My "Somebody To Love" audition

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beinyourguard : Please don't die again

Herbi : He looks like freddie.

Thomas La locomotora : *_Adam Lambert has left the chat_*

muryot16x : Who wants Marc Martel and Queen COLLAB?!!!!

Pontiac - : No offense to Adam but this guy should be the frontman of Queen damn

john Smith : I HAVE ONE THING TO SAY FOR THIS: Its a kind of magic

OM3RRR_OW : When he said "I like it" in the end of the solo, I jumped. He sounded EXACTLY like Freddie! I'm shook.

Rob G : -Marc was born 16 Nov 1976 -Freddie tested positive in 1987 -Freddie and Mary Austin broke up in 1976 -Around Feb. 1976, Queen were touring around New York. Marc's mother travelled to NYC to watch the show. (there are videos here around that timestamp - around 9 months before Marc was born) -Marc was born in Montreal, Canada. -Montreal is about 6hrs by car or 1.5hrs by plane from New York After Freddie's death, he wrote in his will that his mansion will go to Mary Austin. The reason is that it should be hers because she should have been his wife nonetheless, but in reality, Freddie wanted Mary to keep his house, some of his possessions, and his ashes so that when the time comes.. it will be finally transferred to his one legitimate son, and that is Marc Martel. Only time can tell WHEN will Marc get to know the truth.

The T-10 : Had he not say "This is the guitar solo", I would've thought he was lip-syncing lol

dn08Hf1xK0q1 : He is not even trying, Amazing

Jomar Husin : I think he is a lost son of freddie. That voice ugh. The face shows similiraty though.

Goblin Slayer : All i want is to see marc martel and queen perform just once okay just once

Lazar Kokotovic : Player Freddie 1 has left the server life Player Freddie 2 has joined the server life

Ufuk Bircan Özkan : Another Adam bites the dust.

HALE IRWIN : Freddie's atoms went to a pregnant woman.. This happen

Yury Euceda : Freddy: God please give another chance God: Ok Freddy: Just erase all my sad memories from the past God: Ok Freddy: Oh God, one more thing... God: Say it Freddy: Please let me having my voice again. God: Done...


Jeff Lombardi : This guy is so much better than Adam Lambert.

AstroMiggy 19 : This guy is amazing. Lot of people consider him an impressionist, which is completely false, he just happens to sound like him. Amazing

1980s Retro : Bloody hell mate. You've got a belting set of pipes!

Brad Cooney : I just saw Marc in concert with "Black Jacket Symphony" here in Jackson, MS. What an AMAZING SHOW! He's incredible.

Daniel vazquez : Por que rayos no esta de vocalista de Queen!??? Es la reencarnación de la gloriosa voz de el grande fredy!!!!

Dr. Oofenstein : am i the only person that watches this video more than once a day?

M1ST3RNO4H : he does not look 40 wtf

Austin Corrigan : I’ve watched a couple videos with this guy singing Queen and I still can’t figure out what kind of magic this is.

Shane Cerna : Adam Lambert is a great guy but.. he’s no Mercury. This guy is the closest I’ve seen

Spanish Empire Mapping : This guy isn't Freddy Mercury 2. He's Marc Martel 1, the unique and one to be him.

everybuddy : He literally looks like early Freddie in the thumbnail..

Smiley : Oh Jesus can he be in queen please


Amish deviant with Herpes : What a miraculous gift that he has to share with us. Very amazing. Hello my friends

Gerardo Rodriguez Izq. : He is amazing!

Danna’s Channel : how come I didn't watch this before, THIS IS AMAZING *ps. I thought Freddie didn't have kids*

alexandra clark : ok so i THINK we found our new replacement man to be the closest to freddie because adam lambert is insanely amazing but this guy SINGS LIKE FREDDIE AND IM CRYING

little Chris TV : this is crazy

Tucker Blanchard : 0:18 Queen definitely took a look at you Fre- I mean Marc.

Morning Star : I’m in love 💗💗

Aidan Stine : Much offense to Adam: this man should be the only consideration for Queen.

Ron Wylie : your amazing matey, it is Freddy's voice but you own it, I hope you carry on, fantastic

Xabier : Same Freddie's jaw...

Nina Hrechka : The part where he sings “this is the guitar solo” and sounds just like Freddie makes me so fucking happy. Whenever I hear the actual version, I sing that part and I’m like “wait what” cause I realize Freddie never actually did that part

Mark Clark : Nailed it

Paul Connelly 75 : This man is keeping Freddie’s voice alive!

Scrimjaw : Damn man, thats just like him.

Alex Yallop : Bloody hell! That’s amazing! Closed my eyes and it’s Freddie, wow, subscribed

Macartzattack47 : Just saw this guy perform with The Black Jacket Symphony at Charleston music Hall. He is amazing

Александра : Mark Martel - this name is impossible to forget. Enough once to hear how you sing. I admire every song. The voice is a fairy tale. Excellent! AMAZING talent!

May Larsson : I WANT A COLLAB Adam is no where near Marc’s level. Obviously it’s fair for them to appoint who they choose - it makes sense that it would be psychologically difficult to be playing on stage with someone who could be mistaken for Freddie. It strikes me as interesting though, that the reason they chose to kick out Sacha from the movie was the same reason they chose Adam for the band - that they are they’re own people, they bring their own styles and personalities to the table, they’re not just imitators. I for one would do anything to see them play with Marc singing. Not really interested in hearing Adam.

Strawberry Fields Forever : Don't play games Freddie.

Lisa Carr : This is the guy who provided a lot of backing vocals for the Bohemian Rhapsody movie. He's been downplayed in some reports as "an imitator," which is so insulting. I love that Rami Malek is mentioning Marc by name in interviews. Marc is an incredible artist in his own right.