Die Woodys - Fichtl's Lied

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Hamsterwheel : The year Germans found out about weed...

Belgian-Motorsport : I love how they sometimes forget to whistle. :D

teun gerrits : the police: what type of drugs did you use and how many? Die Woodys: yes

Brykewl : Holy shit how many teeth does he have?

rocksalt : this is the kind of thing you do with your best bro and never tell anyone

Conor O'Brien : Two SS officers keep morale up at the front lines - Nuremberg, 16th April 1945

Dat_Spi : “I should probably get some sleep” My mind at 3am:

Tim Vollert : Germany in the 80s : we need to rais awareness about climate change Die Woodys : halt mein bier

huffpuff1337 : when you destroy Brazil's pride with 7-1

Kero 578 : Better than Fortnite

Vilsa-Brunnen Medium : Ein meilenstein der deutschen Musikgeschichte

MeadowModZ : He must have smoked a whole tree

Sutsui : Deutschland, das Land der Dichter und Denker

mehdi el aissaoui : *Meanwhile* *in* *Germany*

Adolf Hitler : Before operation barbarosa

J M : I wonder if this is what the world would be like had the nazi's won the war

Antonio Lopez : Ich möchte dieses Lied bei meiner Beerdigung haben

Aurinko Sunshine : Best Global Warming campaign ever

Skullly GD : Rosés are red Violetts are blue Be so kind to the Germans And save the Fichtl too

Mr. xD : At least this song has a message: dont do drugs.

Cat Vlogs : Warum so viel englisch?

clamp motosua : This was in my music mix made by youtube......good to see the algorithm working sometimes.

Adolf Hitler : I like this.

Craig Burnside : The guy on the left has the most frosted smile I've seen

DasMxD : My daily drugs.

Derrek Luong : Play this North Korea will surrender.

Classy Boi : My last 2 brain cells

soldier girl : This is my brain during a mental breakdown

CatRonz : Friend: Why are you crying? Me: *shows this* Me: IT IS WUNDERBAR!

I haven't taken shower for 7 weeks, but : I literally typed "high german guys song", because i forgot the group and song name.

Isac Kraft : The lyrics and the happiness does not match....

B3athunterz LP : That is the reason, why aliens won't visit us

Christel X Lp ́s : Früher fand ich es cringig aber heute ist es eines der besten Lieder der Welt.Ohne scheiss!

A AA : My last two brain cells after the exams

Avery Lopez-Baines : Germany.....what is going on? Are you guys okay?

ComradeStalin101 : What if it was sung on Eurovision?

Vinícius Costa : The "Weedies"

Yasss Potato : Teacher: We have a math pop quiz and this will count towards collage! My last brain cell in math be like:

vo sang : Berlin 1945 flashback

CONFIGUR3 : This demotivated Germany in the world cup

mark hartshorn : Well found myself in the strange part of youtube again

Marco DerSpecht : Ich hoffe, falls die Aliens Zugang zu unserem Internet haben, dass sie das als erstes sehen.😂😂😂

guchi_gang : Ich schwöre der linke ist Montanablack

InvokeRetroGaming : German childhood must be a terrifying experience.

PaddyEnduro : How high are you? :D

ItzCartoonKittyCat : This is my ringtone now

yo daus : When you accidentally smelled the gas during Auschwitz

TheSlappingBitchMaster : Sowas hinterlässt doch bleibende Schäden in der Kindheit.

Anthony Pravato : I'll have what they're having

ImImran : German drugs are the best drugs.