What's Crystal Methamphetamine Feel Like? Why Is It One Of The The Worlds Most Addictive Drugs?

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Lacey Noel : Really interesting video. Stay clean my friend. ✌🏼

Austin Mcdonalds : I was on meth for about 3 years and man you got it spot on. I wouldnt wish meth on my worst enemy and sometimes i still catch myself thinking about it. Stay clean my friend. Im coking up on 1 year off if it in january, wish me luck

Queen Persephone : You really need to go speak to some of these experiences to schools, to raise awareness about the real dangers of these substances.

Fuck You : im good with weed stay clean stay green 💪

Sherry Kunkle : My son is going through this omg I am in tears --- and not a thing I can do -- this shit has affected all of us in many ways -- watching someone slowly die -- I told him the choice he has left me is I can not help him but when this kills him I get to have him cremated and bring home a jar with his remains to then take care of -- this is killing me --- Stay sober and pray for my son ---

taelicious : luckily, I don't even want to try a cigarette.

Kannini Kanini : Being a probation officer who writes pre-sentencing reports, This video gave me a better understanding. Seeing addicts on daily bases, the word about compromising the moral values and compass made me think alot. Also it is very educating to know the pros and cons.

Inthe Garbage : Porn and meth... I ceep that in mind if i ever get terminal..

Adam : I did it when I was 19. I thought I was doing cocaine with a friend I trusted (shouldn’t do that either, I had problems), he got it from his brother who was a huge druggy. We thought we did a line of coke and then an hour a later we realized this euphoria wasn’t going to stop. I don’t remember much besides speed talking and smoking cigarettes and fixing up his car for about 10 hours. Then I literally sat down and fell asleep for about 12 hours.

nick lucas : Congrats man. I was a meth addict and lost everything. I'm now going on 6 years clean. Keep it up.

Virgo Heart : My Mom habitually smokes meth like a stoner would smoke weed and has for many many years. This helped me understand a lot of things.

AwesomeKinf : My mom was addicted to meth at a very young age thanks to her brother that go her into it. Like age 16 or 17. She ended up stopping when she got pregnant with my sister. She stayed clean off meth for a period of time but still was addicted to benzos. She lived the addict life style. I was born in 2000 and my dad wasn’t aware of what she was into, she hid it very well from me and I was absolutely attached to her. As I lived with her for the next 10 years of my life I watched her kill her self slowly. I would lay on the couch next to her all day long, she wouldn’t force me to go to school and she would be faded on the couch 24/7... I didn’t know what was going on I just thought she was sick and well she was... thought these 10 years my dad was fighting for custody of me, trying to get me outta the environment I was in. He finally got me and I was sad that I didn’t get to see my mom at all. She hit an all time low losing the joy of her life. I feel like I was the only reason she didn’t progress further into meth again. She ended up relapsing back into meth and now I’m trying my best being 18 years old to get the help she needs. She’s currently going to the methadone clinic and still taking benzos, she’s not supposed to mix them together but because she’s prescribed to them she thinks it’s okay. The last time I saw her was at her husbands fathers funeral. Completely different person..... Wasn’t the mom I remember and it hurts me.

Croazz B : 10:06 "what was your secret for getting straight A's?" "I smoked meth"

Steph K : I love it when a fellow addict can get on a platform like this and be so open and honest about their experience. People (especially adolescents who are experimenting) need to hear this stuff. It’s amazing that you are also able to share HOPE and VICTORY with 3 years sober, congratulations! That’s truly an amazing feat. Keep sharing with the world!

Wrestling Fish : all the dislikes are meth heads

95TurboSol : I know a woman that got addicted to meth, she used to go to my church, she had two great kids and took care of them well and was extremely close to them, her husband got addicted to meth but she stayed off it for a couple years then finally started using, her kids were removed from the house and she abandoned them, the kids were adopted by another family I know, but she rarely ever comes to see them, maybe 2 times a year, she has had 2 more babies since then and both were immediately taken into foster care and adopted out. Her whole personality is different, I can't even remember the person she was before, it's like two separate people. Long story short if you want to ruin your life and everyone you love around you do meth, otherwise STAY AWAY FROM IT.

Todd Laurette : Recovering addict too, (opiates), never tried Meth, not on the list either!! Been clean for 14 years!!!

Alexandra Phelps : Godamn this gives me anxiety my dude

RiCkY Leon : The highs seems so fucken good but the lows seem even more fucken bad i would never fucken try it

Can’t relate : Yoo yesterday I was in a biochem class and when my teacher turned on yt to show us some animation this popped up in her feed.. and Im like I’ve already watched this haha

Stephi Lee : this is so interesting

Spank Thy Monkey : Exactly, extremely incredible story and should scare the SHIT out of anyone ..you explained this better than anyone has ever explained this... but you being 3.5 years off of this garbage is what’s MOST INCREDIBLE THING.. please stay strong and keep up the great stuff YOU ROCK!

Finn Conroy : 7 and a half times better than sex... *eh?...*

Jess W : My best friend (ex best friend)'from high school has been on meth since 1995 . 24 Years..... He still works BUT he had no teeth and looks like he's 75 and he's 42. I don't know if he will ever get clean. Please pray for him....

Bobby Hill : the real life shaggy

You Tube : My Brother died because of addiction to meth. he don't eat anything if his high, he don't sleep till his body drops. Complications come on its way. Meth destroyed his body . Because of no sleep and no eating for a very long time many organs fail to function. He don't tell us anything of what he is feeling till it's too late. He was admitted to many hospital for many times. He died last year but still I can't believe his gone. His been a very respectful brother to me and I love him. If your addicted to meth, don't forget that your family always love you no matter what happen. You can change for your love ones and for yourself. it's not too late , you are still breathing . Change till it's too late!

jon gualteros : You have nice eyes and hair, just sayin

ono notagain : This clip should be shown in schools! Thank you cgkid. I've been there and luckily came back to sanity, eventually, but not until I destroyed all dear to me.

Ellen Casey : Wonderful your off this or any other drug.How did you get off My son is hooked on drugs can't get through to him yet has been arrested and it's killing me the worrying. Please pray my Son smartens up.

Adam Cooper : It makes your bad feelings into good feelings, it's a nightmare!

games i'm shit at : I appreciate how this guy doesn't pretend he didn't love meth

Alex Rodriguez : Facts it’s the devils pipe

Amira Z : I will never understand why people choose to "try" this drug? We're all human... if this has the power to hook one person after a single use, it'll probably do the same thing to you. It's really not worth trying it kids! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SHIT.

Bradmorrison : Wow. This video was amazing. As someone that has struggled with alcoholism briefly and a very strong addiction to weed for years, I can relate to everything you are saying in this video - except my drug of choice is weed. Its amazing how a drug that "isnt addictive" can actually be so addictive to me. I am not able to get through a day without smoking it. I use it to feel good and like you said about meth being an aphrodisiac, I use weed the exact same way. Watching porn while stoned is amazing. Just hearing how you describe the high from smoking meth, makes me want to try it - thats how much of an addictive personality I have. Guaranteed, if I smoked meth, Id be dead by now.

Eric Davis : i can tell you i had a friend go through meth, and then i didnt have a friend anymore, he was a terrific friend, very funny, bright guy, was in the band with me, next thing you know he quit band, partie wit thsse two girls i knowboth were very popular in my school and wanted me to join but i refused, i can tell you that i dont have great faith in a god, creator, karma or luck but something cause this overwhelming guilt feeling when i was with my friend before he was going to take the drug that i didnt know, something shook my body and guilt overcame my body and i heard this thunderous voice say run!!!! into my head louder than anthything ive heard, i wasnt on drugs ive never taken drugs so im guessing it was the creator of this earth yelling into my head to run away and get out of the situation.. sure enough years later i heard this guy tell me that my friend was an addict to meth and other drugs, it broke my heart and to this day i will never regret running out from that situation but will always be sorrofwul for my friend, my friend was also distracted by his other friend and girls so i couldnt talk to him that day so i ran like the voice told me to. You become a believer pretty quick in life. IF YOU ARE ON METH, I BEG yOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART TO PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET HELP, either from friends or family get help, or if you are religious a pastor. of course this is your addiction so you can control it, the drug controls alot of you but not all of you, there is still a way out, dont be like my friend. If you want darkness to choke you in your life then i guess meth is your ally but if you want light then get help and do everything you can to get out. people love you more than you will ever know. ive told my friend to get out of it but after years hes lost, hes become a zombie basically, he can get out but he doesnt want to.

Kenneth Saul : Bro, great video! Props on your sobriety. This is my 11th year sober.

Alex Bench : "First time i slammed meth i came my pants"

Sahid Parsard : If meth gives you 7.5 times more dopamine than sex(meaning it’s 7.5 times more addictive) then I can see why people have such a hard time trying to stop doing it.

mslolfunnybunny : Watching this because my mom went into drug induced psychosis and literally took her own life when I was 5 & please if you are taking this I genuinely cant say enough please seek help <3 someone cares so much about you and if they loose you that feeling of losing you never fades. I will always wish my mom found a outlet. And I’m 21 now its still heavy on my chest. Its more you just learn to live with a empty feeling. Seek help you are loved. I cant stress enough sending all the love and prayers to anyone dealing with someone or something related to this.

Shania Johnson : I just randomly clicked on your video because it seemed interesting, and I just wanna say even tho I don’t know you the fact that you’re sharing your story with others, giving people the real deal on what it’s like, and u have been sober for a few years is awesome. You’re awesome dude lol.

A Paid NASA Shill : When I was in school the way they "warned" us about drugs was by saying you'd be hopelessly addicted after one hit. But, that's the trap.. you feel fine after the first time. even after the first 20 times but the actual addiction sneaks up on you. at first you like it, then you love it, and once you can easily go out and buy it and go on a binge then find out you're sick, and can't function without it.. and by then it's too late, you're a full fledged addict. can't speak for meth, but I would imagine it is similar. I have used the stuff, but never got addicted to it.

CusterFlux : Unless it's 1940, and you've been assigned a Spitfire to fight the Battle of Britain … best avoided

DDhide14 : man I remember when I was on Meth, my urine would smell so toxic, like poisoned gasoline

Huma Onyango : 7x better than sex ... What? ... I always joked that if they could make sex into a chemical it would sell Billions..... Didnt know they had a 7x dose! ... That would make sex to be totally inferior!

Steven Reardon : Over half the people watching this is on meth or already knows the feeling. I had a tendency when I'd Get high I liked to watch other people get high or talk about it anyone with me?

Outer Spaze : Meth is bad. He lost his body during his addiction. He now remains on YouTube as a floating head talking about his experiences before the addiction took his body.

Peanut Butter and Jelly : I need to stop using meth I can't stop i was sober for 10 years and i started using a couple of months ago and they stopped for about a month and now I'm using again and it's getting hard I won't go to sleep for about 5 days and I'm hearing things that are not there and I need help I don't know why I'm writing this I just thought that it might help sorry guys

Joseph Lim : I tried it once, almost got me killed all night drinking and meth. Then in the morning feelin strong and all I sip 2 cups of coffee. Heart beats so fast its 130+ beats a min. Thankful im still alive. Will never try it again

Alan Spencer : Idk if I’m the only one who’s noticing this but your actually kind of cuteee lol.

Giulia Quit 3/1/06 : I'm 69 years old. This was informative, fascinating and helpful. And terrifying. I know a wee bit about brain receptors and dopamine from helping people quit smoking. I can totally understand why it's so addictive. I think you explained it all beautifully. You've certainly done your homework. Thank you. You're such a bright kid. May you never go back there.