Die Woodys - Fichtl's Lied

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Hamsterwheel : The year Germans found out about weed...

MeadowModZ : He must have smoked a whole tree

Merkuary : why wasn't this song in youtube rewind??? disappointed.

Mick Morel : That's why aliens don't come to earth

Callie :3 : Can Germany please sing this for Eurovision?!!

Conor O'Brien : Two SS officers keep morale up at the front lines - Nuremberg, 16th April 1945

TrolldickOG Sr. : Police officer: "how much marijuana have you smoked tonight?" Guy on the right: *tweets like a bird* Guy on the left: "Yes."

Gilgamesh Ur-Nammu : The new Rammstein album looks dope

easy rider : Better than despasito ???

Kugelschötchen : Saxons: We are the craziest state of Germany! Bavarians: Hold my beer.

Vilsa-Brunnen Medium : Ein meilenstein der deutschen Musikgeschichte

A AA : My last two brain cells after the exams

ChakkyP : This is the most German thing I’ve seen since the Third Reich

WelloBello : The song is about the environmental death of the planet set to the most happy go lucky tune imaginable. How very German.

Jemand, der Nachdenkt : Hier ist der deutsche Kommentar, den du gesucht hast.

Mr. xD : At least this song has a message: dont do drugs.

Gunold Dump : Hitler's generals in the Fuhrer bunker, 1945 Berlin (colorized)

mark hartshorn : Well found myself in the strange part of youtube again

Luisa Bla : Irgendwie ist das schon sehr cringe wenn man so aus Deutschland kommt...😂😅

Itz Claudee : 2:13 He forgots to Whistle 😂😂

DasMxD : My daily drugs.

ComradeStalin101 : What if it was sung on Eurovision?

MrTMCZ Productions : Two german soldiers when they saw Red Army rushing towards Berlin, 1945 (colorized)

watching videos : die woodys: we will start ww3 :)

German Flux : 1:28 ich hab angst vor dem typen

Belgian-Motorsport : I love how they sometimes forget to whistle. :D

linas sipila : Was looking for Die Puhdys, found Die Woodys.

Gamerkiddie xD : Ach du kacke die Zähne!!🤢🤮😷

Callie :3 : *This is what happens when you loose two world wars*

Anitra Lippmaa : Even my dog laughed!😂😂😂

PaddyEnduro : How high are you? :D

NubsGetSubs Ltd. : Forest Men on LSD (colorised)

Miles Harrison : Fichtl's Song - Lyrics in English Guy on left: I am little Fichtl From the land of magic And I'm asking you people To please be wise Guy on right: (slightly disturbing) Our life is endangered If nobody helps us, we're gonna be in dire straits And you humans will never be happy again Both: Lalalalalalalalala Lalalalalalalalala Lalalalalalalalala Lalalalalalalalala Lalalalalalalalala

depressed : my mind at 3am 1:01

Skypeg : From blitzkrieg to this

I haven't taken shower for 7 weeks, but : I literally typed "high german guys song", because i forgot the group and song name.

What Happened : Mom: 1 song before bedtime! Me:

Michael : Still the best music known to men.

Kappa : What is life?

PavelNismo : I love mother Germany for beer and that

ImImran : German drugs are the best drugs.

Biowark : I definitely hate my recommended videos.

Justin Hübner : Hier mal n deutscher kommi. Dieses Lied ist geil Wenn man druff ist

Ahmad Hudan : German 1945:Die fahne hoch German now:fichtl's lied

WelshWebb : I don't know what's funnier... watching the video or reading the comments!

Eiterbeule : Was schaue ich mir hier gerade an?!

卍†卐 : Non-German: What kind of drugs you use? German: *This.*

HEBERTH -999 : Piuf piuf

Semreh : What the hell

Sieg Heil Mechui : This is why France surrender