IRS Tax Scam Exposed - Ownage Pranks

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Memeulous : You should post their number so everyone can just waste their time

Harjap Singh : They all sound the same

Brian Rude : "The same job your doing scamming people for the IRS come on man" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

j2323j : 3 Cubes down LMFAO 😂

Gary Smith : These scammers are so bad at English accent.

ChristianIce : You are an actual Hero.

Rupesh sharma : motherchod 😂😂😂

10000 subscribers without videos challenge : 1 thousand dislikes =1thousand scammers

ScOrPiOn 9 : How big your hot dogy 😂😂


shubham preet : These guys not only steal money from US people, but also, they do it on a large scale within INDIA itself, and i myself have received 3 such calls. They must be caught.

Siko1000 : rakeesh and abdol is probably my favourite ownage pranks character. lol

a rubber shoe : my wife "Harneet" lmaoo

Nuclear Warhead : All these Hindu scammers must have the same mother because they all sound exactly a like just like a lady boy. LLMMMFFFFAAAAOOOO

Pavan Suthar : ATTENTION ! He's speaking gujarati while he's scramming for words that some day their vid is gonna get released. hahahaha perks of knowing native language.

Laheeb Station : Someone have to hack their location and call the cops and see the look on their faces 😂

Alex Nchains : what these scumbags don't realize is the more awareness that people are of these scams the less people don't want to talk to East Indians on the phone. I had an issue with my bank and got a hold of a East indian rep. on the phone and didn't want to deal with him, and i didn't.

GeographyGuru 32 : Oh look that’s me! Says no Indian scammer ever cos they’re poor in India so a majority don’t have Internet.

Bema Osei-Kwabena : 9:44 That was one of the best moments on this entire channel.

Wolf : Scammers are talking in Gujarati.

The Doctor : Ownage, I have an idea. Act like an IRS scammer, and attempt to scam another IRS scammer.

CtrlAltParty : That scammer is from Gujarat (a state in india), a Gujarati guy going by the language hes speaking. 😉

Justin Mathew : This is russel Peters

Spencer Cox : Sounds like the scammer is actually impressed with your voice acting. Or maybe he's just surprised that you can switch accents on a dime.

Nicholas Reiger : What's their number?

frizel francis : 5:00 "You don't sound like Jonathan you are JUNITA" Lol

Keith Foester : when it got to 'motherchoood' i quaked

DIY Ranch : He is from Gujarat probably Ahmedabad. I liked it what you did with him. Well done 👍🏻

HYDRA DYNAMIC : You know it’s a Legit Scam when they don’t use an Indian voice

SPPSports : Anyone notice Tyrone's eyes glow in the dark? Lol..

RooFooChoo : I love Indian accents so much xD they are so freaking cool

XaZa : Number??

FM7 : OMG! I'm famous. I'm soo privileged as a scammer Note: SARCASM

DaveC : OMFG i lost it at "a hippity hoppitus" LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHA

Getupand Gotransport : I love this excellent upload thanks.

RodneyWayne11 : The 605 dislikes are the scammers in those 2x2 cubicles

Ann philip : Ownage Pranks... please keep catching these crappy people. They still call me. It 2018 and it's not ending.

Tanuj Kumar Sharma : These are gujrati scammers. They operate from remote locations or from building basement.

Minecrafter60 Minecraft : U should of said Terry makachute

Anil Lambakane : I just cudnt control myself at 2.53... when u said madarshod, u get my salute for that accent😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

M J : 😂😂😂😂 I can't stop laughing

Elbert Derf : hilarious video.

Danielle Simone : lol damn Indian scumbags lol. they have no hearts.

TAL MABOY : What's a Canadian scam number

Aqqas Malik : Perfect!!

Ahmed Shams : Ahh .. Indians .. Expected .

Jacque Jasper : Well, judging from the ridiculous downvotes at this point in time, I’d say, they searched for IRS Scam Pranks and that’s probably all the scammers who have worked with this guy to-date. Oh infamy.

AGx3 : ‘ SCAMbag ‘

Angrywolf 378 : .,.

The Duker : What more can you expect from Indians hahahahahaha