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ZHC : HEYO Artist Army! Which one did you like best and what character should I do next? Thank you for all your prayers for my carpal tunnel/tendonitis! I love you guys so much <3 Last chance to enter in my giveaway!: https://youtu.be/8zE2GSEN8ys The Artist Army is over 350,000 strong! We are the strongest and fastest growing art channel on the internet! LETSGETIT GUYS!!! and gals ;) Congrats on first comment: Mama Cita

Catalina Chan : It would be so cool if he gave art lessons... Like if you agree

Yohann : 3 years 3 months 3 weeks 3 days Bet you can’t do that one.

Myrna Simpang : Draw spiderman blind folded ZHC.

Selene Vong : *likes my own comment because no one else will Edit:OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HEART ZHC I LOVE YOUU

Tom Jedusor : Your 30min would probably take me 3hour to draw

Jayden Bastien : the suit isn't vibranium it is nano tech

RiZ : Can you give tips on shading? I really struggle on shading..

Albert Rosas : 30 minutes: amazing 3 minutes: great 30 seconds: 5 year old drawing 3 second: what is that

MR. joker : You should've done a 0.3 second one

Flavio Urbina : What are you doing?! Get Back to resting! 😠 Don't force yourself to Draw if your Carpal Tunnel is still feeling bad. 😁 Take it easy man.

AbbiCat : Can we just...acknowledge ZHC being flirty with Michelle😂 13:24 13:29 14:22

Turtle Tat : In your 3 minutes to make iron man it would take me 3 hours do do that 🤣

Wolf Draws : Huh the last one looks kinda like you (this is a roast I’m not saying this to be mean)

fandomrandomship !!! : You should stop straining your self, try doing digital art and other things, the artist army will fight on for you.

Tricky Swerve : You’re freaking amazing man love ittt

XtraZ01 :D : 9:14 me: * awkward silence* Oh yea, *Question: what paper do you use?*


Jay Pauler : The Mark-50 Suit Is My Favourite Armour Among The Mark 1-49 BTW.. NICE DRAWING... I SUBBED!

Brian Lam : Man the fact you call it vibranium suit bothers me

Daniel Son : his suit isn't vibranium, its nano tech... just saying

Elijah Moore : Hmm.... THANK YOU! I have been making super heros and villains the 30sec. One give me an idea. Just with better looks

ZF-Zack : or what's the strength of his pencil? (2b,3b,HB......?)

Craig Taleon : Hey are you okay now

Sakuya Kiku : Ahhhhhhh it’s good! But please don’t stress yourself! Especially since your carpal tunnel isn’t doing too well! I’m happy and I’m sure we all are but take care of yourself too!

14Benbowt : Draw Thor with his new hammer 🤔

Alexis Thompson : Wanna know what i could get done in 3 minutes...... A veryy detailed stick figure😂😂

Nora _Art :3 : Artist Army Artist Army Artist Army!!!!! I kept saying that so loud my mom thought I was crazy

Thingsrstranger11 Me : You should draw scarlet witch and U are awesome 😎

Jathan Gold : This is Billy 🐥 Billy is ur biggest fan... But Billy is dying 😢 If u pin Billy's comment he will be cured!

LoliOnii-chan Senpai : Challenge: Drawing Ironman in 3 second

Frag Fumbler : My dude take it easy with that carpal tunnel we would all understand if you took a break for awhile and we will all keep praying for you

CringeMew Ari : You : 3 hours to draw super art Me: 10 hours to draw leg/ hand Now you inspired me to send meh ibis paint x art on yt (rip eyes whoever sees it)

ZF-Zack : What's the name of his pencil?

ProGamerzXx lol : Hey man!! What kind of pencil do u use man I really want em btw keep it up!! Love ur art!!

MAKE A DEFERENCE شكل فرقاً : the 3 minutes iron man looks very proud, maybe because he is from the future the 3 second one is dead

Kiara Animates : And I take almost and hour to draw a stick figure

carooo / : Noooooo im sooo late!! It was 4:00 am where I live when you posted this and then I had to go to school and I literally just got back 😭Anywayyy... the 3 hour drawing turned out amazing! (The 30 min one was great too) 🙃 I would’ve never been able to draw that many details!

Elias Gueye : Still using YT videos as timer huh . Anyway , as Big Marvel would say : " ESKERRIIIIIIT !! "

Gamcha : NOTIFICATIONS SQUAD!!!(☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎

It's Kate !?! : Damn why can't I draw like that. I need to practice more often.

Reverse Venom : The 3 second one looks like you ZHC

Kingfrudge : Me: * draws a dragon for 10 hours * Random family member: * walks by, looks at my drawing * Wow nice keyboard! Me: * 13:51 *

Aiden Matthew : This dude literally likes every comment💪

Gracie Mccall : Hi ZHC!!! I am still hoping you will be able to draw My Hero Academia characters!!! Let me know if you can and I hope your day is awesome ;)

MLGsniper boi : I tried this challenge and my 3 hour drawing looked like my 30 second drawing🤣🤣

Morgan Gray : Think it would be cool if you drew other super heroes maybe like a group picture

yGalaxyGamer : That was AMAZING dudee keep it up

DarkRedWhite 1 : Looks like Blue Beatle!

Myrna Simpang : I really really love the your drawings ZHC