Two men who don't feel pain interview each other.

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Azure Trace : Pleasure Doing A Interview With You!

TheOfficialZR : If ur reading this Loop i found out about u yesterday of a video when you were basically getting bullied in csgo i did have tears but i just wanna say im sorry of this disease and keep up with ur good work love you

Tyler Hodge : Loop, you're truly an inspiration. Like you, my sister has dealt with bullying really bad, not online. But, in public schools due to her being legally blind, over the years her vision slowly fades away and it is not too long till it is fully gone. And to make matters worse, she has minor autism and brain damage. But she keeps a positive attitude and keeps herself happy even through the bullying and kids being mean to her, she and people born different than others are truly a blessing to the world to due to your alls uplifting spirit and joy that you all spread even when life's tougher for you guys/gals. You are all true warriors and are the strongest of us all. Never stop doing what you do. <3 Much love my friend.

GP_ Howl : I guess when you interview, you can ask insulting questions and none of you will feel pain..

Jonny Beat : vengo MYM ALK4PON3.........

NoaTheAuraGurdian : whats up loop

KingWolf : Honestly very interesting. Didn't even notice how long the video was till i finished watching because i was so interested :D


Sam Macfly : ¡Mucho éxito en la vida y en todo lo que te propongas!❤ Mucho amor desde el otro continente donde ya te conocemos❤

BlueFire : I love you guys! Even though u have such a bad condition, ur still full of hope! I can just look up to u both!

poofer stoofer : much love to both <3

ICEY GREEN : Wassup l00p! I just subbed I enjoy your video’s just SO much! Keep it up dont let anything holding your back! You make me so happy with your content!

Azure Trace : first

future boss : yo loop how are you doing man i just wanna tell you that you are one of my faveret streamers so i hope your having a nice day man

Doodskootpro : ❤ you loop

Yunus Başar : Please see me

leon : love you loop you're amazing >3

dani haapakoski : *Top 10 Anime meetups* Big <3 from finland

QuangPhu_ : We r all love you, respect <3

Yves : How tf can you dislike his video's? without anything to hate him about.

slimedemon : always interesting to learn more about your condition bro. you two are troopers

zetze6V6 : Eres grande Loop! Saludos desde México 🇲🇽

Levi Purdon : First

Horacio Gomez Moran : eres una gran inspiración bro, cada que estoy por rendirme me acuerdo de ti y salgo adelante sigue así bro

EDDER XD : Tq queremos loop <3 Saludos desde México 🇲🇽 La verdad nunca ví a alguien Jugar así de bueno :)

Esteban Giraud : people who say he is gotten this far on twitch/youtube are sad because i watch him because he is just a great streamer/content creator

Kermit : Nice Vídeo ;D

NoaTheAuraGurdian : eyy

НЕЙТЕР : hello loop its me NyItER

ALL4N : Holaaa loop vengo del video de alkapone te quiero felicitar por que eres un gran streamer-youtuber y aunque tengas alguna diferencia has seguido adelante eres un gran ejemplo y eres muy bueno jugando no se por que lo pongo en español saludos Dios te bendiga

Ninja : Keep going Brother 💓 😘

matthew sommerness : Fuckin GOAT

Willaim : lets see how this goes, will reply when i finish it. :)

Memack _ : I am 1

Jaack : This is so satisfying <3 I love it <3

Ben the Dumbass : Hey dude I love your videos and your channel you are my favourite YouTuber every time I have a bad day I watch you and you always put a smile on my face so have a good day or night and keep up the good work 😄👍

Agnieszka Michalec : Wassup loop

No name : Брат, всё будет хорошо

Hello There : Man you are the best! <3

HSNRDSVM : like like like like <3 <3 <3 <3

G_skill_ 32 : whats up dude

Bradley Stickland : Early! Love the vid bro!

Szymon Kalinowski : hey loop

damproot : <3

OG Kaderade : Sweet video I now know a lot more than I knew before keep up the good work and keep hitting insane 1 taps

Endre : Good Video As Allways Lo0p, Keep It Up <3

Axel Backenfall : 1

Krypt Kovak : I feel so bad for you my heart goes out to yall

MatrakArkadaşlar Oyunda : first

Miner 202 : I first