Die Woodys - Fichtl's Lied

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Hamsterwheel : The year Germans found out about weed...

Mr. xD : At least this song has a message: dont do drugs.

Deejay_Jr96 : I live in Amsterdam and even i don’t know what these 2 were smoking.

Boccaccio1812 : The funniest part was the end when it showed an audience of full-grown adults applauding... I thought this was from a kid's show or something lol

Ben Mitchell : Doctor: you have 2 minuets and 23 seconds to live Me:

Conor O'Brien : Two SS officers keep morale up at the front lines - Nuremberg, 16th April 1945

Gerritovic : Alexa, spiel meine Abwaschplaylist ab

Lucky Louis : Thats why in Germany weed is not allowed

Whip : This genuinely made me decide to go with a German class for high school.

Adolf Hitler : Jesus I leave for a few decades and this happens? What the hell man.

Vilsa-Brunnen Medium : Ein meilenstein der deutschen Musikgeschichte

Coy Witt : If I ever marry again this will be our wedding song

thxz_ hoxz : Alles klar "Und ihr Menschen Werdet niemals glücklich sein" LALALALALLAALLALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA irgendwie Gruselig😂

official cactus : my brain during a test

ich mag robin : DANKE MERKEL

Christian Stranzl : Ob die beiden damals schon wussten, dass sie 30 Jahre später zum Internet Hit werden? ^^

DerBaum : Die Zähne machen mir angst :C

Marian Storm : They are telling us to save the nature but their instruments are made out of wood 😐😐

Mlenny : *why do I love this song so much?*

DasMxD : My daily drugs.

Ghost of Ice : This is Germany's revenge for Versailles.

Funny Figaro : Don't do drugs kids. You really don't want to end up like this.

creajakt : my last two brain cells in class

Anna Volk : Was leuft hier eigentlich schief😂

I haven't taken a shower for 7 weeks, but : I literally typed "high german guys song", because i forgot the group and song name.

Spiegelei HD : was haben wir deutschen getan????

RedxFifa : Wenn man nach „German Drug Song“ sucht erscheint das als oberstes suchergebnis 😂

Getreidemarkt : Actually it's a song for children telling how important it is to save the nature :-)

Al Badass : Rare Footage Germans Invading Poland Colorized

Avery Lopez-Baines : Germany.....what is going on? Are you guys okay?

Neon : I'm offensive and find this German

1,000 subscribers without video : Slow down the speed of the music at 0.75x and 2x it would sound more like a game song

MrEagle2704 : What am I doing with my life... it's 4 am

EMOX _ : I'm german...and this makes me suicidal

CONFIGUR3 : This demotivated Germany in the world cup

jimmyromano249 : This is what America would be like if we lost WWII.

Jahin Alam : every country has weird side

Elduin Elduin : I LOVE YOU GERMAN !!!!

Giuseppe Fantuz : Friedrich: -Hans! We are losing the War...The soviets are conquering Berlin! Hans: literally makes birds sounds while playing the bongo

PaddyEnduro : How high are you? :D

Florian Rachbauer : Ein ganz großes Stück deutsche Musikgeschichte😂😂😂

Jacqueline Ludwig : This is what greets you at the gates of hell.

SP-1822 : my brain at math exam

Bunditos : I feel like german,but i can't do drugs

Lepkember : Japan: nobody is more mindfuckingly weird than we are. Germany: Hold my beer!

Ruben Algas : Hitler would have been proud

Yolo_ Henno : This Moment when you are German 😂😐😂😂😂

DDR : Western propaganda!

Aaron Feter : Cocaine in visual/audio form

Eiterbeule : Was schaue ich mir hier gerade an?!