Bad Cop No Donut #6 - Kentucky Fried Cops

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red blight : Here's one for you: A 78 y/o man we know was burgled late at night. He phones the Police, terrified that the burglar is still in the house. Police turn up at 4 o clock the next afternoon. Meanwhile, someone around the corner from us calls a gypsy a "pikey" in the street and within 10 minutes a van load of Police are on the scene. He's arrested. On the scale of Police importance: A live burglary = 0 (no response until next day). Hurting someone's feelings = 10 (immediate response).

socialexperimentalist : Fabulous. i love what you did with this. I think I'm goign to put it up on and if you like you can have the rewards. Which reminds me, you should get on steemit and you can earn a few bob for your work!

Free Steven Avery : So he quoted a law that he had to look up on his phone. Pure comedy gold lol...

David Fraser : If the police man spent more time trying to understand the law and less time plucking his eyebrows he wouldn't be such a waste of space.

Shane Brookes : Don’t coppers talk bollocks

Richo B : You sir are a National treasure, love your videos, keep it up


Bitchy BritTv : What about him feeling scared with 3 people boxing him in intimidating him? Will they arrest themselves??

K Vjqxzz : never help the police, you are not obliged to answer their questions, even if arrested

tom smith : i had to go and get some paracetamol as this was SOO stressful for me to watch. LOL

David Brown : This is todays plod, Jonny Foreigner, Ghey looking Asian, and a motor mouthed short arse wannabe

Ottoman : Police just there to protect Corporations, If it effects profits Police will intervene for their masters.

John Smith : Aren’t you glad they closed all the homes for slow people and gave them jobs in the police force.

Michael : love your videos i cant get enough of them........ please keep them coming

Kris Nicholson : Pcso = unpaid grass.

Eddie Brock : The buffoonery of the police is outstanding once you have knowledge on some of the laws. Great video. Had me lol.

mango tango : Stay silent.

Mark Edwards : You've done it again.... Yet another great video. I wish more members of the public knew their rights, and the Police would worry more about real crime and stop being the hurt feeling police.

Neil R Bradley : I hope he was telling them all KFC is halal muck.

Larry Lumpkin : the scruffy bearded cop has the red ring of death pinned to him

anonanon 10 : Paracetamol as she's feeling scared 😂😂😂😂

jollyscarecrow : Its a worrying time when the police think people have the legal right to not be offended. No one has the right to not be offended. Offence is taken left, right and centre from pussies with sensitive feelings and anyone could claim offence to get what they want. Its so beyond stupid to think offence should be against the law.

Kenazzle : So this guy is waiting politely when the officer talks, waiting for him to stop talking then asking a question. Officer responds with "sir, if you'd let me finish" and "sir, will you not let me speak?" and then ignores the question completely. "So I'm asking you, basically from what they're telling us, that you're in there causing a disturbance for them and their customers." "They're a private company, is this not a civil matter?" "Yes, sir, that's what I'm talking about. Breach of the peace." Other officer: "Breach of the peace!" What was he asking again? It appears like he's just throwing words together desperately and hoping they end up as some kind of reasonable sentence.

Alex Threlfall : Keep it up Rob, I've really enjoyed these last few videos! Very informative. What about something on traffic law next?

Sharp Shooter : I absolutely love this channel!

Mandeep Singh : Thank you another interesting video

Michael Bradley : Nice, love it, go citizen. I very much do not like plods trying to manipulate situations to make themselves appear more official than they are, in future I recommend caring a tennis ball to throw (play fetch) or a chewable dog treat for the PSO's as this calms them and keeps them occupied

clarkie005 : Probably the best channel on YouTube. Mr crimebodge should be given a wage to do these videos everyday.

we have a voice : The cop was talking to Danny shine . Go Danny .

Darrell : What is wrong with his eyes

ANONYMOUS White : He was quite a pleasant copper. If they were not being recorded or the fuzz did not have BWF recording. They probably would have arrested him. That nasty braindead munter the 'POS' or "PCSO" needs to learn the law. She is into dominating men and is power mad. She has a gimp mask and whips and chains ready to tie her clients up at home.

PastySmasher : More please boss, these are great!

Kmp74 : Couple of gay lads and a PCSO.....wonderful

Little Dan McNamara : Do you want to hear a hilarious joke................ Police Community Support Officers

original jungle : paracetamol lmao

sunley1983 : We should all learn the law. Keep up the good work mate. Thanks

Horiboyable MGTOW : Great work Bodge

Lisa Davies : The KFC guy should have a prize for warning the public about the poison they're about to eat....Not the 3 stooges telling him off!

Chade Fallstar : Just look at this coppers face at 5:06 he knows full well he doesn't have a leg to stand on after reading that out and yet still tries to twist and snake his way to some kind justification for the stop.

PTE 2509 : Amazes me the cuts are so bad that they can all cruise around in BMW'S all day.

John Smith : You are my favourite channel on YouTube. Please make more.

999 : good bye English speaking coppers ffs

Rufiolost : keep up the good work. Knowledge!!!!

jiva1955 : These police are causing alarm and distress. Call the police!

ss ss : If he's away from the premises, then the breach of peace stopped long ago before the pigs got there. You can't retrospectively apply a breach of the peace after it has been diffused. Love your videos by the way, you're doing what I don't have the time to do. Please, we need more videos! And with the parts where you break their bullshit down using the very laws they are quoting - really a great service you're providing.

EJ1234 : Please keep these videos up!

mrtuppy : #legend

3XE : The only issue I have to make comment on, is the lack of understanding of our laws by the police and the gentleman that is filming. The UK has never had or never will have "Freedom of Speech", it is not part of our "Unwritten" constitutional laws. What we do have however is "Freedom of Expression" under Article 10 of the Human Rights Act "Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This Article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises." This is a part of our laws that everyone gets wrong, including the police.

Rob Leese : Excellent video and explanation of the real laws ! Everyone should have this knowledge and be educated on all the rights we the people have!

Ricky Davies : I swear that cop is on coke..... Look at his eyes.