DK me up inside

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Also check out this similar idea that apparently has already been out for a couple days: Me: (plays this video on my phone) Priest: once again kind of weird but not a sin

Comments from Youtube

The Guy : S A V E M E F R O M T H E D O N G

Panzer Man : Do you think God stays in heaven because he too lives in fear of what he's created.

Bryce : Jesus Christ this is the pinnacle.


?? : That was... bananas.

A.J. McNulty : Perfect songs don't exi-

Burke Boydell : 0:12 instantly liked

Manny Rios : "Save me from the dong"

Artemis 008 : atheists explain this

Pinkish Dynamo : the nothing ive beKONG

CausticFoil : Holy shit. I was not prepared. First few seconds and I was choking to death. Holy shit. This is the hardest I have ever laughed in my life.

Eddie Lehman : His coconut gun Can fire in spurts

Waluigi WEH : Best sentence mixing of the DK Rap i've heard

Maria Rita : u cured my cancer

the pun master 489 : is this what heaven sounds like

Osha Hott : SilvaGunner senpai needs to notice this.

Wolf : i've never seen such quality within a creature

Wumbo123 : Save me from the dong

Calvin Thorsen : Please make more, the world needs you right now This is art of the highest form

Kyle Wainwright : this has no style this has no grace

SSEmery : Expand my dong inside

PizzaPieOverlord : *COCONUT IN GUN*

AlliroG98 : Should be "Wake D Up Inside", with D standing for Donkey (Kong)

Quincy L Jones : So they're finally here.. Performing for us.

Magik Mike : How convenient that this was uploaded only 3 days after the Bring Me To Life / DK mashup I

PR Fo : I bet this is what the song would sound like if Eiffel 65 sang it.

Then00bhunt3r : Save me from the dong

Generic Weeb : What an amazing birthday gift. Thank you for expanding my dong.

TwerkyMan : I have no words... This is pure MASTERPIECE! You did a very good job The Chewanater!

Bige : Save me from the kremling I’ve become

heavysmoker : u cured my aids but gave me cancer

Flunting : I used to be a fan but now... I'm a air conditioner

TheLoadingCrew : This was so painful to watch....but I couldn't not watch it...This is art...I hate it...

SuperSmashJon : This video was a trip from start to finish

Legojake94 : how did you get into my shower to recordme without noticing?

Euphoric Pizza : Thanks dad

4thchamp : Sometimes, you never know you really wanted something until you get it. I never knew I wanted this to exist.

HildaTunner : I like this new Nintendo song.

Jeff Reviews : But why though?

perropolinas : theres no god only D O N G


Mystical Yeet : Explain THIS, atheists

Comical : "Save me from the nothing I've beKONG"

Evelyn Brooks : How did I get here And that description lol "once again kind of weird but not a sin"

MichaΕ‚ Janik : Am I in heaven?

tiggle5485 : Man peach has terrible recovery

Magnus Chamberlain : New favorite video on the entire internet

Tails Polski KanaΕ‚ ソニック : 0/10 ign needs more coconut guns

Bok Choy : perfection of the arts