What's Crystal Methamphetamine Feel Like? Why Is It One Of The The Worlds Most Addictive Drugs?
Whats Crystal Methamphetamine Feel Like

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My experience with smoking methamphetamine (drug) and the high it produced. The meth high is extremely alluring, crystal meth has a extremely intense action on the brain amping dopamine to a alarming level and maintaining that level for a extended period of time. Quitting meth was one of the hardest things I've had to do. Others looked at my addiction with astonishment wondering why I didn't want a sober life. Addictive drugs have a strange way of engaging the user like no other activity. Hopefully this video can shed some light for people who've never tried it before so they can get a small glimpse at why loved ones are using meth. This is not to condone the activity, just to help you understand that meth usage should not be taken personal. Using addictive drugs doesn't mean the person doesn't love you, or that they lack morals, it means that they suffer from a brain disease that anyone who try's this substance would suffer. The statistics are 19/20 people who try meth become addicted. Of those 19/20 only 2% will manage to get sober from meth and stay sober for a extended period of time. If you struggle with crystal meth or know someone struggling feel free to text me or reach out to me on Facebook. Name: Philip Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/CGKid219/


hafiz hadi : Today 16May2019, 11 days clean from meth. ..wish me luck..

Halleloolahoop : My takeaway from this is don't do meth. Unless your doctor tells you you're dying and only have couple of days to live. Then absolutely do meth.

i’m numb : ima just smoke a blunt

JOHN SMITH : I smoked crack for 10yrs, been cleaned from it since 1995.

Holly Brianna : May 15th makes a year clean for me. Thank you god.

Shutter Larenz : shortest 17 minute video I’ve ever watched. I was hooked every second lol. Thanks for sharing your experience and I wish you the best!

Logan Rave : I'm struggling to quit chewing tobacco, but after watching this I realized how small of an addiction this is compared to those strong enough to quit something like meth. If some people can quit something like what you described then what's my weak ass excuse.. Thanks man.

ObeyTheBroadz : yeah, ill stick to weed.

Anonymous Blank : "ImMa JuSt sTik 2 wEeD"

Steven Resendiz : Conclusion:The best feeling i've ever felt...but also the worst feeling i've ever felt.

EdMcStinko : If Isaac Newton did meth, Calculus would be very different

toshana lawrence : 7 months clean off meth, so proud of myself 🥳🥳

mefrn62 : I’m a nurse who works in addiction. I’ve never had someone describe the effects of meth as real as you did, it will help me be a better addiction nurse. Thank you 😊

Sparta Batallion : i was going to try it just once but now i'm definitely not going to. thanks for probably saving my life dude.

WooZey 21 : Halfway thru I wanted to get high again, finished the video and I remembered why I got clean. This shit does turn you into the embodiment of a dirt bag. Excellent video my friend, well said. You've earned a sub.

Sent2Strike : It’s a bad idea to only watch the first half of this vid.

toRealReality : You speak about like it's a lover, I admire your strength in getting and staying clean

tricia dunning : So true. I was on meth for 23 years. It destroyed my life and everyone who loves me. It shredded me to pieces. I have 2 yrs clean and I'm still not ok but getting better.

Christine Mayberry : I've been off meth for 13 years. Its hard to believe I was a tweaker but I was. I remember the high very well but I wouldn't go back for nothing

Gypsy Hypsy ASMR : Today I am 65 days clean from meth... taking it one day at a time.

Jade de Santiago : My ex fiancé left me after becoming addicted to meth. We had a house, cars, going to school. We had a good life. Last I heard of him he was addicted, having a baby and trying to stop. But he was having a hard time. He couldn’t seem to do it. I hope he’s doing better. Good luck to you, too.

Cpt. Crash : I'm hoping you are still sober bro

P M : Tried it twice. Never enjoyed it. Thank goodness. Sorry for those that are addicted to it .

Clorox Bleach : why does this sound like he's describing the happy ppl in bird box

Anna Pomelo : Because I was addicted to alcohol in the first time I have never tried anything else because I knew deep down I will get addicted to it. One battle is enough for me.

AK Man : I smoked meth with a girl I liked cause she did it. I got into it but was lucky enough to never get addicted. I was able to just walk away from it.

Lacey Noel : Really interesting video. Stay clean my friend. ✌🏼

Complete Gore : The honesty he has is admirable

blake miller : Im seriously impressed with how honest and accurate your video was. Stay Clean. Your mind will heal!

Monique Monteville : SPOT ON!!! ON POINT!!! I was addicted for over 27 years...today I have almost 9 years clean...and am a substance abuse counselor. When I give talks I explain to social workers that when you ask your client to quit smoking meth its like me asking you to stop breathing!! Its as if i come up behind you and say.."Okay take your last breath cuz there will be no more!" Naturally you're gonna fight, resist, cry, panic etc....well the same is for those who are required to quit meth to get their kid back, or stay outta jail! Excellent explanation and congrats on being clean!! Keep fighting the good fight bro!! Aloha & AGAPE, Monique }i{ ...a new creation in Jesus!!

Mitch Lindauer : As a former meth addict as well, I will say you hit the description spot on

Jack Flatley : Why does this video make me feel like Meth hurt me.Although I’ve never done it.

Hayden Thomas : Literally helping so much.

Kitty Tatman : You are amazing and should be super proud. Congrats on your 3+ years clean. Keep fighting the fight.

Ej Ub : I was on it for 3 years. Only 22 years old.. But I'm a month away from 1 year clean. I quit by myself without any help or rehab because my meth psychosis was pure depression. I didn't get hallucinations after 120 hours awake, I got suicidal. I would just stay in my room and play skyrim, jerk off and tear various stuff apart all day and night. Oh and hiding it. I spent alot of time hiding from my family.

Austin Starke : "15 page essay in three hours" all the college students ears perked up

Kimmie From Narnia : my mother & boyfriend are both recovering meth addicts & this really explains so much

Adam Wheeler : This is honestly the first accurate description of meth I’ve ever heard. Thanks for telling the truth.

Samir : The come down from Amphetamines turns you into an untutored savage. Youre mindset is that of bloodlusting caveman and you cant control yourself which ends you up in the can.

Peter F : Wow, you've done a REALLY good job articulating your meth experience. It helps me to understand the allure of meth, and also the reasons I should never experiment. Thanks for this. All best to you, Gg.

I Love The Uneducated : The higher you go the harder you fall.

El Maestro : 2.9k people gave this a thumbs down...why!? For telling the unadulterated truth?

James M : Holy shit that is the best statement ever: your brain has so much dopamine that it now sees that drug as part of your survival. And people wonder why addicts don’t shower, eat, sleep. It has rewired your brain!

Stevenmichaelknight : Thank you for being so honest about your experience. Our son is addicted to crystal meth and before watching your video we had no idea what the effects were and what he was experiencing, not that we entirely understand now, but at least we have some level of comprehension. What finally enabled you to stop using and any suggestions on how to support someone in quitting? God bless you and stay clean.

Martin Rooker : "Doing crystal meth will lift you up till you break"

Robert Wood : I used to use meth back in the late 80s and early 90s. I quit. Been clean from meth since 92 and alcohol since 94.

Christen Denise : It's a miracle you are alive. You have such a strong mind now, keep up the good work.

CantSleep!!!! : WEED IS THE BEST EVER!!!420 FOR LIFE

pretty selected : Meth Math, makes sense 😭😭both dangerous..