The Break with Michelle Wolf | ICE IS | Netflix

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Left Is Best : The part I loved best was the dude who said: "I joined ICE to secure our border, but then I found out that was actually Border Patrol's job.." 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Holland Ali : Republicans are ganna be very offended by this lolol

Caryn Van Wyk : Nothing triggers faster than a trump supporter.

Hunter Tinsley : Y'all Qaeda is _too liburl_ for my tastes. ICEIS for me!

majtom58 : It's pretty awesome political satire. The likes and dislikes are about equal, and the comments go from unmoored left ravings to unhinged right rants. So no-one likes it when the dentist touches a live nerve, even though it tells you where there's a problem. This video struck a nerve, all right.

Malcolm Richards : Lot of conservative snowflakes in the comments

Gamcab Films : The wall just got 10 feet taller

Quique : Genius.

Maximiliano Aedo : Makes perfect sense, considering that the GOP created both ICE and ISIS/Daesh.

Anonymous : Right wing snowflakes got so triggered by this!

No more : But it was just okay when Obama did it.

Melida DAVILA : Lol sky jail

apextroll : LOL..conservatives can't get enough of this honey pot.

Alexis Nicole : I'm dyinggggg😂😂😂😭😭😭 satire at its best

Joannot Fampionona : So triggered in the comment section.

Luis Martinez : Smh 🤨 wtf did I just watch

Maroin Joundi : Don't really like Michelle Wolf, but this sketch is so funny

Montego King : Ice is =isis

Bo Toichi : Hilarious. somewhat accurate

Bob is the Big Man : Build that wall nice and high

benblexbenblex : Good satire

SamStam12 : Giant propaganda.

Dangrabat : More leftist propaganda disguised as comedy. No wonder Netflix stock keeps sinking

CaptainRidley : Why wasn't the left throwing a tantrum when Obama had the exact same policy and was deporting more people than Bush ever did?

AMERICAN REBEL : Globalist propaganda.

McLovin : Meanwhile liberals are getting confused cause they thought ISIS where the good guys...

XskiXedgeX : Yeah, this is fine.. comparing an official organization, which is defending our country, to a group of terrorist thugs that throw gays off buildings and burn Christians alive. Cool.

Gary McCauley : Just brilliant

Phillip Brewster : I am in love with Michelle wolf

Dimic Dragan : Michelle - awesome video :-) keep doing great job. It is so important.

Murlynd 73 : Wow. Hate America is in overdrive. Bet everyone who liked this locks their doors at night.

Keith Lawrence : I am in Canada but live within 320 km (that's 200 miles for you folks who still count with fingers and toes) of the border (the one without the wall - yet). ICE IS could be knocking on my door any day now.

Bill Kenneke : She's absolutely brilliant!! Michelle Wolf, that is... Nielsen is a straight up fascist. #AbolishICE

Janet Baker : Absolutely one of your best! Wish I could give this at least a hundred thumbs up.

Steven Rodriguez : Holy shit Hahaha!!!

Lea Lopez : Im confuse... Is it a burn for ICE or ISIS... Hilarious as always

King Philip : Conservatives are being trigger by this video Lmao

David Erif : 90% of republicans wont get the joke. Here'se a clue for those people: Read ISIS and ICE IS, out loud.

BeatFilms : Not fumny. Just offensive.

malimillions : wow, 'ice is' really DOES act just like ISIS.

Official Tea Party USA : Anti-American & not funny. The enemy domestic. Just Boycott Netflix, vote with your pocket book...

Akeem Lee : Yes I'm black but I'm not having none of this hypocrisy.......if white ppl can't do black face then black ppl shouldn't be doing white face

Roy : This is what happens when Soros becomes the leading shareholder of Netflix.

johnny D : I can't believe Netflix keeps promoting this biatch.. she's a sheitstain on our country.. with buck teeth an overbite in a bad hair job to boot..😏

bxbombers007 : The wall just got ten feet higher

ULTIMATE VIDEOS : I feel dumb now when i first watched it i was upset because i didn't know it was a joke my apologies lol

Galgenvogel : Can we get a break from The Break?

Kevin Pham : 1:16 i just lost all kinds of shit lmaooo 😂😂😂 when she appeared walking around looking like Kirstjen Nielsen that was hilarious lmaooo 😂😂😂

Ollie Anntan : The Break is the best comedy show right now. All the triggered comments show how close to home she hit with this skit!

Kombuka : Imagine being so unfunny that you drag a publicly traded stock 30-something million down :(