Clueless Gamer Outtakes With Bill Hader
Conan OBrien Clueless Gamer Outtakes With Bill Hader

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Conan and Bill Hader compare the tasks in "God of War" to raking leaves in these outtakes from Clueless Gamer. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS & Subscribe now to be updated on the latest videos: For Full Episodes of CONAN on TBS, visit Get Social With Team Coco: On Facebook: ‪‬ On Google+: On Twitter: On Tumblr: On YouTube: Follow Conan O'Brien on Twitter:


Let's be Honest Official : Team Coco's videos haveth becometh a most spreadeth outeth sprinkle of cinnamon on this Youtube page indeedeth

karl jonson : #BringbackcluelessgamerwithAaron

japi289 : Bring back clueless gamer with Aaron Bleyaert

HeyThisIsLui : Bill and Conan have good chemistry.

Siddhant Pandey : Am I the only one who LOVED the game AND this video? Bill Hader and Conan are funny together!

Egbert Aethelbald : They're right. Most modern games are padded out with chores in lieu of gameplay.

Dj CarNic OsV : This is the funniest Clueless Gamer video ever :)

Munch Ponferrada : one of the funniest clueless gamer clip, lol

Nick Wilhelm Jo : So is that Barry show something one should check out?

Fran McAllister : Aw shoot, wish this video of outtakes was longer

Rad Roach : Those two give me an "original game grumps" vibe.

Rogue Seraph : This was the best Clueless Gamer episode ever 😂

anggeling : Aaron's laugh is so contagious 1:09

VKJ85 _TeleRiver85_ : Bill Hader was awesome on this. :)

Surge3 : It would be pretty funny just to see them just talk or improve for an hour show.

Keegan Hewlett : Wow a whopping 95 seconds of outtakes

Big Shotgun Noob : Clueless Gamer: I Don't Give A F**k About What I'm Playing Edition

MrKn4rz : Everyone should watch Barry!

Nahue Stark : Bill hader, and Conan Should do a show together

Simret Sekhon : Their humor matches so much

Ammad Ali : I get the whole point of clueless gamer and the early episodes were good but now they just straight up insult the game in a minute or 2 with a celebrity The original dynamic was fun but now there is no contrast

Mega Blaster : They did outtakes because people would say that they were High if the original kept on going

anvior45 : I think that they should keep Clueless gamer simple, Conan and Aaron. Dont do some random celeb, another comedian is fine however. The more intricate ones with more people and more money spent on production are just lame.

•Antoniø Brah• : Barry, hands down is one of my favourite shows of all time.

Massively Effected : It's hilarious when people outside of gaming critique gaming tropes... and are %100 right

Ricke Boy : The show is called ”Clueless gamer”. Keep that in mind.

Arturo García Rodríguez : Waiting for Bill and Conan's videogame breaktrhough JRPG.

David Livermore : Why couldn't this be, "Clueless Gamer Outtakes with Aaron Bleyaert"?

Mc Queen : I like how Coco's Trucker jacket changes the sleeves, folded... Not folded...

Tanmay Jyothis : Exactly 800 views

Crazando anonymous : They're hilarious

fubarferment : These guys need to hang out more. lol.

TheHulkMadSmash : These two need to do this as a weekly vidcast!

Mo-hammad Abunaser : I thought Conan was pale *until I saw him next to Bill Hader!* He looks brown in comparison lol

Delox : I find it funny that Conan has the same complaints that gamers often have about modern games.

Rahmat Maulana : lmao they are so funny together XD

Sy Ku : Sounds like Bill Cosby made this game... Originally, it was gonna be about Dr Heathcliff Huxtable and his son Theo.

socrappyicoulddie : They should just upload all the raw footage, it's all gold

Ic3m4n2010 : More Clueless Gamer please!!! We haven't seen Justin Roiland or Jonah Hill as a game guest...also there are so many older games that would deserve an episode, like "Bioshock" or "The Last Of Us". Cheers!

Argyros Vivum : Taskmaster! What?

Hamed Arshadi : Play dishonered

spider pig : give us a Bill & Coco Show , please !

Chemmy : If you dont get jordan shlansky back on in the next month im never renewing my “conan for life” subscripion again.

awesome1ru : LMFAO having fun

GeneralGhandi : Conan interrupted at 0:17 cmon guys team effort lol

Andrew Benestante : Starting now

Flippingly Awesome : FINALLY

arbknight12 : Would’ve been more appropriate to have Chris Hemsworth for this game

Natsu Dragneel : I'm a simple man... I see Conan, I click