Die Woodys - Fichtl's Lied

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Hamsterwheel : The year Germans found out about weed...

gerdokurt : Beethoven 9. Symphony :  23 Millionen views Woodys: 32 Millionen views #rip mankind xD

Merkuary : why wasn't this song in youtube rewind??? disappointed.

LOST//失われた : This was Hitlers secret wepon

IDK : Whos watching this January 2019?

Conor O'Brien : Two SS officers keep morale up at the front lines - Nuremberg, 16th April 1945

Kacper Poland : Why every word in German sounds like someone want to kill you

GNOOSH - : These people almost took over the whole world ALEXA PLAY DIE WOODYS

Boring Life : 2019?

Ris : this should be EU anthem

Mr. xD : At least this song has a message: dont do drugs.

McLovin : Mozart, Beethoven, Die Woody's Germany had always the best Musicians

Skypeg : From blitzkrieg to this

emrald creeper 433 : Why did YouTube put this in my song mix. I'm not disappointed, I'm just asking why.

Miles Harrison : Fichtl's Song - Lyrics in English Guy on left: I am little Fichtl From the land of magic And I'm asking you people To please be wise Guy on right: (slightly disturbing) Our life is endangered If nobody helps us, we're gonna be in dire straits And you humans will never be happy again Both: Lalalalalalalalala Lalalalalalalalala Lalalalalalalalala Lalalalalalalalala Lalalalalalalalala (By the way, my Bavarian friend translated it) Edit: Thanks so much for 44 likes!

Vilsa-Brunnen Medium : Ein meilenstein der deutschen Musikgeschichte

Ben : Bruder muss ganz dringend los

Graf Nickynick : Was nehmen die für Drogen.....Ich will die auch

Darsam : When you watch this video, you understand why old people don't really like environmentalism

nolanception : my last two brain cells

Belgian-Motorsport : I love how they sometimes forget to whistle. :D

Ahmad Hudan : German 1945:Die fahne hoch German now:fichtl's lied

Eumi Eumi : 1:53 when the beat drops

Denny Zockt : Why Did Sheet music Boss Done This on Piano. . . .

Wolfgang Earl Fliegevogel : Das ist so dermaßen kult, die Typen sind so dicht, ich liebe es.

DasMxD : My daily drugs.

Sf1 Eagle : Humanity has left the chat

Michael Hurd : The new Wolfenstien looks dope.

Risky : Police- how much marijuana u got here, looks like pollen Aker Guy to right- well you can look at my teeth Guy to left- well, my hat is Made of marijuana

WichtigerTyp Kappa : 1:28 ich hab angst vor dem typen

Cerdaspedia Indonesia : I literally typed "high german guys song", because i forgot the group and song name.

Vladimir Putin : Better than kpop

AllenX : 2019??

gw herp yah? : The thumbnail is exactly me when my brother eating all the pizza

Charlies Del Toledo : Ich bin der kleine Fichtl vom Zauberland Und bitte euch ihr Leute Ihr braucht Verstand Unser Leben ist bedroht hilft uns niemand, droht uns Not Und ihr Menschen werd nie mehr Glücklich sein Lá lá lá la la la la la Lá lá lá lá lá la la la Lá lá lá lá lá lá lá lá Ihr lieben Menschen Kinder num hört mal her. Lhr macht den kleinen ficht'l Das leben schwer. Unchtet stets auf unweltschutz Sonst geht ihr kaputt vom schmutz. Und die mutter rede Gibt es bald nicht mehr. Lá lá lá lá lá lá lá lá Lá lá lá lá lá lá lá lá Lá lá lá lá lá lá lá lá la la la laaaa

ImImran : German drugs are the best drugs.

Mccrispy _ : * Germany left the Chat *

MuTe : they are not even playing the instruments

Logic : Hitlers supersecretspezialweapon short HSSSW88

Retro Zocker : 32 Millionen Aufrufe unsere Musik ist einfach großartig

Avery Lopez-Baines : Germany.....what is going on? Are you guys okay?

raby760 : This video erases all thoughts of Germans having the Nazis in their history.

Simplywonderful : Never have I been so proud to be part german.

Piccikikku : Now I finally see the wunderwaffe

Michael : Still the best music known to men.

CONFIGUR3 : This demotivated Germany in the world cup

Mr Steal Your Girl : And they say Germans don't have a sense of humor

Hussar : 1:03 New german army xD

LeColonelConnard : Suis je le seul français à connaitre cette musique

Weeaboo Dragon : Why Hitler shot himself, He predicted the future