IRS Tax Scam Exposed - Ownage Pranks

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Memeulous : You should post their number so everyone can just waste their time

Rahul Shroff : 213-297-5696 That's one of the many numbers, Thank me later guys ;)

OverRaz : *You dont sound like Johnathan* You sound like junita Welp i pee'd myself

Moh Rauf : Plot twist. He is actually Indian and his acted voice is the American voice.

Johnny S : Should of called his wife Sukdeep

ChristianIce : You are an actual Hero.

Manthan kaushik : Why there is Mukesh Ambani on thumbnail 😁😁 he is legit billionaire

NeoGot MyBack : 4:27 “You can’t even speak proper English.” **Speaks with terrible grammar himself**

CLIMAX YT : I died when he started counting the angry indian exhales

lvlxlxlvl : I know I’m late but omg this is really funny 😂

Laheeb Station : Someone have to hack their location and call the cops and see the look on their faces 😂

Alfred Bedsted : This is so fkn funny the Indian voice😂😂😂

SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE : 213-297-5696 ^Share and call this number of theirs, everyone.

HYDRA DYNAMIC : You know it’s a Legit Scam when they don’t use an Indian voice

Rit_arted III : They don’t know what 3 cubes down mean

shubham preet : These guys not only steal money from US people, but also, they do it on a large scale within INDIA itself, and i myself have received 3 such calls. They must be caught.

newbies gaming : When you said " chicken tikka masala " I lost it 😂😂😂


triple nine : Dude why have. You put the pic of Mukesh Ambani as the thumbnail pic please remove it he is a very respected person in India he is a guy who gave so much to the poor and helped our nation to come forwards because of him million people are employed and earning his companies are needful for indians and he is a great man as well as his family without knowing just don't put random Indian guys picture

Devashish Narkar : He was talking in gujrati language which u were not knowing (but you r doing a nice job bro wasting their time and savings the others people life from this f**k ing scammers) Thanks bro i respect u a lott And your videos are funny.....😂😂

Jetpacker Josh : 6:40 I almost lost my shit bruh XDDD

Anil Lambakane : I just cudnt control myself at 2.53... when u said madarshod, u get my salute for that accent😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ponnus 1961 : You nailed that Indian accent, btw

Costas Costas : Ownage made more money in 11 min than the scammer

Ahmed Shams : Ahh .. Indians .. Expected .

Getupand Gotransport : I love this excellent upload thanks.

Foot Fungus : *”You Don’t Sound Like A Jonathan! You Sound Like A JUNITA”*

Jim Bo : Funny as Hell 😆 .....

Kojo Law : Best of all time... luv this.. you actually got the guy to talk... added a real personal feel to the scammer... even though he felt no remorse... 👍🏽

frizel francis : 5:00 "You don't sound like Jonathan you are JUNITA" Lol

Zinc : Do you do the Asian voice in LT.LICKME?

Marina : This guy got a legitimate interview with a scammer

ZenseiTGX : Indian trying to do a american accents

roel penaverde : He’s literally Jesus at trolling

RooFooChoo : I love Indian accents so much xD they are so freaking cool

sofia77ist : 2019 anyone?

Triggered T e e n : Matherchod😆😆😆 that's the best motherchod that I ever heard...

Samiyo : LOL they called me on Friday January 18th about a "Windows tech support" LOL I was about to hop into the shower. But, I just had to record these clowns. LOL

Adil Khan : I am an Indian and trust me they are heartless. These are the people, who would steal phones and wallets from people who have just been run over by train, crying for help, lying in pool of blood. Infact these scams are only validation for their wretched life. Appeal to their conscience is of no use.

Road to 1000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : Hahaha such a funny accent I had to subscribe!!!!

Harsh Adukia : 2:53 I salute you bro. . . . . I m an Indian. Once a guy called me n said he was from State Bank. I told him that I don't have an account in that bank then he asked which bank account did I have ? I told him Matherchod chutiya samjha h.

Desmond Bradley : Jimmy jordan you mothafukah

tili ayala : Wow I sure hope these asholes get caught! I'm going to be on the alert so I won't get SCAMMED!

GetYourGameOn : Maybe doing a prank minus the cussing and swear words and maybe get it on the news..this is such a great way to raise awarness like you said...your the best..keep it up

VeKa_Play : But when the real IRS call and you think it's a scam

GachaTayla : *Angry Indian exhale*

xᴇʟᴍ : ownage pranks is one of the original pranksters of youtube.. hell back in my early middle & high school days the "dell customer support center" video blew up. good times.

Recklesswall09 Hanj : This people were talking in Gujarati and he was telling u to that this guy dad is a stripper

j2323j : 3 Cubes down LMFAO 😂