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ICE is A Recruitment Video

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Michelle Wolf takes a provactive look at immigration policy with a new recruitment video explaining what ICE IS. The Break with Michelle Wolf streaming now, with new episodes every Sunday. Watch The Break with Michelle Wolf on Netflix: SUBSCRIBE: About Netflix: Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with 130 million memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments. Connect with Netflix Online: Visit Netflix WEBSITE: Like Netflix Kids on FACEBOOK: Like Netflix on FACEBOOK: Follow Netflix on TWITTER: Follow Netflix on INSTAGRAM: Follow Netflix on TUMBLR: The Break with Michelle Wolf | ICE IS | Netflix


Hunter Tinsley : Y'all Qaeda is _too liburl_ for my tastes. ICEIS for me!

Caryn Van Wyk : Nothing triggers faster than a trump supporter.

Melida DAVILA : Lol sky jail

Holland Ali : Republicans are ganna be very offended by this lolol

Justin S : If you ever need a list of ICE agents, just ask your local army recruitment office for a record of who failed the mental health and physical evaluations

Aaron Torres : Lol that was hilarious. Even more so at the triggered 2.1k repubs.

xX Valtiel Xx : Sooo many triggered snowflakes lurking around! we're running out of safe spaces pretty fast.

Matthew M : snowflake right/trump supporters triggered so easily

Vet Tech : ROFL !!!!! But unfortunately its prob not far from the truth ! We take all edumacation levels, LOW and LOWER LOL !!! Sounds about right !!!

Gheorge Duarte : I was afraid Conservatives would be triggered by this then i remember they didn't get triggered by a Starbucks coffee cup .

TheVirusSoftware : Seeing the dislike ratio, it's safe to say it's spring time! So many snowflakes melting out there!

Brew Swillis : ICE, the modern day Gestapo. It's SO AMERICAN!!! Now, show me your papers.

Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus : The deplorables in the comments are triggered. Poor little snowflakes, I think they better find a safe space before they melt.

dsffg234 : Trump snowflakes are piiiiissed off by this informative video.

King Yea Yea : The god bless America everyone celebrate an feel empowered an get abortions chick strikes again. They really are working double time to try an brainwash all of us. Isn't it interesting how this almost sounds like isis? An the bandanas on the face ect they are trying to program us an force blue pills down our throats . God shit is getting bad u hope u are all preparing accordingly !

Cindy A. Matthews : Perfect satire!! Way to go, Michelle and company. Keep fighting!

Shad Colebroke : Genius

TrueLies : I totally support border control but I admit this was clever and funny

Blackout043 : Oh there's nothing better than seeing thousands of triggered inbreds all trying their best to insult this

Ronnie : lol canceled #33butlooks55

Sardonicuss Evocotus : This is a thing of beauty. I intend to just casually have it on when my redneck neighbor stops by! Maybe that will put a stop him just dropping by! But he will probably just report me to ICE or some shit.

Dude on a computer : I love some content on Netflix, but I am getting pushed closer and closer to bailing out of subscribing. Netflix is losing it's way as an entertainment provider into an arm of the propaganda media. I am not GOP and didn't vote for Trump, so save your keystrokes. I like to escape the political BS with Netflix. I can't when they force me to see trailers when I open Netflix up. Besides, she's just not that creative...lowest level denominator stuff, really.

Kori Harpoon : We need Anonymous to launch a Op: Ice ICEIS

Rogelio Paul Cavazos Sandoval : Ice is sound like isis

alper gondiken : This is brilliant. I know that some idiot right wingers will say that "ahh, how funny, just a word play". The reality is; the nationalist and religious extremisms are not too different from each other. Both try to paint own ideology exceptional to the norm; hence associate a higher standard than other nations/religions. An American nationalist born in Raqqa would likely be an ISIS militant in another universe.

Thrifty Fox : Thanks Netflix! So happy u decided to use my subscription fee to fund your own warped political delusions. Please continue to bombard us with your rabid, thinly veiled Liberalism. P.S. When does my Democratic Party membership arrive in the mail?

Liza Tanzawa : Razor sharp!!!! TYVM!

Lolo Lolo : 106 view

wrx3123 : Switch to HULU ! HULU IS MUCH BETTER

Bubba Thedog : The Break with Michelle Wolf no longer streaming, with no new episodes ever. Fixed it for ya.

ChrisMC : This is gold!!

D D : When capitalism begins to falter, reactionary politics and fascism rises.. reactionaries vote against their own interests voting in a billionaire; billionaires are the architects of your misery under capitalism, fools. NOONE talked about ANTIFA until now. Why? Fascism has been emboldened and has taken hold over a segment of the population, that is why.

majtom58 : It's pretty awesome political satire. The likes and dislikes are about equal, and the comments go from unmoored left ravings to unhinged right rants. So no-one likes it when the dentist touches a live nerve, even though it tells you where there's a problem. This video struck a nerve, all right.

SuperWickedgame : Oh, you are back now from Helsinki to normal kidnapping childs politicks.. sweet but not sweet.. cant join im not crimunal. 💆🏻‍♂️

Alastair : Michelle Wolf: The person America needs right now. To understand how insane and mentally ill the left has become.

Cheyne Hill : I've never found MW very funny before. And maybe she's not. But, clearly, her writers are. You've earned a new viewer. PS This is the most cleverly subversive parody since the Smothers Brothers were censored. It manages to be both subtle and blatant. #IceIs

chrisinreston2 : About time we started doing something about those Piñata Beaters! Brilliant work, Michelle!

Jim French : RAW VIDEO: MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY EXPLOSIONS Take a good look at the mothers and children blown to pieces by the grenades. I.C.E. took the grenade factory down. If I.C.E. had not stopped the grenade factory ,the grenades would have been thrown into Black Neighborhoods and schools in America.GOD BLESS I.C.E.

Fabrice Bongartz : I hope they'll release a making of. Must have been hilarious working on this.

kdaodfjao kjfaodf : Hilarious !!! It funny because it's true!!!

4rmAshes Inc : "I joined after watching some badass videos online.." 😂

V IE : Animal Control said “Nope!”

Z. B. : Thank you, Michelle! Pretty a-okay with comparing an agency that helps implement cruel torturous policies.

Byron : Thanks for the early boosts in election polls. See you all 2020 -kisses-

Samuel Adams : ice is

DenmarkRadar : Thankfully this show was not allowed to live on but rather given a merciful abortion in the first trimester...

ignorant2logic : Lol that was pretty clever😂

Jim French : I hear Netflix ...” I.C.E.D.” your show...BIG BUNNY SPEAKS.

decix RS : Yup. That's accurately ICE in a nutshell.