The shocking danger of mountaintop removal -- and why it must end | Michael Hendryx

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Mike D : Who else felt the bottom of their stomach drop out when this information hit home?

Adam Bryant : I'm very tired of willfully ignorant people. Government should be science, peer review, and collaboration based. :|

Lemonducky : I don't know when our species is going to get it together and realize that, if we continue like this, we're going to wipe ourselves out

Ask Me : Love this. All my family is from mining areas and some are miners. Health issues are abound. I live downwind from that stuff and have many related health issues miners do and I'd never do that work. Amazing video. Downloading this one to keep.

Cubicle Bear : "Clean" coal

CybranM : Good talk, I had no idea mountaintop removal was even a thing.

Hedgpig : It should end because it's called "mountaintop removal," it's like if there was something called "the rainbow extinction program."

blue_tetris : But how else are Americans' grandchildren going to dig up the cutting-edge energy source of the future: Coal!

Blakhawk1703 : #MountainLivesMatter

slikrx : Call John Oliver and get him on board.

MetallicReg : The sad war of ideology and rationality is still ongoing, although some people are brave enough to use the relative definition of a "modern, civilized society". We need to fight ideology to the end and never forget that it was always a primitive, temporal tool to begin with.

Silverwolf : yet how do you expect those without integrity to respect those whom do have it?

Ol-Man-Duffy J : I can see reading this guy is missing in a few years by uncovering this. Can’t wait for the documentary on Netflix.

holdmybeer : but we need coal for Trumps Christmas stocking.

Levi Benezra : 1,200 a year for 3% energy a year...hmm so that means per death 32,728,838,684 calories are extracted from coal. Exactly the equivalent to 8,133,409,215 Pecan Pies. Hmm...Would I be willing to kill a person for 137 million probably a question to be left unanswered. 2625000000000000 btu = 3% energy consume 661,931,551,894,717= in calories divide by # killed per year, = 551,609,626,579 calories per death divided by 4024 (Pecan Pie) is 137,079,927

Sophie Wang : I’m learning all about coal mining and mountaintop removal in school

Jay Kay : Next: The shocking Danger of Donald Trump! 😝

Joy Bradford : Prevail you will!

Peter Velzen : So much for "Beautifull clean coal"

Lawrence V. Texas : The narrow: The red votes reaped what they cast. The broad: We tame the data, not the public. If you can't stomach it, pick up a broom.

Lumian : Not that surprising when the majority of the US citizens believe that the earth is flat.

a7i20ci7y : I'm from eastern Tennessee and I hate MTR. It's like throwing paint on the Mona Lisa, to say nothing of the environmental and public health consequences. It needs to end.

loukas371 : What an enlightening and inspiring talk. We should pressure our governments to acknowledge these issues and do something about them instead of seeking short term profit.

Nick Chambernator : Great TED talk!

Jørgen Hald : As long as we allow corporate donations to politicians, this problem will never go away. Nobody wants to to cut the branch on which they are sitting. We have seen it with the tobacco industry for the last century, and it's the same problem here.

JogBird : America

T.J. Phoenix : Devastating and important... just because you don’t live in these communities doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know everyone needs to wake up. I am so sad that folks allow this to continue. The future is watching and listening, time to WAKE UP

Tais Nuñez : How do we stop this? Especially when the people who are affected are so misrepresented?

Peter Fuchs : Good job America

shiva dhanush : Commenting before watching the video

Mark O : There are real concerns with MTR coal mining, but all credibility is lost when the speaker exaggerates by a factor of 10. According to the US gov't 2017 numbers, over 30% of electricity is generated by coal, not the 3% stated. Just because TED is considered an accurate source does not mean that the speakers are not full of crap. Do your own research to verify claims!

Mavi Beyaz : hi

Lil Colgate Vert : *Bro*

jeff meares : At some point even the scientists must stand together with lawyers and sue politicians into poverty for slandering, beguiling and downright abusing the sciences.

Sizano Green : Sigh... this is making me feel sad. I wish I had been born a few hundred years in the future. Maybe stuff would be better...

Rickbearcat : The mining companies, in reality, own the states they work in. Laws are regulated and enacted to be favorable to these mining companies. I don't know the attitudes of the people that live in these states or those that live a mile or two from one of these work sites. But, the people have the power here to vote in those lawmakers that can end this practice. So, people of these states, get into that voting booth and do the right thing for your families and the natural beauty and preservation of your states.

coltbolt101 : It's very depressing to see my homeland being utterly destroyed by the greed of a few for the gain of short term profit. We must resist. We must sow fear into those of power. Montani Semper Liberi!

edi : A new story and yet nothing new.... It's been the same everywhere. Humans ruin their environment and thus themselves. Those in charge live far from the consequences and the rest lives in denial... too bad that they can only run from their own poisons but not from the ones others set free...

Adam.R : The snow was grey and almost black in areas this winter in places down wind from these "mines"

daddyquatro : Without watching the video... I'll guess 2:30 for CLIMATE CHANGE.!

Extort713 : Why are we still using coal or oil....................... this world is the wrong one.

Mayra Trevino : Humanitys purpose is to be earths immune system! Clean rivers oceans and flourishing forest. We know how to do this and it will benefit us also. Why we dont all push for this obvious goal is beside me :(

Peaceful Benevolent Tree : Really sad. It's like money and wealth is more important than lives and well being.

William Chamberlain : Start picking up the tailings and tipping them out on the grass in front of the state court houses.

Tomas Frankovich : Cerulean Mountain Trust

DataStorm : Reminds me of Tsjernobyl, ppl living in that town next to it claim there is NO radiation etc

Zirkonplex : Another leftwinger trying to steal our miner jobs .. call Trump, now.

Ted W : Gotta bring back those mining jobs! Yep, all 28 or so of them.

Derpster : They should drag the mountains into the ocean and blow them up underwater. Less air pollution.

mark vietti : I have never known a single American who drinks tap water