Die Woodys - Fichtl's Lied

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Dino : School: history exam Me:

VITDIV SHOW : что это??? обьясните мне пожайлуста!

BLACK MAGE : Too much cocaine

HydraLine : I'm proud to be German.

Sebastian Kunzel : That happens if you eat the wrong moshrooms in a german forrest.

PaddyEnduro : How high are you? :D

Flamongo : lol wie der Typ links lächelt als der Baum sagt: "Ihr Menschen werdet nie mehr glücklich sein"

Stamexticeye : They all look like titans from attack on titan

Vitaliy Cherkasov : Guy in the left: This is what I look like when someone punches me in the face. Guy in the right: This is what I look like when I'm high.

FleiFlou : Ey... ohne Witz.... jeder der sich die Kommentare auch gerade durchgelesen hat wie ich, der weiß wie es mir geht xD Ich kann nicht mehr , die Kommentare sind die besten xD

FunForSameer : I have finally clicked this video.. I've seen that thumbnail countless times oml

Ksinolaxano Face : The quality of the drugs they took was either excellent or horrible! There is no middle ground!

Leo Freund : 2018?

supercar fan : 0:12 jump scare

Honey : WTF

Guitar Lessons - Rock, Blues and Metal : I want to make this into a guitar lesson.

Regan Sides : Doctor....you have 3 minutes to live Me......

IntelPentiumMMX : It only gets weirder when you know that the lyrics are kinda dark. In summary they are saying: You are making the Spruce Trees miserable, Start using environmentalism or Mother Nature will die. And yet they are smiling the whole time, playing happy music, going LALALALALA and singing the song in a happy tone. HOW MANY DRUGS DID THESE GUYS TAKE!? THEN THE CROWD CLAPS EVEN THOUGH THE SONG MAKES NO SENSE!

Montagu trains : La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la

Bananinator : *für das restliche Leben verstört...*

I sell kids for memes : That drum guy doesn't even contribute to the song lol

TheJoKeR1090 : Links: total dicht Rechts: total besoffen 😂😂😂

OnlyOne : That was a bad idea to watch this on 3:00 am

yvngxsober : All rise for the national anthem.

Żupan : The strangest thing is that they actually look like they're having fun

Swifty Unknown : They eat people.

tein HD : I'm scared...

Neipy : This video made me sit on my TV and watch the couch.

WWE Toons : 0:07 when you finish your exams


Sewer Studiouz : That drop at 1:54 tho

Jennys biene : Warum hat der linke so viele Zähne 😲?

Til W. : lol

Ingen Jelly : I think they used this to destroy the Berlin Wall by blasting this as loud as possible

SG Dynamo : Sorry aber ich kann diese 2 Idioten einfach nicht ernst nehmen

Lochinator Die Lochis : I can't stop watching this Video😁

Das Einhorn : it’s about caring for the environment.

Mirella A. F : Gente, como faz pra parar de ver isso

daniel daniel : Baraka of Mortal Kombat 00:57

Karlos TV : 1:02 LOOOOOOL

Superdumpfback : 0:24 Die Pfeife hat vergessen zu zwitschern ^^

Mihael Čudak : Nazi germany anthem

Kekka Wizard : Wow, this is the Germany! Wow, wonderful! Ehm...

EvilMorty/Tøbi : Auf was bin ich denn jetzt schon wieder :/

AniCrow : I thought i ll find more 2018 anyone? Comments... I am so happy :,)

DasMxD : My daily drugs.

Jacob Schneider : Man those germans, scare you in more ways than you can image!

Ashish Bhatt : his smile makes me smile

snowbeast1 : ölj meg

church of danny devitoism : despacito 2: europe release