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Michelle Wolf takes a provactive look at immigration policy with a new recruitment video explaining what ICE IS. The Break with Michelle Wolf streaming now, with new episodes every Sunday. Watch The Break with Michelle Wolf on Netflix: SUBSCRIBE: About Netflix: Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with 130 million memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments. Connect with Netflix Online: Visit Netflix WEBSITE: Like Netflix Kids on FACEBOOK: Like Netflix on FACEBOOK: Follow Netflix on TWITTER: Follow Netflix on INSTAGRAM: Follow Netflix on TUMBLR: The Break with Michelle Wolf | ICE IS | Netflix

Comments from Youtube

Caryn Van Wyk : Nothing triggers faster than a trump supporter.

Holland Ali : Republicans are ganna be very offended by this lolol

Melida DAVILA : Lol sky jail

majtom58 : It's pretty awesome political satire. The likes and dislikes are about equal, and the comments go from unmoored left ravings to unhinged right rants. So no-one likes it when the dentist touches a live nerve, even though it tells you where there's a problem. This video struck a nerve, all right.

Vet Tech : ROFL !!!!! But unfortunately its prob not far from the truth ! We take all edumacation levels, LOW and LOWER LOL !!! Sounds about right !!!

dsffg234 : Trump snowflakes are piiiiissed off by this informative video.

xX Valtiel Xx : Sooo many triggered snowflakes lurking around! we're running out of safe spaces pretty fast.

THE CREW : Shit got canceled lol who's crying now 😂😂😂 #maga2020

Aaron Torres : Lol that was hilarious. Even more so at the triggered 2.1k repubs.

Matthew M : snowflake right/trump supporters triggered so easily

Cindy A. Matthews : Perfect satire!! Way to go, Michelle and company. Keep fighting!

Justin S : If you ever need a list of ICE agents, just ask your local army recruitment office for a record of who failed the mental health and physical evaluations

Blackout043 : Oh there's nothing better than seeing thousands of triggered inbreds all trying their best to insult this

Brew Swillis : ICE, the modern day Gestapo. It's SO AMERICAN!!! Now, show me your papers.

Montego King : Ice is =isis

Gheorge Duarte : I was afraid Conservatives would be triggered by this then i remember they didn't get triggered by a Starbucks coffee cup .

Undisciplined Intellectual : Waiting for the true snowflakes to melt. They sell Goya at my supermarket now waahhh.

Kori Harpoon : We need Anonymous to launch a Op: Ice ICEIS

ChrisMC : This is gold!!

kdaodfjao kjfaodf : Hilarious !!! It funny because it's true!!!

wrx3123 : Switch to HULU ! HULU IS MUCH BETTER

ignorant2logic : Lol that was pretty clever😂

TrueLies : I totally support border control but I admit this was clever and funny


Fabrice Bongartz : I hope they'll release a making of. Must have been hilarious working on this.

Olli Hekkala : It's okay to be white supremacy. Just like ISIS, ICE is upholding interests of a white man(pbuh).

Thomas Buchovecky : The part about "culture and way of life under attack" while showing a little Mexican girl hitting a pinata had me dying.

DenmarkRadar : Thankfully this show was not allowed to live on but rather given a merciful abortion in the first trimester...

Nathan Clark : Good god, even with a bump stock my AR-15 can’t hold a candle to the trigger speed of these Trump lickers😮

Ronnie : lol canceled #33butlooks55

TheVirusSoftware : Seeing the dislike ratio, it's safe to say it's spring time! So many snowflakes melting out there!

Dave Id : Wish Netflix hadn't canceled her show. Guess some of the topics she addressed were too controversial.

Richard Freeman : They need to just their name to Immigration Customs Enforcement and Security.

Kenneth Knoppik : They took the baby away from the mannequin holy s*** that's crazy

Kenneth Knoppik : This is pure genius. Damn they nailed it

Alexander Walker : We need more of this. The right always clings to Free Speech Warriors and bashes liberals as triggered snowflakes, so with more content like this, the hypocrisy becomes more and more obvious

Liza Tanzawa : Razor sharp!!!! TYVM!

Rogelio Paul Cavazos Sandoval : Ice is sound like isis

Keith Lawrence : I am in Canada but live within 320 km (that's 200 miles for you folks who still count with fingers and toes) of the border (the one without the wall - yet). ICE IS could be knocking on my door any day now.

Michael Erwin : Well, isn't that ultra left wing nut job who thinks killing unborn babies is comedy is now making fun of our brave law enforcement who keep out the bad's time for me to cancel my Netflix account.

Lea Lopez : Im confuse... Is it a burn for ICE or ISIS... Hilarious as always

Vegard Fjeldberg : Im a robot and I find this very offensive.

evildave42a : This is the best thing ever.

Jason Bourne : I M T R I G G E R E D. I N E E D A S A F E S P A C E

Bo Toichi : Hilarious. somewhat accurate

Bubba Thedog : The Break with Michelle Wolf no longer streaming, with no new episodes ever. Fixed it for ya.

Byron : Thanks for the early boosts in election polls. See you all 2020 -kisses-

cali correa : Look at those dislikes the conservative snowflake is melting

V IE : Animal Control said “Nope!”