My "Somebody To Love" audition
Marc Martel a singer who auditioned to go on tour with Queen sings Somebody to Love and sounds just like Freddie Mercury Here is his audition video

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Person: "Anyone ever tell you you sound like that guy from Queen?" Me: "No. Never have I ever heard that in my life. Ever."


LTK Chaoss : Sounds like Freddie has just logged onto his 2nd account

Ed Hatfield : Dude, that’s just scary. That’s the freakiest stuff I’ve ever heard....nailed it.

majd abass : I can't believe they took adam lambert instead of him!!

Pheonixmann111 : This is the guitar solo. Yeah

Thomas La locomotora : *_Adam Lambert has left the chat_*

sydney !!! : the dislikes are adam lambert

freddy llanez : Freddy mercury 100% Marc martel 90% Adam lamberth 0%

EndaWay : freddie: god, can i have a second chance god: fine freddie: but one thing can i have my voice too god: fine MARC MARTEL IS FREDDIE

Moises Solano : He had to say the guitar solo thing so people didn't think it's fake

Living4 Tomorrow : OMG he doesn't even try lol he is natural

It's a yes from me : He even kinda looks like Freddie. The mustache the teeth. It's scary

realistindenial : Freddie Mercury is the original and no one will ever replace him. But I'm so happy Marc Martel is here to pay tribute to his legacy.

Metal RocksOn : This guy is wayyyyyyy better then that Lambert kid singing for them now! Lambert' just doesn't fit, doesn't do that great music any justice! Move on Queen!

Merlynda James : The band "Queen" needs to put Mark as their frontman and take Adam out.

Code Proxy : *freddie mercury leaves the chat* *Adam Lambert joins the chat* *Marc Martel joins the chat* *Adam Lambert leaves the chat*

Jaedon Nobles : This guy should be singing for Queen. Not Adam Lambert.

thealley : I almost had a hard time believing this was actually singing and not some sort of clip of Freddie singing.

LeeTheNPC : "Hey bro, can I copy your answers?" "Yea but change them up a bit so the teacher doesn't notice" _Gets an A_

john Smith : I HAVE ONE THING TO SAY FOR THIS: Its a kind of magic

Anna Gravel : Im sorry Adam but.... he even *looks* like Freddie.

Hope está perdido : *MY MOUTH DROPPED WHAATTT HOW???*

TC : This is good. But nobody is like Freddie. He was a legend who unfortunate never will return. We will remember him as a legend

Roxanne Gouriet : This is Freddie reincarnated, voice, looks, the lot! Nobody can replace Freddie Mercury, but this a VERY close second.

Herbi : He looks like freddie.

Maria : I remember being the 3rd one to vote on this when it was posted. Can't believe where you're at now. What a blessing to you, and to us!! You're incredible!!

Jan van Welvaart : *_Freddie Mercury likes your video_*

bigtaterman : This dude needs to be singing at the Oscars not Adam Lambert.

Ralph Gonzalez : Aren't we all looking for somebody to love. Rip Freddie Mercury

Eddie G : Adam Lambert: "Yeah, I can do Queen songs really well" Marc Martel: "Hold my beer..."

YvngGhost : Me: adam lambert is okay. *watches this video* Me: K I change my mind.

Sophia Beizaee : This guy needs to replace Adam Lambert I swear

Gpaderna : He clickbaited me! He looks like Freddie at the thumbnail. "He sounded like Freddie too"

Emo Bubble : I went to see you last year. It was April 6th 2018, you played in Manatoawk Wisconsin. I got invited backstage because of the shirt I made (it said 'Freddie's girl'). The show was amazing, you were amazing. The whole thing was fantastic, great light show, even better talent, and a room full of people there for one reason, Queen.

HALE IRWIN : Freddie's atoms went to a pregnant woman.. This happen

Delorean165 : You are a lot better than Adam Lambert.

Alexandra • : He should be singing for queen. Not Adam Lambert

ELIASyIBARRA GONZALES-BAUTISTA : His voice does resemble Queen's front man. But there's only one Freddie Mercury. And we only have him through the music legacy he has left.

Queen Bronwyn : Adam Lambert Who?

Jasmine_short : If you watch borhap and don’t go on a Marc Martel marathon directly after, *did you really watch the movie?*

gotta go fast : i went to one of his live shows this year at the saenger theater, it was AMAZING

Randy Porter : Someone said “No one can fill Freddie’s shoes” and that’s true, but Marc sure fills out his socks well !

Infinity Native : You know he's good when he got a copyright claim

Grant Lallathin : Fun fact: Marc Martel did the singing for Bohemian Rhapsody. (The Movie Obviously) They did use Rami’s, Freddie’s, and Marc’s voices together although they also slightly modified Marc's voice after recording so he could sound more like Freddie.

Grovez : I thought he was just lipsyncing to Freddie.

Andrei B. : The fact that Bohemian Rhapsody basically starts with your cover is a recognition of your talent.

enk989 : "with the dirty stash" lol...can't wait to see him live next month!!!

beyi bil : 1:59 'i like it' VERY VERY LIKE FREDDIE ♥♥😢

Stephen Jackson : Bravo Marc! Just bought the movie..awesome job!

ExoTic_Ron : Adam Lambert: I'm the best front man today that can sing like Freddie Marc Martel: Hold my beer darling