My "Somebody To Love" audition

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little Chris TV : this is crazy

john Smith : I HAVE ONE THING TO SAY FOR THIS: Its a kind of magic

Max Power : Same Freddie's jaw...


Monte Cristo : Sir, you did an amazing job at singing Somebody to Love. If I hadn't been watching the video, I would have thought you were Freddie doing a live recording. Please, keep singing.

Erik S. Lundestad : Now he’s behind a lot of the music in the new Queen film Bohemian Rapsody. Youtube created a star! Congratz Marc

Robin : Damn. This is good. Really, really good.

Waleed Abood : its freddie mercury reincarnation WTF

ܣܝܒܝܠCibele ܡܗܡܘܕ Mehmood : My heart blasted in happiness with your voice ! You are an angel that God sent to us because we were missing Freddie lot !!!! 🙏🏻😢

Shaun's Fish Tanks : man this is sick

Paulo Vítor : when I think I can sing well.... Then I see a video like this =(

fedor3000 : you sound a bit like that guy from queen

mangashu911gt : You sound just like Rami Malek!

stelley08 : Martel wins over lambert every time!

Daniel Perico : Is this real life?

Soaphy : This is perfection! I can't believe this. Oh my... This is incredible!

Tony P : You should have played Freddie. You sound just like Freddie and look more like him than Rami Malek.

white orchid : Wow! This is amazing..I'm speechless 😱

HALE IRWIN : Freddie's atoms went to a pregnant woman.. This happen

MightyMadFish : Can someone show this to Adam Lambert? Then show him the door.

jojo z : you should have played Freddie~!

Lucky Kitty 13 : Never heard of Queen extravaganza. Or knew about auditions. Or Marc, I clicked this video and said Bs he’s lip-synching. You sound dead on for freddie mercury. Great work.

Marcus : You have a very good voice. Very good phrasing and pitch. Good command of your vocal registers, slipping into falsetto easily. However, I didn't enjoy the vocal masturbation at 1:42. Still, great performance.

covertyankee : My brain says can't be but my ears say hell yeah.

xXx xXx : I wouldn't care that much if he didn't do it so effortlessly. Hitting those notes with his resting face lol

Khakibear 0324 : This guy should be the front man instead of Adam Lambert

Chew Bacca : This is the ONLY person I have seen do Freddy justice, except for the late, great George Michael.

Sandra Wong : Wow

Daril Dixon : Me hace viajar su voz

Sands-OfTime : This boy nailed it.

Henry Bowring-McDonough : <3

Daniel Goldsmith : People say there will never ever be another Freddy Mercury. That is obviously false.

Romilde Andrade : In my opinion, he who need to be singer in Queen, not Adam...

beinyourguard : Please don't die again

Амадей Моцарт : why is that other guy playing with brian may and not you?

Lyqe : If i had the power to sign someone, i promise you'd be the first. <3

Sergio Ramos : Better than Adam Lambert

Barbara Meregoni : increible como cantas!! y yo que soy muy exigente con la musica, tienes un talento impresionante.. ademas eres lindo, churro, hermoso.. increible voz!!! mucho exitos!

NASCAR Crashes 2018 : I think its because of the way thus Guy's jaw is built and its just like Freddie's. People kept telling Freddie Mercury to fix that and he said that he was worries that it would badly effect his singing

Indiana Joe : Jaw hit the floor and rolled away. Can't find it.

Win Win : wow! amazing

THE HAPPY KNUCKLES : what kind of sorcery is this?!?!?

Chew Bacca : Freddy was the original, of course, but this is friggin amazing!

Vic Pay :D : So beautifull!!!

The Great Bamboozler : ...SO GLAD I FOUND This... I saw you years ago on youtube and forgot your name. Was wigged out that you not only could SING like Freddie but you resemble him too, which lends to questions of cranial/jaw structure in producing that incredible voice. After watching people molest Freddie/Queen songs earlier today it's good to know you're still able to belt 'em out. Well done young man, well done!

Things I Hate : I hate when people compare Freddie Mercury to God. God is great and all but he's no Freddie Mercury

amaya McGee3 : WOW!!!!! You are fantastic, amazing , spectacular, etc... I can’t get over how good you are and how much you sound like Freddie

Nathan Shuman : why your not singing with queen I have no idea clearly the best guy for the job but they have Adam Lambert who sounds nothing likely freddy

Holymakinaw : Unbelievable voice. Just like Freddy and pitch PERFECT.

Afonso Fabian : Much better than lambert