What's Crystal Methamphetamine Feel Like? Why Is It One Of The The Worlds Most Addictive Drugs?

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Lacey Noel : Really interesting video. Stay clean my friend. ✌🏼

95TurboSol : I know a woman that got addicted to meth, she used to go to my church, she had two great kids and took care of them well and was extremely close to them, her husband got addicted to meth but she stayed off it for a couple years then finally started using, her kids were removed from the house and she abandoned them, the kids were adopted by another family I know, but she rarely ever comes to see them, maybe 2 times a year, she has had 2 more babies since then and both were immediately taken into foster care and adopted out. Her whole personality is different, I can't even remember the person she was before, it's like two separate people. Long story short if you want to ruin your life and everyone you love around you do meth, otherwise STAY AWAY FROM IT.

Elias Håkansson : Damn this makes me wanna just shoot meth on my death bed.

Tommy Trump : The higher you go the harder you fall.

Ashley Alston : My biggest fear would be trying then never having the ability to feel joy in things on my own

taelicious : luckily, I don't even want to try a cigarette.

zyklon b : I really wanna get that feel that you get using meth without using meth

Anthony Carnovale : this info literally terrified me.

Tommy Trump : This is a great description. Thx for posting. Meth is a fake high. Its feeling incredibly accomplished when you haven’t done anything except take a drug. When that big come down comes, the depression is made even worse by knowing the whole delusion of grandiosity was fake, and you’re just a disheveled, depressed, self-centered drug addict.

em ily : It's amazing don't try it.

Virgo Heart : My Mom habitually smokes meth like a stoner would smoke weed and has for many many years. This helped me understand a lot of things.

Concerned Citizen : I have bipolar disorder. Honestly, the experience is very similar. The euphoria of the highs makes you invincible, super confident, and able to do mundane things like it was the bomb. But the lows are soul crushing.

DiscoDucky577 : I just got out of the hospital for a Meth overdose. Please be careful guys. Be informed.

Ashley Shondee : I never thought I would get addicted to meth because the first few times I snorted it, it was just a one and done deal. But earlier this year I really got addicted. The way it made me feel, I thought it was helping me. It helped boost my self esteem, lose weight, and I was more joyful and interesting. But when I would binge the high wasn’t the same. I kept doing lines hoping to get back to that high but I totally burnt out my dopamine fuel. It wasn’t until I was showing some major physical changes that I realized I was an addict. My gums got black and my teeth felt brittle, my fingertips would be bright red and numb and be cracking, the anxiety made me chew my fingernails to the nub, I could feel convulsions under my skin in one side of my face, I was always so sweaty and the sweat had a putrid smell, and I lost so much weight that everyone in my day to day life started really noticing. When I say what was happening to me it was a real wake up call. I felt ashamed because I come from a good home and thought what if my family found out. I stopped cold turkey and it really sucked, I went through a really bad depression and it felt like I couldn’t stand existing in my own skin. I’ve been clean for a few months but I still have days where I crave it so much. It’s the most challenging thing I’ve had to overcome.

Barbie Velazquez : I smoked meth once, yes just once, and it was the best high I’ve ever felt... which is why I never did it again. Lol

Ray Shanksmith : How to try meth for the first time without having the risk of life-destroying consequences... Do it right before you die lmao

nab dab : Walter White: You clearly haven't tried my formula.

Anttjuan Reid : I can't imagine any other more pleasurable feeling than sex. As someone whos never done those drugs, It's crazy to hear that these substances make you feel beyond that. To me it's like trying to come up with a new prime colour of the rainbow. I just can't lol.

Brandon M : I was little by little getting on this. I did once a month, then once a week, then everyday. Once time i did it twice in one day. heart rate got to 150... god knows what blood pressure... Went to the ER in an ambulance... tweaking... anxiety... fear... I had friends and family telling me to stop... Even after all of that.. i STILL went back. The ONLY reason I stopped is because went i smoke even a little my heart rate goes through the roof and i get crazy anxiety. I kinda feel God took me out of that. Never have I ever felt as fulfilled as when i smoke meth. But its damn dangerous

You Tube : My Brother died because of addiction to meth. he don't eat anything if his high, he don't sleep till his body drops. Complications come on its way. Meth destroyed his body . Because of no sleep and no eating for a very long time many organs fail to function. He don't tell us anything of what he is feeling till it's too late. He was admitted to many hospital for many times. He died last year but still I can't believe his gone. His been a very respectful brother to me and I love him. If your addicted to meth, don't forget that your family always love you no matter what happen. You can change for your love ones and for yourself. it's not too late , you are still breathing . Change till it's too late!

Ethan Nelson : ima stick with acid

Sara Okurrr : Smoke weed don’t do meth

Kentucky Floyd : my mom cleans the house 10 times a day on ice

Gamevet : My friend gave me a hit of crank (meth) and it felt great, but after a second hit, I remember being dropped off at my apartment and starting to feel like I was going to die. My heart was pounding at a crazy rate and I was smoking pot to try to come down. I did it on a Friday night, and didn't get any sleep until the following Sunday. It was the worst experience I'd ever had, and I had chest pains for several years after doing it. I'd felt like I'd damaged my heart during that event.

games i'm shit at : I appreciate how this guy doesn't pretend he didn't love meth

Queen Persephone : You really need to go speak to some of these experiences to schools, to raise awareness about the real dangers of these substances.

Jason Blaha Fitness : You've talked me into trying meth now.

Wovs : My mom and dad are addicted to this and they left me when I was 1

Ben Khodyrev : You need to shave your neck.

Kenneth Saul : Bro, great video! Props on your sobriety. This is my 11th year sober.

Finn Conroy : 7 and a half times better than sex... *eh?...*

michael anderson : I was addicted to meth for over 20 yrs I got busted went to prison been clean for 6 1/2 yrs and glad to be clean and sober

Tyler Horton : I started with an ex gf in late 2016 i quit taking opiods while on it by mid 2017 i was able to stop meth i quit and was sober except for weed if you want to call that a drug but about four months ago started back and im addicted really bad this its scary i need help but i Dont really want to stop tho ironicallyi broke up with her because she didnt want to stop

Kentucky Floyd : black figures float in the corner of you eyes thinking something moved but didn't

XamN : It shows you heaven while it drags you to hell

YazmanianDevil : It's a life ruiner

Christopher 213 : Crystal meth really helped me with my ADHD

D B : Never done meth, to scared too. ☹️

Inthe Garbage : Porn and meth... I ceep that in mind if i ever get terminal..

Josh Truman : "im not gonna glorify this" ... "The first time I slammed meth I came in my pants". 😂

yeah nah : don't do meth kids i learned the hard way and ruined my life 😢 been clean for a year and 3 months. still think about it everyday tho I just can't shake it from my thoughts

Sue Rarick : Had a friend who gave the simplest explanation about the attraction to Meth..... On the way up - Your the greatest person in the world................. On the way down - Everyone is a bigger shit than you.

Andy : I took crystal meth once, I deliberately took it on a Saturday night as I knew there was a 24 hour come down so knew I had all day Sunday to come down, and boy did I need the full 24 hours, the high was intense but lasted for about 3 hours, whilst my speech was slurred my mind was racing at the speed of light, "it was a great experience", BUT compared to the come down it wasnt worth it, nor the cracked lips or shaking hands or feeling of nausea, I can understand why it is so addictive, the feeling of wanting to stop the feeling of the comedown was immense, but stick the comedown I did and I will honestly say, I enjoyed it but never ever again!!!, if you are going to try it then do so responsibly as I did, let it be an experience rather than an addiction, something you control rather than it controlling you, much love.

Steve Smith : Look at his eyes .... so hollow

Outer Spaze : Meth is bad. He lost his body during his addiction. He now remains on YouTube as a floating head talking about his experiences before the addiction took his body.

Wrestling Fish : all the dislikes are meth heads

Nick Vasilev : I convinced my friend to stop doin' meth.

captain_ahab : cigarettes are as addicting as meth. smoke a couple you'll get cravings and be hooked. only difference is you're functional and its socially acceptable.

Calvin Terkildsen : I'm currently an alcohol addict and there seems to be a lot of similarities between these addictions. Seeing you sober now and beating something like that inspires me so much! My biggest fear in the world is being sober, it's also my biggest goal but seeing this video leaves me a bit more confident and optimistic. Thank you for your insight!

Summer Love : I used to be addicted to meth. I used to smoke it. And I remember taking big hits and seeing the white cloud. And then this tingling, euphoric feelings from my head to my toes. And it makes you feel like the sexiest person alive. And it's a whole underworld of people. You don't associate with "normal" people. The comedown is horrible and you feel sick and you can't move. Luckily I got out. I don't know how I did it. But some how my dog actually helped me. He loved me so much and I was neglecting him. And one day I decided no more. I locked myself in my room with a bunch of weed and music and just withdrawled. It was so painful. I remeber crying and crying and praying to God to let me just sleep. I was about 19 years old. I'm 35 now. My three best friends are still addicted and their lives are ruined. My best friend since 2nd grade lost all four of her kids. My other friend since 6th grade got life in prison. My other friend is still using and is in and out of prison. He has nothing. I am SO glad that I do not live like that anymore. I wouldn't have my kids. I wouldn't wanna live.