Bill Burr...We need a plague

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From "Let It Go" 2010

Comments from Youtube

Josef Zack : "like a pelican"  good Lord, that was priceless.

MicK : Everyone is aware of overpopulation, but no one wants to be the one to go

Horace The Clown : I think forest fires are nature's forest fires

diypictures : Well with the anti vaccination movement in progress his wish just might come true.

Forrest Trump : I'm childfree so I'm eco-friendly.

MrBlick76 : No traffic on the Serengeti!!! LMAO this guy is gold man

What If Theories : Please let a plague happen.

Maverick Assasin : I like how people are taking his joke seriously and forming theories about population control.

Marvel Disneyfan : "Plague... it's like Nature's forest fire." Uh... aren't FOREST FIRES Nature's forest fire?

CometTamer : "Oh, with the bag! Not even like a gentleman just araraggggahgh!"

Uğur Alpağan : Thanos is that you?

Jarrod Watson : I don't think overpopulation will be a problem after world war three

everproofvt : damn right. im american and ill be the first to say a lot of these fat lazy Americans need to go!!!!!

J T : You need a plaque... Request granted.

Roger H : haha one of the funniest clips I've seen of him

AA Productions : Just to be clear, this is called "evolution", NOT POPULATION CONTROL! (Let us have more people, but let them be good evolved ones!)

Keto•tic : Idiocracy - most prophetically accurate movie _ever made!_

AA Productions : Nature's gotta work it's magic, process of elimination!

RavenOfDusk : Bill Burr is the original Thanos.

Terror : The problem with true plagues is that they are indescriminate, the weak and strong alike get killed. Even the truly greatest hopes for the future can die to it. What we need is a destroyer.

Lake Chocolate : "put on a sweater, take some vitamins". What does that even mean 😂😂😂

s mc : Lassa Fever.... Highly Contagious. NO treatment. Lethal. A real crowd pleaser.


Robert : Bill Burr should have played Thanos

DF WORKS : agree

Michael L : "..a plague is like nature's forest fire...."

Scott Hedley : His prayers have been answered with anti-vaxxers haha

TotenAuge (DeadEye) : Truth...

Danijel Ambrozić : You should see people in Croatia, you would have new materials for years :D

Caleb Walker : Sweater and vitamins 😭😭

AshleyGreensMusic : I agree with this. We really do need a plague. This earths full of fucking genetic failures.

Tyler Jaynes : C3-PO is Daniel Tosh. Idk, their shape

Not Gordon Freeman : And Louis CK is Han Solo.

TheBitchassalex : Lol people that ol

Scott : In the west, our populations are far lower that is true but our ecological footprint in still massive. If all people lived in the same way we do in the western world the planet would only have enough resources to support around 4 billion people. On the other hand, if everyone lived the way people do in a country like India it could support 14 billion people. The reason being because their population is so massive and their cities so cramped that they have no choice but to live that way.

Scott : How dare you compare George Carlin to Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan was a wise old man, George Carlin was just a crotchety old bastard who became less funny and more pretentious the older he got. I do enjoy George Carlins stand up, but it annoyed me how political he got later in life and how many people took it seriously.

SpaceHawk13 : There is no problem having 7 billion or more people on this planets, its just badly managed when it comes to food and housing distribution as governments and corporations care more about war profiteering and raping the environment to fill their own pockets than they do about the actual populace they are meant to be working for.

emperorzombie13 : Give credit where its due, the is some Bill Hicks in Mr. Burr's routine. Good stuff.

emperorzombie13 : Ahh, the Right myth of the welfare queen. The average welfare user is a suburban mother of 2 kids, actively seeking work, and is only on welfare for about 2 years. Righties dont cry about Wallstreet getting 85 BILLION a DAY in 'welfare'. You have been programmed well...Dont get me wrong, Libs are just as blind.

tony b : I don't understand why you think this would be considered "genocide of minorities" there are many non-minorities that over-breed. Its more of a socio-economic class thing not a minority thing and there are far more poor non-minoirities than poor minorities. Statistically speaking it is relatively unbalanced but straight numbers the non-minoirites are the biggest offenders hands down.

MussiK Sit. E : louie is smart and i cant speak for him neither can you. but if you have knowledge about the corrupt government, you know a revolution is the only hope. we dont need guns or any of that. we just need a political revolution. we need to stop putting corrupt shitheads in office. sterilization is definitely extreme. you better check yourself. we cannot put these issues in the hands of the sick politicians before replacing them with people who actually give a shit.

Ariel Schwartz : Sterilization is extreme thinking but a revolution isn't? Perhaps a revolution in the pharmaceutical industry that's keeping our species around longer than it's expiration date. Louis CK puts it very nicely in one of his skits: "We're the only species that's exited the food chain." That can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it.

Ariel Schwartz : he's obviously read some books. Throwing names never helps your argument.

Ariel Schwartz : All my friends who know me know exactly where i stand on this issue. But for real, we need a genocide of the obese and overtly-elderly. When i say that i mean the ones that sit in their homes all day and contribute nothing to society besides waste and taking up space.

Haseeb : If your forced sterilization plan was to go through, you would be the first to get it.

Frank Mclain : The black birth rate is declining you moron lol, read a book. Unless minorities stands for mexicans, you're a retard.

MussiK Sit. E : while i agree that people should be mindful of the number of kids they are having, it is definitely not something that should be government regulated. and do not generalize, not everyone on welfare is a retarded cunt and NO one needs to be sterilized, that is extreme thinking. the population problem needs to be fixed but let the people do it. the governments are too corrupt and focused on their own interest to be trusted. before population issues are addressed, we need a revolution

MussiK Sit. E : and you are the Eric Forman

TheThetruthmaster1 : i hope he gets a good part in better call Saul breaking ,bad spinoff.