Die Woodys - Fichtl's Lied

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I sell kids for memes : That drum guy doesn't even contribute to the song lol

JuStiN : Schlümpfe nachmache!

LeonMachtVideos : Germany after the war with france

ONLY Clan : my brain when I doing homework at midnight

Melo Drama : Made by incest ™

Tarik Martinovic : Alles klar😁😁😂😂

triggeredfrog : 1900's Logan Paul.

VC Guerrilla : Spreads message to save trees, uses instruments unnecessarily made from wood

qtwaes : Was dancing to the song until I read the lyrics...

Green Tea : LSD is one hell of a drug

Tarik Martinovic : 2× ist so geil

Rednews lol : 2 Autisten, 2 Strophen, 20 Mio. geistig zurückgebliebenen Zuschauer und den wohl besten Beatdrop seit Christipimmelfahrt ( lalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalalaallahuakbar)! Lmfao

bravolondon : they should sing this naked!

zhe awesome cam : i can't believe youtube put tis on my music playlist, youtube realy knows what i like

Viktor Horváth : When you loose 2 World War and don't know what to do :(

Aurimas Knieža : They are bach!!!! Search for Ficthls lied 2017 ! For real!

nigga : Hitler would be proud of them

Dank Clorox Bleach!!!!! : This is what happens when you loose 2 world wars

LukeHraje CZ : *They are on crack xD*

Isabella W : Mein Hirn während einer Schularbeit...

Mishkin : Me (hits a blunt): *I found a cool song on YT* Friend: *You better not play some bullshit* Me: *Don't worry, this will change your life.*

Felipe Valladares Cabrera : The german marijuana is the best...

Flavio Pereira : I lost my virginity to this.

Felix Gaming Fan : Pausiert bei 0:59 das Video und guckt euch den Blick an!

Jin Yuan Lew : I dare you to put this on my birthday, wedding party and funeral... Ich wage es, dies an meinem Geburtstag, Hochzeitsfeier und Beerdigung festzuhalten ... 我要你把這個放在我的生日,婚禮和葬禮上。。。 Te reto a que pongas esto en mi cumpleaños, fiesta de bodas y funeral ... 私は私の誕生日、結婚式のパーティー、そして葬儀にこれを置くことを敢行する... Я смею поставить это на свой день рождения, на свадьбу и похороны ...

DestiX : Wilkommen in Deutschland

Dobby the house elf : This is what happens when you do drugs

Adrixu : 1:00 XD

Dynamometryczny : Naćpane syny niemieckich folksdojczy :D

Niclas Anacker : mal wieder drogen im spiel ? 😂😂

Hubert Applebaum : The fuck those teeth give me nightmares. Remind me of my ex wife.

Emm Cai : Wer hat auch nen Lachflash bekommen XD ?

Rafael Tfggv : Germany after Dunquerque.

Twenty Paphonie : Here for that "SPACIAL" surprise

Dan Maftei : I for one welcome tonight's inevitable nightmares after watching this.

Vilsa-Brunnen Medium : Ein meilenstein der deutschen Musikgeschichte


Redzombie 001 : Germany took losing World War 2 hard.

Archie Team Aqua : Pause at: 1:00 ☺

Chris Kokee : Song festival?

Superdumpfback Hitler Parodies : 0:24 Die Pfeife hat vergessen zu zwitschern ^^

TonLp123 : Dumm oder so?

Deadcruse1 Mannerheim : think germany became a bit wierd after hitler killed him self

somedude 69 : Me: we are loosing!! My squad:

somedude 69 : the guy on the left pulls the same face as a titan from attack on titan

Spunky Animations : I used to have a phobia of dolls, but the faces of these two guys terrifies me more.

Kollin Holder : I’m going to have nightmares😰

Tomaneg ́ : XDDD

Grimbo Gremlin : This is what losing 2 world wars does to a country.

Anthony Lee : Any 9gagger?