Lynn. Big original songs for a big voice. His vocals merits huge songs and large scale productions. Brian and Roger gave Marc a good opportunity, but it is a limited opportunity. Production set for Queen Extravaganza is small compared to Queen/Adam.

uNkLeRaRa4 : Goosebumps? pfff...... More like goose MOUNTAINS!! This makes me.. shudder, sweat, laugh, cry, question reality, question my religious beliefs (or lack thereof), need to lay down and watch on repeat..

NASCAR Crashes 2018 : I think its because of the way thus Guy's jaw is built and its just like Freddie's. People kept telling Freddie Mercury to fix that and he said that he was worries that it would badly effect his singing

Vania S. : Pode dispensar o Adam Lambert !!!

Marcus : You have a very good voice. Very good phrasing and pitch. Good command of your vocal registers, slipping into falsetto easily. However, I didn't enjoy the vocal masturbation at 1:42. Still, great performance.

Amanda denman : A man that can sing is incredibly sexy. 😍😍

79Chev : Please, good or bad dont stop. Your voice is amazing i can feel it in my soul just like Freddie..

maxglide : How is this guy not singing with Queen instead of Adam Lambert?

Lucky Kitty Thirteen : Never heard of Queen extravaganza. Or knew about auditions. Or Marc, I clicked this video and said Bs he’s lip-synching. You sound dead on for freddie mercury. Great work.

Ana Peixoto Cláudia : Magnífico, dá até um arrepio, perfeito, lindo, explêndido.

AvatarPrimus : OMG! Freddy is back! Absolutely great performance.

ChadWithaJ : This video was played randomly on an "up next" and was SHOCKED when I saw that it wasn't actually Freddy

Khakibear 0324 : This guy should be the front man instead of Adam Lambert

Daniel Goldsmith : People say there will never ever be another Freddy Mercury. That is obviously false.

Tony P : You should have played Freddie. You sound just like Freddie and look more like him than Rami Malek.

MightyMadFish : Can someone show this to Adam Lambert? Then show him the door.

Sands-OfTime : This boy nailed it.