What's Crystal Methamphetamine Feel Like? Why Is It One Of The The Worlds Most Addictive Drugs?

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Lacey Noel : Really interesting video. Stay clean my friend. ✌🏼

Summer Love : I used to be addicted to meth. I used to smoke it. And I remember taking big hits and seeing the white cloud. And then this tingling, euphoric feelings from my head to my toes. And it makes you feel like the sexiest person alive. And it's a whole underworld of people. You don't associate with "normal" people. The comedown is horrible and you feel sick and you can't move. Luckily I got out. I don't know how I did it. But some how my dog actually helped me. He loved me so much and I was neglecting him. And one day I decided no more. I locked myself in my room with a bunch of weed and music and just withdrawled. It was so painful. I remeber crying and crying and praying to God to let me just sleep. I was about 19 years old. I'm 35 now. My three best friends are still addicted and their lives are ruined. My best friend since 2nd grade lost all four of her kids. My other friend since 6th grade got life in prison. My other friend is still using and is in and out of prison. He has nothing. I am SO glad that I do not live like that anymore. I wouldn't have my kids. I wouldn't wanna live.

mefrn62 : I’m a nurse who works in addiction. I’ve never had someone describe the effects of meth as real as you did, it will help me be a better addiction nurse. Thank you 😊

Suzuki Halwende : "The first time I slammed methamphetamine I actually came my pants" - Cg Kid 2016

Kim Merrell : My daughter is a drug addict. She's been abusing some type of drug since she was 12 years old. She's 32 yrs old, married with 2 kids which I have custody of. Her & her pos husband have been using meth for over 3 years. It's gotten so out of control. He hasn't worked since October 2017. My daughter is on disability. Lost custody of the kids, evicted & homeless. The fighting is out of control. Police know them by 1st name. My daughter has an additive personality. She has already gone to rehab for heroin. She was clean for a few years. My son n law brought meth into the house with a recovering addict. No, she didn't have to use. They owe me thousands of dollars, I am disabled, they have gone through my house & stole anything worth money. My daughter is out of control with anger, destructive, hateful, hurtful. Everything is my fault. My son n law thinks he's the shit. My grandchildren have told me horrible things that they have seen or that happened to them. My daughter wishes me death, called me every horrible name possible. I am watching my daughter die. I know that I am going to bury her. I have enabled them. Not any more. I really have tried to help her. When DFS placed the kids in my care, the judge ordered them to do things to get their kids back. That was 10/17. They have done absolutely nothing. She has had 2-4 boyfriend's who are drug dealers & are not good people to be associated with. My son n law is a pos! I love my daughter, I can't help her. She still can't take accountability for her actions. Still lies about using. I'm not stupid. I have been dealing with her addiction for 20 years. I have absolutely no one to talk to. Your videos on meth really helped me more than you will ever know. They were both just recently arrested. He plead guilty so he has things that he was ordered to do for the court. My daughter case has been postponed. So she's even worse. I thought that losing the kids would have been rock bottom or being evicted, homeless, police looking for them, losing everything, together, separated while my daughter hooks up with another addict or dealer, my son n law burning my daughters stuff & spray painting her car on Facebook live, my daughter would take her car & ram it into his car over & over, breaking out windows, throwing stuff out of the windows, spray painting the house, cars,walls, destroying the entire house, anyone of these I thought would have been their rock bottom. They don't have one. I have an 11 year old granddaughter who absolutely hates them. My grandson is Autistic with ADHD & doesn't understand. I'm so lost, scared, hurt, angry & disappointed & I don't know what to do. I have no one. Thank you for your video.

Virgo Heart : My Mom habitually smokes meth like a stoner would smoke weed and has for many many years. This helped me understand a lot of things.

Colton Roark : Look how little cuts (aka editing to make himself look/sound better) there are if any. He can keep an open thought and continue it with intellectual and well spoken sentences for the whole duration of a video. While making very vaild and interesting points. As to most other people, who need to edit a shit ton.

K X G R : I smoked meth for seven years and I’m only 22 now. Been sober for a year and it’s been amazing being clean. Don’t do drugs everyone!!! Please!!!

C B : How did the exam go?

Flawless9183 : Lil Dicky I LOVE your music!

You Tube : My Brother died because of addiction to meth. he don't eat anything if his high, he don't sleep till his body drops. Complications come on its way. Meth destroyed his body . Because of no sleep and no eating for a very long time many organs fail to function. He don't tell us anything of what he is feeling till it's too late. He was admitted to many hospital for many times. He died last year but still I can't believe his gone. His been a very respectful brother to me and I love him. If your addicted to meth, don't forget that your family always love you no matter what happen. You can change for your love ones and for yourself. it's not too late , you are still breathing . Change till it's too late!

Angela Gioia : We’re not judging you. Just so you know. Thank you for sharing this with us! It’s very brave!

THOTH : Just dont do drugs. Ever.

Pickle Rick : This must be how frodo felt when he had and lost the ring

axel ocadio : This scares me since sex is such a good feeling and knowing it's only 200 units and knowing now that meth is 1500 units I could only imagine which I'm scared of.

taelicious : luckily, I don't even want to try a cigarette.

Kayla Campbell : Don’t watch this if you are in recovery lol triggered af

M3rg3 : I'm almost 20 years clean from powder cocaine and I still have very low dopamine at 50. Life after drugs is hard, but better...but hard.

Xavier Smith : I'm not gonna lie. Meth sounds amazing. If there was some way of guaranteeing you could control your usage, it'd be almost worth a try.

Tommy Khoury : Wow, your biochemistry is really on point. Youre very well educated and articulate. Im glad you are sobre!

games i'm shit at : I appreciate how this guy doesn't pretend he didn't love meth

Laurynn's Blue : His description of the feel is very alluring

Rayleena Robinson : Sober 2 years 😊

JG Luxe : I used to snort meth, Honestly, It wasn't addicting at all, until it was. I could control it, I would do it with co-workers whenever I wanted to, but out of no where (The wrong night too) After 1-2 years of on and off, I couldn't stop doing it. I did an 1/8th in an hour and OD'd. My whole body went numb, I was immediately drenched in sweat from 1 second to another. My heart was about to explode, Or at least it felt this way. I legit thought I was going to die. When the Ambulance picked me up, They told my sister (Who was in the back house) that I either die or I live, that they can't do anything to help when it's a Meth OD. Those were the words it took for me to realize that drugs are NOT the way. Well not that day, but the day I got up from my (What is it when you can't move but you're awake?) not a coma, but I couldn't move or anything. For 3 days. That was in 2015 and I have damage permanently done from that night, But I feel blessed to be alive. Hypertension and nerve damage (I often feel high randomly).


XamN : It shows you heaven while it drags you to hell

Alex Brown : Yaaaa Meth is honestly great when you first do it. I did it 2 times, loved it, and thats exactly why I stopped doing it. It made me feel like I could get my life together and shit, and that REALLY freaked me out that it can make you think that way after just one or two uses.

michael fowler : I used meth around 20 times over a five month period, weekends only. It was the greatest drug ever made. I was into writing manifestos, cleaning house, and art. Never had sex on it or watched porno so I don't know about that part. The rest of his experiences I relate to. Didn't get hooked because i never did more when the high ran out, till the next weekend. the horrible health effects are immediate and obvious. I lost 30 pounds. Was working collections and was a god at collecting debts. Planned a lot of crimes/heist, I'm just grateful I was to into the planning part and never carried out the plans. Meth is a hell of a drug. I have a kidney disease and only had 50% function when I tried meth. After the 15-20 times I used it, my kidney function went down to 25% knocking about 10 years off the life of my kidneys. Went on dialysis in my mid twenties instead of my late thirties like the doctors told me to expect, had to drop out of school.

Alpaca bong : I've smoked meth probably 8-10 times in the past 5 years or so, I'm 24 years old and i don't think I'll ever do it again. The high is fucking unreal, it's like cocaine x100 but luckily for me I've never fallen into the trap of addiction like i have with cigarettes and pot previously. I have never gone on a binge like most meth users for longer than 1-2 days which i think can really kick off the initial meth addiction as the fear of coming down is just too much. The reason I'll never do it again is the comedown the next day after stopping is just so fucking unbearable it makes me feel like a soulless empty husk and i can feel this was for 3-4 days after. The comedown just isn't anywhere near worth the high.

Logan Marshall : Stay clean buddy. I am also a recovering addict. I did alot of things and it took a long time to quit. But meth was the worst. It is one of the worst things on this planet. I have lost alot of friends and family. It's an epidemic in the US.

Zagan Lane : Thank you for being so honest about meth and for saying it so articulately.

flashlight0127 : Everything he says is so true! Meth is a very fun, enjoyable, and pleasurable drug but at the same time it can be a terrible, terrifying, demon substance once the after effects start to come on. Also when he says your eyes are just black dilated hes not lying it almost makes you looked possessed or something I swear. Its hard to believe this substance can cause users to literally stay up for days with no sleep to the point where the user is almost convinced they never need to sleep again. Or that it enhances the sex drive so much to a point that the pleasure is so amazing and intense that it becomes difficult not to continue in sexual activities for hours or even days at a time just to feel that unbelievable pleasure that one wouldn't think was possible once more! The point is this substance can be your best friend and worst enemy at the same time. Anything this alluring but at the same time so incredibly unnatural shouldn't ever exist on this Earth. Trust me once you start to use it and feel that incredible high and other effects mentioned, you're never want to feel sober again knowing that insane kind of feeling actually exists. Same with Heroin use but I won't go into that due to it being a different drug then the one being discussed in this video. I realize this is a huge ass paragraph but I just had to speak my mind lol, currently fucked up on Ice as this is being typed which is fucked up I know. I could probably go on and on about it but I'm going to end it here. If any of you guys actually read this thanks for giving it the time lol I appreciate it.

lexabuzz : Very raw. Thank you for sharing. I party and realized I am on a path making me vulnerable to picking up an addiction. We need to hear this type of stuff.

TEA and DRUM : It's interesting how the confidence came with a coldness toward other people. A lot of people that have low self-confidence care deeply about other people. Interesting how it can flip-flop like that. I would say that people with low self esteem could become more psychologically addicted to meth than people who don't need drugs for their confidence. How to raise confidence without losing the respect you have for others can be difficult cus you don't wanna think that you're better than them, but self-esteem is still an essential part of a good life.

Stephi Lee : this is so interesting

Kami Da truther : I hate meth its ruined my life, relationships, but it didn't take my beauty or teeth! 14 years of HELL!!!!!💯 IM STILL TRYING TO STAY CLEAN.. I DON'T HAVE ANY ONE TO CALL INTERVENTION. I use it to focus and study I know I could get adderall. I don't want anything at all that's the problem ☹☹💯

Kendall Watts : Him and The Weeknd would be great friends.

Jennifer Lewis : "I wanna be the calculus master"

Ryan : You have GREAT teeth for a meth addict....

Josh Truman : "im not gonna glorify this" ... "The first time I slammed meth I came in my pants". 😂

Davis Lauderdale : I tried meth 2 times before got addicted the 1st time I did so much with my friends that It made me sick af. Second time I did it I did alot less then got hooked at 15 and went to rehab now I'm 18 and Clea

Desiree Lamarche : Keep helping....you're making a difference!

Matter Manipulation : Underestimating the danger of psychoactive substances and use them irresponsibly will not be without consequences. However, demonizing drugs to the level where it becomes an issue of ethical acceptance is more harmful to the humankind. The psychopharmacology is the least researched area of science, mostly because it is challenging to get a license to study illegal drugs. Of course this is only one issue out of many, but generally, all the legal and ethical limitations related to the research of illicit medications make this topic of science very unattractive and unrewarding. However, the severe mental health issues that connected to the brain reward circuit due to neurobiological imbalance require those drugs for successful treatment. Currently, dopaminergic drugs appear to relieve psychological discomfort temporarily but eventually lead to addiction and generally make the symptoms worse than before. While serotonergic medications seem to be safe and helpful in very mild cases of mental health imbalance, their immediate effects are usually unpleasant and require at least few weeks to start working. Even though serotonin is an essential neurotransmitter, it plays an insignificant role when it comes to reward and motivation. The fact that the first time patient with issues of psychological nature will always be prescribed with SSRIs regardless of the symptoms makes it more than evident that science sucks when it comes to mental health. In any case, as an independent science enthusiast, I have dedicated some time to study neurobiology, psychopharmacology, and general topics related to mental health. From my somewhat limited knowledge, I believe the problem with drug addiction can be abstractly explained with Newtons 3rd law of motion 'For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction'. Merely saying, all the pleasure you get from drugs will follow by the equal amount of suffering. Unless you are ready to face the negative consequences, I highly advise from using any substance that induces pleasure. Of course, drugs are not the only source of joy, for example, social media, video games, too much sex (expecially the type that requires no partner) can be as addictive as drugs and have similar consequences. Another great example is a bank loan. While intelligent people use this opportunity to their advantage, ignorant ones end up taking more than they can afford and creating severe trouble with the law and ruin their credit history forever. It is a simplified principle which separates a responsible drug user from the drug abuser. The danger of amphetamine-class drugs including crystal meth is too exaggerated and based on anecdotes rather than facts. Which I believe is the biggest reason why people can't stop their habit, the stigma around meth addiction is a powerful demotivator. I know for a fact, there are people who used amphetamine-class responsibly during their studies, they achieved excellent results and never became addicted. I strongly advise watching lectures on methamphetamine studies by proffesor Carl Hart of Columbia University. This man dedicated 20 years of his life studying drug addiction, and all his talks based on facts and research. Of course, psychological cravings, depression and severe fatigue are unavoidable consequences. However, even in the worsed cases of abuse, this symptoms should not last longer than two weeks. Unfortunately, the anhedonia (inability to experience pleasure from everyday activity) will present for a long time. On the other hand, there will be no suffering. Personally, I see this state of mind as an opportunity to build your interests from the ground. If you do any activity for some time, you will start to experience pleasure. Unfortunately, your pleasure response will work in the same way as it works with the drugs. Despite the activity, tolerance will build up fast, and to enjoy whatever it is, it will require a compulsive progression otherwise the action becomes boring and pointless. Therefore choosing the right interests is vital, most important is to find the primary source of excitement that is not limited and will not be harmful during the compulsive progression. For example, socialization especially dating is probably the worst choice as a primary interest as it is too constrained and can cause significant financial and legal problems during the need for compulsive progression. The best primary choice would be self-education, it is completely unlimited, it only needs a laptop with access to the internet, and compulsivity, in this case, will be beneficial. This activity is also self-regulating regarding mental perception. Studying is not a pleasant activity, but understanding the particular topic and applying it in real life can be mentally advantageous activity.

Just Some Guy without a Mustache : Wow! He came in his pants after slamming meth for the first time lol

Nic Sanchez : Wow, that's pretty methed up. I'll see myself out.

Will Dominguez : Man, this was an amazing breakdown on what meth felt like and did to you. I’ve stayed away from it because of stories like this. Easy to get hooked on.

Katy Wright : As a recovering addict, thank you for your honesty and humility. It takes a lot to be truly honest about what we've been through

WBC 1999 : You look pretty healthy

Chavy Cash : You somehow managed to keep my full attention for the entire 17 minutes, something no teacher has ever accomplished.

whoohaaXL : I've smoked and shot Meth probably 25-30 times. Every time, I've hated it.....I'm a Subutex user, trying to get clean from opiates, but meth is just a dirty, awful high.