Woodcutter - Epic NPC Man (can a simple NPC become self aware?) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

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oscar gonzalez : That is a lv. 500 tree sir, it is not EASY to kill such beast.......

Zealots Bane : Meanwhile in the town Daughter:"I wonder when daddy is gonna be back with the firewood." Sorcerer:"I'm afraid your father is not coming back little one." (Qeueu Emotional music and sorcerer telling her father is trapped in an endless loop) Daughter:"..... I wonder when daddy is gonna be back with the firewood." Sorcerer:"F**k it I give up."

NATRON MAX : This was SO WELL DONE!! It was hilarious, but I actually felt real compassion for the Npc guy lol Great work!

Roy Derg : plz make a NPC revolution like Detroit become human

Kachi Jeek : the making of a psychopath, haha nice day for breaking npcs, aint it? ... huh uh!

BM03 : I wonder if Rowan already copyrighted his "Hu-ha!".

MrFedoraFilm : Side Quest: Chop down five trees in the near by forest so the Woodcutter can use to wood to keep his wife and child warm through the cold winter nights -Quest Reward: Three gold coins -Quest achievement: Lumberjack

Lord Darth Vader : This is what happens after you question NPC too many times Huh Hah

AkkarinRothen : Song: (Chill) Epidemic Sound - Peaceful Heartbreak 2


Jay Cee Productions : Npc Bloomer refusing black pill from xedgelordxdoomer69x. *sheds one singular non-binary tear*

abbas z : I can't stop watching this vid I've already watched it 30 times. I need that sad music please

VlAlexx : The sorcerer should have cut the tree down for him to see how he reacts lmao

AlexKazam : Wait That wizard guy doesn't have a name title on top of his head... If that guy is an NPC How can he walk around and become...free??

Oliver Knight : I was expecting the player to come back with the wood and get his 3 gold and only then the woodcutter would go back to his programing

Ibrahim Melikzade Videos : Legend Says Rowan Still Chopping Tree...

Andrae S : I think it's cruel for the wizard to try to make the Woodcutter aware that he has no wife, no child, and no home... 😭

Bacon's Boat Review : Legend says"He still trying to Chop The Tree"

Jacob Ellis : Game is still being played after 20 years? That must be a dam good game

Tey Dragonvale : Why did you break my heart? D:

General Zoadka : This has effected me a a deep level, I need to hide in a corner now.

Mountain Rat : I am extremely surprised there isn't an episode, "tea baggers"

yunafires : Rowan plays these characters so well. Been like 3x now, never get bored of it

Rennie Ash : It’s a re-hash of NPC man trying to convince baelin that he can say more than just “nice day for fishin’”... I knew he was going to “get back to chopping this tree” lol

kailen mitchell : I almost teared up. Really good emotion.

Jacey King : "Well, back to it" *swings axe* Goddamn just had some Walking Dead PTSD there.

Michał Kasprzak : Viva la Feel League more like..

jacq bian : Woodcutter was a splinter away from becoming a real person

MsgNinja *King of Pigs* : When AI become self aware. NPC: "We are same as people. We want freedom" People: "Shut it down before it become even more self aware"

andrew jones : Wait.. Eugeo is that you?! Did Kirito not come and help!?

Bisqwit : Meanwhile, Greg the garlic farmer is yet to farm his first garlic plant.

Fialovej Biftek : It would be more funny if he started crying

Gabriele Rocca : If you think about it, this means that skicraft is 20 years old! It's even older than WoW! :D

Bloody Dream : What is Your Level in Woodcutting? My Woodcutting Level is 99.

Prime : "Non-Player Character (NPC), sometimes known as a Non-Person Character or Non-Playable Character, is a video game character that is controlled by the game's artificial intelligence (AI) rather than by a gamer." Whatt? I just discovered it😄😜😝🤪

Chribit : I got some heavy westworld vibes from this. So you definitly got the „becoming self aware“ part right. :)

Martin Stich : 3 minutes of setup with no worthwhile payoff....... this was a waste of time

schaddly : its stuff like that that makes me feel bad for Cain from diablo. he was always like "stay a while and listen." while i was SO FAST to click identify and leave!! its as if i never got to say thank you or goodbye..

paulreg : Overpowered: lots of dead bodies on the floor of NPC's greg panicking as large monster (off screen) roars and a player lands in front of him (doing elaborate death animation), high level player runs through town and one shots the monster with a tiny fireball and just keeps going while greg and others just stare in shock.

Jamie Spruill : Love you guys. Wish I could donate on patreon. I can only give you that thumbs up though!

Mario Sepúlveda : When NPCs start to be selfaware and questioning things it’s because they are experiencing a glitch, so, to prevent a massive collapse of the servers, the main system aka The Matrix, has protocols and codes to protect itself, one of the is resetting the NPCs’s mind, once the command has been executed, for them, the NPCs, it’s like nothing has happened at all, so they can go ahead with their tasks over and over again, living their lifes and never knowing everything is a complete lie.

Thunderwell : "So, what's your budget to make these skits?" "Yes."

pacer1705 : As much as I wish to see Rowan’s character gets the short end of the stick once in a while, this time I genuinely sympathize for Rowan’s Woodcutter after Adam’s Sorcerer forcefully make him question his existence. Adam can actually be a real meanie and go toe-to-toe with Rowan. Lol.

Germie : Honeywood: Become human

ARMY : *_"morning! Good day for chopping tree ain't it huh hah"_*

PrometheusGER : Westworld fantasy edition, nice one.

Oleksa Romańuk : Hm, Woodcutter didn't say to Baradun that he has daughter... 🤔

Allan Hall : This is how you make an axe murderer in a full dive VR game, I cant wait!

chris whiskers : HAHAHA nice! Also thank you for not harming the tree <3