Die Woodys - Fichtl's Lied

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Eine Produktion von Tony Marshall Superhitparade der Volksmusik 1984


NeverEverClever : How can they sing about saving the forest when they obviously smoked it all already

James Rauhaus : *Me* : I think I’ll go to bed *Me at 3am* :

BananaPeeler69 : This song is kinda depressing when u see the lyrics and think about it.

Sean Rogers : 5 years after this song, the Berlin Wall fell and Germany was reunited. Coincidence? I think not.

Lenny _McLovin : Das sollte der Partei Song der Grünen sein :D

FelixCraft 12716 : Wer guckt dass noch in 2019??? LIKE WENN JA

Roster Foster : Well. I'm on the weird side of the internet again. Edit: thanks for the likes

Felix 1892 : The song is actually about how we destroy mother nature 😂😂

Ethan : A song about saving the forests... but those guys look like they smoked an entire forest! ahaha

Kizan : I never felt more proud being a a real german.

Florentman Fish : My Friend: What are you doing in your Freetime? Me:

lucas van lippevelde : My brain during a math test..

Maja Pass : Vor allem die Leute klatschen am Ende😂

Blackpink is life B : Wer findet es auch statt „schön“ einfach verstörend?🤔😂

Chao Wingching Hongfingshong PingPangPong : When people ask me what kind of music I Iike: Me: Its... difficult...

Karma : Schon traurig, dass solche Holzköpfe klügere Sachen sagen als unsere Politiker...

ILLYRIA88 : Ab jetzt versuche ich Wälder zu vermeiden, ich habe nämlich Angst dort so kranken Menschen wie denen beiden zu begegnen 😂😂😂😂

the random : biggest german meme of the entire human history

Rentiq : You may not believe me but in less than 5 years this song is gonna be the next German national anthem. Mark my words.

Viktor : If Germany won the war

10.000 subs without video : 2019? Das sollte deutsche Nationalhymne werden

Yannes Wehebrink : The year the german found out about drugs.

Never Ever : "Und ihr Menschen werdet nie mehr glücklich sein! LALALALALALALA" Ok

296k - Informative Videos : Dieses Stück soll die Nationalhymne unserer deutschen Bananenrepublik sein!!!😂🇩🇪

It's useless : I can see why Britain left the EU

TutePlays : Die beiden Sänger haben den Song vor 3 Jahren noch einmal gesungen. Schaut mal hier: https://youtu.be/uxlsPrPF_lk

Eric Meier : Bohr wo sind die Hengen geblieben

Yuzi Lee : i was gonna watch porn afterward but this made me not to and go to sleep.

Knitted Cthulu : Nobody:... Germany: Seriously, germany, are you okay?

DeepEye1994 : If alien lifeforms will ever contact us and ask us to send something to them, we should send this.

MythicalShots : Police: How often do you consume drugs? These guys: Yes

Tanja Dermody : I think this will be my alarm clock wake up song in the morning AND my ringtone! Kinda wondering if those are their bedroom faces and moves....kinky

HannibalHolmes : Me: * is a German exchange student * Everyone: So... what do you guys do in your free time over there? Me:

ich weiß ich bin dumm, aber : Top 10 reasons to visit Germany

Michael De Santa : haters gonna say it's playback

Abigail McCarthy : Uuuuuuhhhhh... These lyrics are kinda dark... you good Germany?

Lost Searcherz : Nobody: Fichtl: You will never be happy again lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala Me: WTF I THOUGHT THIS WAS HAPPY

DroverChicago : Top Keyboardists of All Time: 1) Rick Wakeman 2) Stevie Wonder 3) Ray Manzarik 4) Billy Preston 5) Axel Fritz the Keyboard Log Player

Smoking Snake : [After hitting the shoemaker glue can] [Friend] Yoooooo man, how high are you? [Me] 0:12

Cherry X : Germany got good weed

Lucas Nester : Hilfe? Suche deutsche Kommentare aber finde keine wtf

The cat meme : If you have a bad day, watch this 0:59

Roxyr Gaming : Alta Berufs was das Störung oder was?

Standius Studio's : Making of Green Peace, 1984, colourized.

TheMackey5 : The face expression of the left guy is like "kill me!"

Distructionmfk : Warum sind hier alle Englisch?

henry77567 ONLINE/ Lukas ONLINE : 2019? Thats why I love Germany😂

Engelskatze : Time to annoy my neighbours!

Red Maxx XIII : 0:24 Someone forgot his cue to bird-chirp.