The Break with Michelle Wolf | ICE IS | Netflix

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Left Is Best : The part I loved best was the dude who said: "I joined ICE to secure our border, but then I found out that was actually Border Patrol's job.." 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Hunter Tinsley : Y'all Qaeda is _too liburl_ for my tastes. ICEIS for me!

Melida DAVILA : Lol sky jail

Adelaide McMillan : Briliant.

Caryn Van Wyk : Nothing triggers faster than a trump supporter.

Drake Wbbb : Amazing

Bo Toichi : Hilarious. somewhat accurate

Keith Lawrence : I am in Canada but live within 320 km (that's 200 miles for you folks who still count with fingers and toes) of the border (the one without the wall - yet). ICE IS could be knocking on my door any day now.

Lea Lopez : Im confuse... Is it a burn for ICE or ISIS... Hilarious as always

Suvé Sadique : Brilliant!

Holland Ali : Republicans are ganna be very offended by this lolol

Maximiliano Aedo : Makes perfect sense, considering that the GOP created both ICE and ISIS/Daesh.

Maroin Joundi : Don't really like Michelle Wolf, but this sketch is so funny

Mayli415 : Wtf

Montego King : Ice is =isis

Gary McCauley : Just brilliant

Ryan Lucas : Just another perfect example of TDS.

Montego King : 😂😂😂😂😂

Quique : Genius.

ULTIMATE VIDEOS : I feel dumb now when i first watched it i was upset because i didn't know it was a joke my apologies lol

apextroll : LOL..conservatives can't get enough of this honey pot.

majtom58 : It's pretty awesome political satire. The likes and dislikes are about equal, and the comments go from unmoored left ravings to unhinged right rants. So no-one likes it when the dentist touches a live nerve, even though it tells you where there's a problem. This video struck a nerve, all right.

Red Umbrella : Thank you, thank you, thank you Michelle! We need you 24/7. The Russian is coming!!!!

Mr. Nunuisance : Illegal Mexican't named Pedo i mean Pedro like this.

niacal4nia : Ice eventually melts.

Andrew Bryner : I wonder if the YouTube algorithm thought this was republican content so that's why there's such a cross over or maybe a bunch of people shared it. I don't know but these are the questions that are keeping me up at night so. Enjoy!!!

lgtwzrd : Netflix, the CNN of online video streaming! Good job Obamas!

Tale2 : What does she have against robots?

Eduard Stancu : Netflix stock?

Naor : Ha! Funny!

XtremeConditions : I'm not offended by this as a parody. I'm offended at the implication that any and all duties performed by ICE are inherently negative. "Abolish ICE" with no new solution, effectively means open borders, since once you come in, there will be no one with the authority to arrest you. But I didn't expect anything better from a nutcase who celebrated abortion.

Olli Hekkala : It's okay to be white supremacy. Just like ISIS, ICE is upholding interests of a white man(pbuh).

In My Opinion : Isis is a terrorist organization or beheads journalist and has burned people alive. It’s absurd to compare isis to ice.

Dimic Dragan : Michelle - awesome video :-) keep doing great job. It is so important.

Phillip Brewster : I am in love with Michelle wolf

Joannot Fampionona : So triggered in the comment section.

1 : This is ridiculous!

malimillions : wow, 'ice is' really DOES act just like ISIS.

№DVL : Not one person who commented terrible, pathetic, awful understand what this skit is trying to portray meaning you don't know anything about the recent immigration policies or events that occurred involving ICE, Border patrol, the Sec., and policies. this was funny but only if you know and understand what I just wrote. If you don't you shouldn't have clicked on this video.

Mr. Nunuisance : Netflix is fake streaming service.

HippieHendrix xx : Plp will hold this more accountable than the actual terrorism ICE causes . Lovely

Brian Findlay : Juden.

Janet Baker : Absolutely one of your best! Wish I could give this at least a hundred thumbs up.

dsffg234 : Trump snowflakes are piiiiissed off by this informative video.

xMusicx : Was wondering what kind of tool joins such a organization that just brings misery and lacks proper oversight. this looks about right. Very russian in flavor, no wonder trumpanzies support it.

Steven Rodriguez : Holy shit Hahaha!!!

Alexis Nicole : I'm dyinggggg😂😂😂😭😭😭 satire at its best

Anonymous : Right wing snowflakes got so triggered by this!

Gabriel Barajas : This is awesome perfectly describing ICE's goals.

El Deplorable : Now we are beginning to see the effects of hiring Susan Rice to Netflix's board of directors and the partnership with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Netflix is officially an arm of the radical left wing of the Democrat party.