Tesla Truck

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Micke : The day when the Tesla Truck will accelerate faster than most fossil cars at red lights.

Nico The Rabbit : If I steal a Tesla... --------------- ... is it called an Edison?

2800boy : That's Optimus Prime's white cousin, Meth-a-tron

Joseph Astier : The autonomous driving software saw the center stripe and "25" and thought it was supposed to go 125 mph.

Messeresser : Laying rubber...in a semi...while already moving... Wow! Just wow!

Horst Fuchs : Daimler should hurry up and pre-order at least two :>

DemonaeTV : Where's your load? And the back doors on your trailer? Uhhh... back at the plant, sorry, I stepped on the accelerator pedal.

Gerardo Checo : "Tesla Semi defies the Laws of Physics" - Daimler's Head of Trucks 🤣

Travis Fraser : I suppose burnt rubber emissions are better than the alternative.

Cekpi7 : Waiting for comments about how irrelevant is acceleration on truck without trailer :D

Brent Taylor : Really quick, but I bet testing the zero to sixty time in a 25mph work zone gets the bosses attention

Doge The Destroyer : **Cargo flies out of the trailer**

Petr Valkoun : I will probably piss myself when I will meet this beast on the road.

1701echopapa : Now he needs to install a Flux Capacitor

Robert Feight : Hahahahah, you just sold every semi-truck driver. That acceleration is like watching a cartoon. Looks like an industrial-zone but still probably should be more careful on a twenty-five miles per hour public street.

socalbhiker : Yup - and laying rubber directly on top of the painted "25" in the street should rate a pretty stern reprimand.

bergssprangare : This is the sound of the future,,Bye bye V8

No Name : Exactly 25mph! :)

Exige000 : It's going to be really strange when you are doing 200kph on an autobahn and a Tesla truck comes up behind you in the outside lane wanting to get past!

futmut1000 : Tesla fanatics got their pants wet...Omgherd lookt at dat tire spin, so cool...

Yoshitoshi : It is much faster than my ICE car :-)

hanoverview : if you ever do that on the job .you just lost your job

Ahmad K. K. : I think it's a bit noisy for an electric vehicle.


Tobias Ender : Nice!

Ninja Man : that thing has no business being that quick with its size, nuts

Tong Tran : Its ludicrous that this semi is quicker than my s2k and has better drag coefficient too. Looking forward to seeing Tesla transport their own goods between the giga and Fremont factory with these!

SVTBansheeman : Someone get the guy who owns Tesla Racing Channel in here. This is his next troll vehicle.

liquidalloy : Absurd!! I love it!

errecappa : Alien technologie <3

Blackcat Holman : Electric motors produce far more torque than any gasoline or diesel engine ever could.

And E : This truck looks straight out of an sci-fi movie made in the past about the future.

NeutronicalGaming : it needs drag radials and a wing on the back it's spinning the tires, that means it can go faster... MUCH faster!

Gamen4Bros : Niceee

Zeus : Am I the only one who think it looks like storms trailer from cars 3? 🤔

kuladeeluxe : Congolese child cobalt miners....get digging.

Corb. : Man...that big boy took off.


John Thompson : does Elon know what trucks are for? this is irrelevant.

eVCephei : that shit beats most cars

gamersavage9990 : tesla truck is good

TheImtoomuch : And then the battery was dead.

Tree zus : Better strap your load in. Lul

BrandonIsLost : Thats terrifying.

Ryan Kelly : So damn rank

LightRealms : ...It begins

Maurice van Hees : Incredibly, awsome

Jessus Christ : Yeah. Cuz thats what truck drivers need... Quick cab only acceleration... That would drain the batteries twice as quick as normal acceleration...

dryphtyr : Holy balls!

Aaron Donovan : rolling burn out